Kamrath Family Records – Kreis Naugard, Schönwalde

I’m putting up the Kamrath family records as I process them.  There are typos and things I can’t read because I don’t speak German, so these entries just contain the basic information.  You should refer to the original records to extract more detail from them (e.g. occupations, times of birth, causes of death).

Title: Germany, Prussia, Pomerania Church Records, 1544-1945, Pommern, Naugard, Evangelische Kirche Schönwalde, Taufen, Heiraten, Tote 1801-1874


Pommern, Naugard, Evangelische Kirche Schönwalde
Taufen, Heiraten, Tote 1801-1874

p 21 #7 1824
Marie Louise & Hanna Ottilie, daughters of Dorothea Maria Kamradt [No father indicated], born 27 Aug, baptized 31 Aug 1824.  Godparents: Anna Sophia Haamann née Kamradt, Wilhelmine Haegen, Friedrich Häefert.

p 30 #6 1826
Henriette Caroline Christiane, daughter of Johann Haamann & Anna Sophie Kammradt, b 23 Jul, baptized 7 Sept.  Godparents: ?? Kuloff, ??, Loife.

p 31 #4 1826
Hanna Loise Maria Ottilie Kamradt, [No parents indicated], born 8 Feb, baptized 10 Feb.

p 32 #3 1827
Marriage of Christoff Zobel & Dorothea Kamradt, 20 Sept 1827.

p 34 #11 1828
Carl Friedrich son of David Backhauf  Dorothea Kamradt, b 19 Oct, baptized 21 Oct,  Godparents: Johann Hamann, Carl Backhauf, Louise Harph of Mackwitz near Platke.

p 34 #13 1828
Anna Sophie, daughter of Christoph Zobel & Dorothea Kameradt, b 19 Nov, baptized 30 Nov.  Godparents: Frau Zobel née Liermann, Frau Kahn née Esther Magedans, David Zobel.

p 36 #3 1829
Wilhelm Friedrich, son of Johann Haamann & Anna Sophia Kamradt, born 28 Mar, baptized 19 Apr.  Godparents: Gottlieb Liermann, Johann David Haamann, Anna Sophie Rusch.

p 38 #6 1830
Hannah Wilhelmine Louise, daughter of Johann Hahmann & Anna Sophie Kamradt, born 16 Aug (no baptism date given), Godparents: Wilhelmine Kamrath, Louise Kamrath of Wittenfelde, David Zobel.

p 38 #8 1830
August Friedrich Wilhelm, son of Michael Kamrath and Louise Bremer, b 2 Oct, baptized 24 Oct, Godparents: Wilhelm Bauers, Wilhelm Schultz of Malfoco, Wilhelmine Rusch.

p 39, #8 1830
Mittman Kamrath died 25 December, aged 63 years, buried 28th December.

p 43 #13 1832
Carl Friedrich August Westphal, son of Carl Westphal, Kolonist in Mussow, and Anne Sophie Kamrath, born 30 Oct, baptized 11 Nov, Godparents: Christoph Zobel, Wilhelm Kahn, Charlotte Leitzke.

p 44 #1 1832
5 March marriage of Carl Westphal with Anna Sophia Kamrath.

p 51 #13 1834
Friedericke Caroline WIlhelmine Tugendreich, daughter of Ludwig Christophe Zobel and Dorothea Maria Kamradt, born 14 Dec, baptized 4 Jan 1835.  Godparents: WIlhelmine Zobel, Ernst Zobel, Carl Zobel.

p 51 #14 1834
Christine Wilhelmine Friedericke, daughter of Carl Westphal and Anna Sophie Kamradt, born 19 Dec, baptized 19 Dec., Godparents: Anna Maria Rackow Liermann, Wilhelmine Kamradt, Ernst Rackow.

p 54 #1 1835
Carl Friedrich Wilhelm, son of Friedrich Wilhelm Bauers & Anna Sophia Spanekow, born 13 Dec, baptized 8 Feb, Godparents: Carl Friedrich Kamrath of Falkenberg, Friederich Bremer, Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Burf.

p 58 #8
Hanna Sophie Friedericke Tugendereich, daughter of the laborer Carl Westphal and Anna Sophia Kammradt, born 19 May, baptized 12 Jun, Godparents: Johann Friedrich Kamradt of Falkenberg, Ernst Friedrich Oesterrich of Hermelsdorf, Esther Maria Maudanz, Erdmuth Friedricke Tugendreich Kamradt of Wittenfelde, Dorothea Louise Friedricke Kamrath of Wittenfelde.

p 68 #14 1838
Johann Wilhelm Friedrich, son of Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Bauers & Wilhelmine Rusch, born 14 Oct, baptized 11 Nov, Godparents: Friedrich Leitzke, Ernst Kamrath, son of Michael Kamrath of Schoenwalde, Marcia Krüger, of Schoenwalde, Anna Sophia Rusch of Schoenwalde.

p 73 #7 1839
Marie Ernestine Charlotte, daughter of Carl Westphal, laborer and Anne Sophie Kamrath, born 16 Jul, baptized 11 Aug.  Godparents: Dorothea Marie Westphal, wife of Ernst Rackow.  Anne Sophie Wilhelmine Liermann, daughter of Gottlieb Liermann.  Carl Friedrich Ernest Kamrath, son off Michael Kamrath of Schoenwalde.

p 73 #8 1839
Wilhelm Friedrich, son of Johann David Wilhelm Knaack & Dorothea Louise Friedericke Wilhelmine Kamrath, born 8th Aug, baptized ?? Aug.  Godparents: Davod Kobel, the laborer Carl Westphal, Dorothea Louise Bremer, wife of Michael Kamrath.

p 75 #2 1839
Marriage of David Wilhelm Knaach, 40 years old, with Dorothea Louise Wilhelmine Friedericke Kamradt, 24 (34?) years old, 5 Sept, Dorothea Marie Kamradt & Christophe Kobel (witnesses?)

p 76 #1 1839
Death of Marie Ernestine Charlotte Westphal, daughter of the laborer Carl Westphal.  1 month, 4 days, died 24 Aug.

p 114 #1 1844
Marriage of Johann Gottlieb Schultz, son of Carl Schultz of Megow, 30 year old, to Albertine Wilhelmine Friedericke Tagendreich Kammrath, 19 years old, daughter? of Michael Kammrath, on 22 July.

P 119 #13 1845
Ernest Kamrath, son of Michael Kamrath (farmer?) listed as godparent to Ernst Friedrich Wilhelm Kobel.

p 146 #1 1849
Louise Ultrine Ernestine, daughter of Ernst Kamrath & Marie Wilhelmine Maass, born 21 Apr, baptized 13 May.  Godparents: Wilhelmine Schulz, wife of Matthias Maatz, Wilhelmine Kamrath, wife of Johann Schultz of Meesow.  Friedericke Maass, wife of Johann Kamrath of Walsleben.  Charlotte Tiebelkaw, wife of Winter from Massow.  Christoph Schulz of Walsleben, Friederich Maasss of Walsleben, August Zobel son of David Sobel.

p 159 #20 1850
Herman Otto, son of Ernst Kammrath & Marie Wilhelmine Maass, born 26 Aug, baptized 5 Sept.  Godparents: Friedrich Brehmer, Carl Westphal, Auguste Bauers, Wilhelm Bauers.

p 161 #3 1850
Michael Kammrath, aged 67 years 4 months 25 days [born 28 Oct 1782], died on 25 March, buried on 28 March.

p 176 #2 1852
Dorothea Louise Brehmer, wife of Michael Kammrath, aged 62 years [b 1790], died 19 Feb, buried 22 Feb.  Lists number of children.

p 184 #23 1853
Ernestine Wilhelmine, daughter of Ernst Kammrath & Marie Wilhelmine Maass, born 8 Dec, baptized 18 Dec.  Godparents: Wilhelmine Hamann, wife of Radantz from Stramehl, Friederike Zobel, wife of David Zobel, August Kammrath, son of Michael Kammrath.

p 199 #9 1855
Louise Albertine, daughter of Ernst Kammrath and Marie Wilhelmine Maass, born 13 Dec, baptized 22 Dec, Godparents: Carl Nöletke, M Degner née Friederike Buss.  Henriette Gartzke, Wilhelm Gartzke.

p 219 #5 1857
Death of Maria Wilhelmine Maaas, wife of Ernst Kammrath, 28 years, 3 months [b Jul 1829], died 6 Oct, buried 9 Oct.  Husband and four children survive.

p 219 #6 1857
Death of Louise Albertine Kammrath, daughter of Ernst Kammrath, 1 year 10 months, 8 days of age.  Died 21 Oct, buried 24 Oct.

p 226 #2 1858
Johann Gottliebe Kammrad [Kamrath], from Franzfelde, son of Michael Kammrad, age 25 [b 1833], to Wilhelmine Augustine Henriette Schwanebek, age 25, daughter of Johann Schwanebek.  Married 21 October.

p 233 #17 1859
Bertha Ernestine Wilhelmine, daughter of Johann Gottlieb Kammrath & Wilhelmine Schwanebek, born 4 Sept, baptized 16 Sept.  Godparents: Wilhelmine Rusch, wife of Wilhelm Bausers.  Alvin Küther, wife of Brehmer.  Carl Dünow, son of Carl Dünow.

p 234, #24 1859
Albert Friedrich Julius, son of Ernst Kammrath and Auguste Vergin, born 11 Dec, pabtized ?? Dec.  Godparents: Friedrich Vergin, David Zobel, Alwine Küther, wife of Brehmer.

p 234, #26 1859
Ernestine Wilhelmine Friederike, daughter of Gottfried Kammrath & Wilhelmine Rakow, born 26 Dec, baptized 27 Dec.  Godparents: Sophie Westphal, Henriette Rakow, August Rakow.

p 235 #2 1859
Christian Friedrich Gottfried Kammrath, son of Johann Friedrich Kammrath of Massow, age 23 [b 1836] and Ernestine Wilhelmine Friederike Rakow, age 24 [b 1835], daughter of Ernst Rakow, married the 7th February.

p 237 #15 1859
Ernestine Wilhelmine Friederike Kammrath, daughter of Gottfried Kammrath, age 5 days, died 31 December, buried 2nd January.

p 246 #5 1861
August Johann Friedrich, son of Gottfried Kammrath and Wilhelmine Rakow, born 15 Feb, baptized 2? Feb, Godparents: August Westphal, Johann Reinke, Helen Hassel, wife of Ernst Buss of Schoenwalde.

p 247 #10 1861
Bertha Auguste Maria, daughter of Johann Gottlieb Kamrad and Wilhelmine Schwanebek, born 15 Apr, baptized 30 Apr.  Godparents: Friedrich Bauers, Henriette Rusch, Wilhelmine Kanatz, Johann Schulz.

p 248 #16 1861
Ernst Friedrich, son of Ernst Kammrath and Auguste Wilhelmine Vergin, born 5 Jul, baptized 14 Jul, Godparents: Carl Nötelke, Wilhelm Manks of Falkenberg, Johann Schulz of Meesow, Emilie Haass of Voightshagen, Mathilde Kammrath daughter of Johann Kamrath of Walsleben.

p 251 #4 1861
Bertha Auguste Maria Kammrath, daughter of Gottlieb Kammrath, died at 26 days of age on 11 May.  Buried on 14 May.

p 257 #17 1862
Hanne Auguste Marie, daughter of Johann Gottlieb Kammrath & Wilhelmine Schwanebek, born 23 Aug, baptized 7 Sept, Godparents: Wilhelm Kammrath of Franzfelde, Albertine Seefeld, wife of Albert Kammrath of Langkafel, Johanne Dünow wife of Karl Dünow,

p 258 # 6 1862
Hanne Auguste Marie Kamrad, daughter of Gottlieb Kamrad, died at age 1 month 11 days on 5 Oct, buried 7 Oct.

p 263 #13 1863
Albert August, son of Gottlieb Kamrad & Wilhelmine Schwanebek, born 10 Oct, baptized 1 Nov.  Godparents: Johann Schulz, Carl Brechler, Wilhelmine Dünow, wife of Friedrich Bauers.

p 264 # 16 1863
Bertha Wilhelmine Louise, daughter of Gottfried Kamrath & Wilhelmine Rakow, born 13 Nov, baptized 6 Dec.  Godparents: Johann Kamrath of Massow, Helene Rakow of Pagenkopf, Johanne Korth of Dorotheenhof.

p 283 #23 1865
Hermann August, son of Gottlieb Kamrad & Wilhelmine Schwanebek, born 2 Oct, baptized 15 Oct.  Godparents: Albert Kamrad (Miller/Müller) of Langkafel, Frank Bauers, Louise Radke wife of Johann Schalow.

p 288 #8 1866
Ernestine Johanna Friedrike, daughter of Gottfried Kammrath & Wilhelmine Rakow, born 27 May, baptized 10 Jun.  Godparents: Louise Maudanz, Friedrike Rakow, Wilhelm Hamann.

p 300 #20 1867
Albert Hermann August, son of Gottlieb Kamrad & Wilhelmine Schwanebeck, born 18 Nov, baptized 1 Dec, Godparents: August Dünow, Herman Schulz, Henriette Grunewalt, daughter of Johann Grunewaldtt of Rossow.

p 301 #5 1867
Albert August Kamrad, son of Gottlieb Kamrad, age 3 years, 6 mos, 12 days, died 23rd Apr, buried 26 Apr.

p 302 #8 1867
Dorothea Kamrath, wife of Christoph Zobel, aged 76 years [b 1791] died 16 Aug, buried 20 Aug.

p 308 #7 1868
Bertha Ernestine Wilhelmine Kamrad, daughter of Gottlieb Kamrad, aged 9 years 23 days, died 27 Sept, buried 1 Oct.

p 308 #7 1868
Hermann August Kamrad, son of Gottlieb Kamrad, aged 12 years 11 months, 28 days, died 30 Sept, buried 3 Oct.

p 318 #2 1870
August Herman Friedrich, son of Gottlieb Kamrad & Wilhelmine Schwanebeck, born 14 Jan, baptized 6 Feb.  Godparents: Ernst Kell, Schönbeck, Friedrich Lienstadt of Brannsberg, Luise Zibell, of Bweringen.

p 336 #2 1872

Wilhelm August Friedrich Kamrath, son of Gottlieb Kamrath & Wilhelmine née Schwanebeck born 19 Jan, baptized 26 Jan.  Godparents: Wilhelm Stark, Carl Banners, Wilhelmine Ahlmann née Schultz.

p 336 #3 1872
Unnamed stillborn child, born 20 Jan to Gottlieb Kamrath & Wilhelmine Schwanebeck.

p 339 #3 1872
Stillborn daughter of farmer Gottlieb Kammrath, died 20th Jan.  No burial indicated.

p 340 #14 1872
Wilhelm August Friedrich, son of Gottlieb Kamrath aged 3 months, 26 days died 15th May, buried 17th May.

p 341 #3 1872
The Eigenthümer Carl Friedrich Eduard Kamrath, son of Michael Kamrath from Franzfelde, age 32, with Wilhelmine Ernestine Henriette Banners, age 22, daughter of Wilhelm Banners were married 7th November.

p 346 #10 1873
August Wilhelm Friedrich, son of Gottlieb Kamrath & Wilhelmine née Schwanebeck, born 24 Jul, baptized 10 Aug.  Godparents: August Kammarath, Franzfelde, Julius Hermann Klüth of Burrow, Sihalow?

p 352 #14 1874
Caroline Pauline Katharina & Dorothea Maria Elisabeth, daughters of Theodor Kamrath & Gertrud Blankenburg, born 29th May, baptized 15th Jun.  Godparents: ? von Blnkenburg from Kussow, Max Blankenburg from Kussow, Anna von Blankenburg from Kussow, ?? Kamrath from Neu Stettin, ?? Lihnmann from Darz, ?? von Vlankenburg from Zimmerhausen, Frau von deer Osten, Plathe, Frau ?? Wilde from Dargitz.


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