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Krüger and Winter Records – Trieglaff, Kreis Greifenberg, Pommern, Prussia

The initial batch of records for the Winter and Krüger family in Trieglaff were obtained fo me by Martin Sohn.

Since then I have discovered that Trieglaff records are actually available online from the Polish national archives, so I’ll likely be adding to this collection in the future.  The records are online here, and go from 1842 to 1874 (presumably after which the more detailed civil records were used).


1842.  Nr. 3.  Trutzlatz.  To Johann Friedrich Hartkopf, kossäth, and Caroline Wilhelmine Krüger, a daughter, Caroline Friedrike Wilhelmine Hartkopf, born 21 Jan 1842 and baptized 23 Jan 1842.  Godparents: Friedricke Will née Winter, farmer’s wife, Friedricke Louise Krüger née Zastrow, Gottlieb Friedrich Callies, farmer.  (Trutzlatz 3/1842).

1842.  Nr. 6.  Zimmerhausen.  To Ludwig Heinrich Heymake, laborer and Dorothea Maria Krüger, a daughter Hanna Friedrike Henriette Auguste Heymake, born 20 Jan 1842.  Godparents: Friedricke Louise Tugendreich Lange, wife of Streyert from Zimmerhausen, Christine Friedricke Louise Lileseth from Zimmerhausen, Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm Heymake from Barkow.  (Trutzlatz 6/1842)

1842.  Nr. 8.  Trutzlatz.  To Carl Gotthilf Krüger, farmer, and Friederike Charlotte Kahl, a son, Hermann Christian Friedrich Krüger, born 21 Feb 1842.  Godparents: Carl Friedrich Klumeier schulzen from Trutzlatz, Christian Ludwig Hartkopf kossöth from Trutzlatz, Ernestine Wilhelmine Zasthkef from Trutzlatz.  (Trutzlatz 8/1842)

Nr. 5.  1842.  Trutzlatz.  Death of Hermann Christian Friedrich Krüger, son of the farmer Carl Gotthilf Krüger, aged 13 days (b 21 Feb 1842), from krämpfen on 6 Mar 1842.  Burial on 8 Mar 1842.  Leaves behind his parents.  (Trutzlatz 5/1842)

Nr. 15.  1842.  Trutzlatz.  To Christian Ludwig Hartkopf, cossäth, and Hanna Wilhelmine Ernestine Schultz, a daughter Caroline Friedricke Auguste Hartkopf, born 3 Apr 1842 and baptized 10 Apr 1842.  Godparents: Mrs. Charlotte Krüger, farmer’s wife from Trutzlatz, Miss Caroline Schultz from Zimmerhausen, Carl Hartkopf, cossäth from Trutzlatz.  (Trutzlatz 15/1842)

Nr. 8.  Trieglaff.  To the schneider Carl Gildemeister from Greifenberg and Wilhelmine Friederike Buth, a daughter Mathilda Ida Caroline Gildemeister, born 2 Apr 1842 and baptized 17 Apr 1842.  Godparents: Mrs. Hoge née Buth from Trieglaff (likely Ida Minna Bertha Buth, wife of Carl Heinrich Hoge), Caroline Neuthal from Greifenberg, the müllergesell Buth from Luttkenhagen.  (Trieglaff 8 1842).

Nr. 35.  1842.  Zimmerhausen schäferei.  To Friedrich Wilhelm Heymarke, shradtsalter (?) and Maria Sophie Ruhnake, a son Hermann Friedrich Wilhelm Heymarke born 27 Sept 1842 and baptized 27 Sept 1842.  Godparents: Dorothea Heymarke née Krüger, the shepherd Friedrich Kurth, Carl Gatez, laborer ?? in the schäferei (Trutzlatz 25/1842)

Nr. 45.  1842.  Zimmerhausen.  To herr Wilhelm Friedrich Johann Heinrich Milaoch, ??, and ?? Wilhelmine Voight, a son Waldemar Heinrich Robert Milaoch born 10 Dec, 1842 and baptized 18 Ded 1842.  Godparents: Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Frank from Trutzlatz schäferei, Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Schmidt, farmer and schoolteacher from Zimmerhausen, Miss Brigitte Anisette Luise Krüger from Zimmerhausen.  (Trutzlatz 45/1842)

Nr. 46.  1842.  Zimmerhausen shäferei.  To Christian Heinrich Kurth, schäfer, and Augustine Friedriche Louise Kickhäfer, a son Carl Friedrich August Kurth, born 26 Dec 1842 and baptized 28 Dec 1842.  Godparents: Carl Friedrich August Zastrow, shepherd’s assistant, Johann Friedrich August Frömming, shepherd’s assistant, Anna Cristine Kickhäfer née Krüger, wife of the (some long description here) (Trutzlatz 26, 1842)

1842  Nr. 10.  Kardemin.  To Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Pagenkopf, worker from Kardemin, and his wife Sophie Caroline née Grünewalde, a daughter Emilie Charlotte Wilhelmine Pagenkopf, born on 10 May 1842 in Cardemin. Godparents: Martin Pagenkopf, laborer from Kardemin, Anna Zastrow wife of daylaborer Krüger in Kardemin, Wilhelm Winter, worker in Trieglaff, formerly married to Henriette Paap.  (Trieglaff, 10/1842)

1842.  Nr. 17.  In Trieglaff.  To the laborer Wilhelm Winter and his wife Henriette Pagel, a son Gottfried August Wilhelm Winter, born on 22 Aug 1842 and baptized on 28 Aug 1842.  Godparents: Gottfried Winter, August Pagel, Friederike Hoge.  (Triglaff 17/1842)

1842.  Nr. 18.  In Trieglaff.  To the laborer Joachim Wilhelm Friedrich Winter and his wife Henriette Charlotte Friederike Ramtun, a daughter Hanna Auguste Wilhelmine Marie Winter, born 16 Aug 1842 and baptized 28 Aug 1842.  Godparents: Johann Kieckhofen, Hanna Winter, Wilhelmine Maria Winter.  (Trieglaff 18/1842)

1842.  Nr. 5.  In Trieglaff, the marriage of Johann Gottlieb Heinrich Steffen, age 27, farmhand from Trieglaff, and son of the day-laborer Steffen and Miss Catherina Dorothea Winter, age 20, daughter of the deceased laborer Joachim Friedrich Winter on 30 Sept 1842.  (Trieglaff, 5/1842)

1842.  Nr. 10.  Gruchow.  Death of Mrs. Maria Benegel Kopke née Krüger, wife of the laborer Kopke from Gruchow died 11 Nov 1842 and buried 14 Nov 1842, aged 54 years (b 1788).  (Trieglaff 10/1842)

1842.  Nr. 27.  Idashof.  To the laborer Johann Lemke and his wife Friedericke née Steffen, a daughter Wilhelmien Albertine Auguste Lemke, born 27 Nov 1842 and baptized 4 Dec 1842.  Godparents: Carl August Steffen, Mrs. Caroline Wilke née Knop, Mrs. Catherine Steffen née Winter.  (Trieglaff 27/1842)


1843 Nr. 1. (In Trutzlatz, 1843 book).  Trutzlatz.  To Carl Will, bauer and eigenthümer, and Friedericke Louise Winter, a daughter, Auguste Friedricke Wilhlemine Will, born 29 Dec 1842, baptized on 8 Jan 1843.  Godparents: Chritian Zastrow, bauer’s son from Trutzlatz.  Miss Friedricke Hoefs, Charlotte Witt, wife of Zuie from Vieshof near Doernyshagen.  (Trutzlatz 1/1843)

1843.  Nr. 1.  Trieglaff.  To the miller Carl Heinrich Hoge and his wife Ida Minna Bertha Buth, a son Ferdinand August Theodore Hoge, born 7 Jan 1843 and baptized the same day.  Godparents: Carl Labs, Heinrich Buth, Hanna Buth.  (Trieglaff 1/1843)

1843.  Nr. 4.  Zimmerhausen.  To the laborer Johann Gottlieb Zastrow and Bertha Wilhelmine Retzlaff, a daughter Bertha Emilie Henriette Friedricke Zastrow, born 21 Jan 1843 and baptized 29 Jan 1843.  Godparents: Michael Zastrow, shepherd in Wiselow, Hanna, wife of Krüger from Schnittriege, Miss Henriette Kriewald from Gräwenhagen.  (Trutzlatz 4/1843)

1843.  Nr. 9.  Trutzlatz.  To the bauer and eigenthümer Carl Krüger and Friedricke Kahl, a daughter, Ernestine Wilhelmine Henriette Krüger, born 15 Mar 1843 and baptized 26 Mar 1843.  Godparents: The kossäth Johann Hartkopf from Trutzlatz, Miss Caroline Schmeling from Düsterhesh, Miss Ernestine Zastrow , bauer’s daughter from Trutzlatz.  (Trutzlatz 9/1843)

1843. Nr. 10. Trutzlatz. Death of Ernestine Wilhelmine Henriette Krüger, daughter of the bauer Carl Krüger, aged 15 days, died on Mar 30 1843 of krämpfen. Burial on 2 Apr 1843. Survived by her parents. (Trutzlatz 10/1843)

1843.  Nr. 12.  In Trieglaff.  To the pub-owner Christian Friedrich Knuth and his wife Caroline Wilhelmine Henriette née Fricke, a daughter Hanna Wilhelmine Emilie Knuth, born 3 Apr 1843 and baptized 30 Apr 1843.  Godparents: Christian Strust, Hanna Auguste Knuth, Hanna Winter, all from Trieglaff.  (Trieglaff 12/1843)

1843.  Nr. 13.  In Kardemin.  To the day-laborer Heinrich Gotthilf Ferdinand Pagel and his wife Friederike Henriette née Conak, a son Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Pagel, born 1 May 1843 and baptized 7 May 1843.  Godparents: Gottfried Winter, Carl Gotthilf Conak, Maria Regina Bruss.  (Trieglaff 13/1843)

1843.  12.  Trutzlatz.  To Carl Gottlieb Zastrow, laborer, and Friedricke Krüger, a son Friedrich Hermann Leo Zastrow, born 5 May 1843 and baptized 7 May 1843.  Godparents: The bauer Carl Zastrow in Trutzlatz, Christian Krüger, bauer in Trutzlatz, Miss Ernestine Zastrow, farmer’s daughter from Trutzlatz.  (Trutzlatz 12/1843)

1843.  Nr. 21.  Vandkrug near Zimmerhausen.  To the laborer Bogislav Heinrich Wetzel and Louise Zilesch, a son Carl Heinrich Albert Wetzel born 11 Aug 1843 and baptized 20 Aug 1843.  Godparents: The knecht Carl Zilesch in Greifenberg, Carl Strege in Lietzow, Miss Albertine Krüger from Samdkrugn.  (Trutzlatz 21/1843)

1843.  Nr. 26.  Zimmerhausen.  To the bauer and eigenthümer Christian Friedrich Gälhath and Anna Luise Zastrow, a daughter Wilhelmine Caroline Augustine Gälhath, born 13 Aug 1843 and baptized 3 Sept 1843.  Godparents: The farmer’s wife Caroline Rusch from Zowen, Dorothea Kleisch née Krüger from Zimmerhausen, the laborer Michael Kleist from Zimmerhausen.   (Trutzlatz 26/1843)

1843.  Nr. 22.  Idashof. To the laborer Johann Gottlieb Heinrich Steffen and his wife Catherina Dorothea Winter, a daughter Caroline Wilhelmine Auguste Steffen, born 6 Sept 1843 and baptized 12 Sept 1843.  Godparents: Caroline Steffen, Caroline Winter, Joachim Winter.  (Trieglaff 22/1843)

1843.  Nr. 7.  Trieglaff.  Marriage of the herdsman Ernst Friedrich Krüger from Trieglaff, widower, age 45 (b 1798), to Dorothea Friederike Elisabeth Buth (age not given), daughter of the deceased laborer Joachim Friedrich Buth from Schwierssen, on 3 Nov 1843. (Trieglaff, 7/1843)

1843 Nr. 21. Trutzlatz. Death of the bauer and eigenthümer Christian Friedrich Krüger, aged 64 years, 1 month, 25 days (b 26 Sept 1779) on 20 Nov 1843 from Lungen Brustfeiber (lung/chest inflamation). Burial on 25 Nov 1843. Survived by his widow, one grown child, and four young children.  (Trutzlatz 21/1843)


1844. Nr. 1.  Trutzlatz.  To the einlinger Carl Friedrich August Hartkopf and Amalie Henriette Louise née Mehling, a son Juhann Heinrich Friedrich Hartkopf, born 27 Dec 1843 and baptized.  Godparents: The eigenthümer David Krüger from Immenhof, the einleiger Carl Mehling from Cartlow, Miss Wilhelmine Mehling from Zimmerhausen.  (Trutzlatz 1/1844)

1844.  Nr. 3.  Zimmerhausen.  To the laborer Michael Friedrich Kleist and Hanna Caroline Zastrow, a daughter Hanna Caroline Wilhelmine Magdaline Kleist, born 10 Jan 1844 and baptized 14 Jan 1844.  Godparents: The bauer Carl Zastrow from Zimmerhausen, Mrs. Wilhelmine Kleist née Krüger from Zimmerhausen, Miss Hanna Krüger from Zimmerhausen.  (Trutzlatz 3/1844)

1844.  Nr. 5.  Zimmerhausen schaferei.  To the laborer Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Dummann and Hanna Helena Louise Krüger a daughter Hanna Auguste Friedricke Dummann, born 10 Jan 1844 and baptized 21 Jan 1844.  Godparents: Mrs. Caroline Wendorf and Miss Charlotte Busch, both from Zimmerhausen, the knecht Ferdinand Krüger in Maskow (just northeast of Naugard).  (Trutzlatz 5/1844)

1844. Nr. 6  Trutzlatz.  To the laborer Gottfried Will and Wilhelmine Prahl, a son Carl Friedrich Will, born 27 Jan 1844 and baptized 30 Jan 1844.  Godparents: The knecht Carl Prahl in Trutslatz, Johann Will, knecht in Trutzlatz, Mrs. Friedricke Will née Winter from Trutzlatz.  (Trutzlatz 5/1844)

1844.  Nr. 10.  Trieglaff.  To the laborer Johann Bohlmann and his wife Luise née Kröning, a son Johann Friedrich August Bohlmann, born 13 Mar 1844 and batpized 24 Mar 1844.  Godparents: Johann Winter, Auguste Gehrke, Christine Kröning.  (Trieglaff 10/1844)

1844.  Nr. 2.  Trieglaff.  Death of the widow Anna Luise Krüger née Telgner, who died on 26 Mar 1844 at the age of 73 years, 7 months, and 14 days (b 12 Aug 1770).  (Trieglaff 2/1844)

??? 1844. Nr. 12. Trieglaff. To Carl Gottlieb Zastrow, laborer, and Friederike née Krüger, a son Ferdinand Hermann Leo Zastrow, born 5 May 1844 and baptized 7 May 1844. Godparents: The farmer Carl Zastrow from Trieglaff, Christian Krüger, farmer from Trieglaff, Miss Ernestine Zastrow farmer’s daughter from Trieglaff. (Trieglaff 12/1844)

1844.  Nr. 11.  Idashof.  To the laborer Joachim Friedrich Wilhelm Winter and his wife Hanriette Charlotte Friederike Ramtnun, a daughter Caroline Henriette Auguste Winter, born 13 May 1844 and baptized 16 May 1844.  Godparents: The laborer Carl Gauger, Caroline Ramthun, Caroline Winter.  (Treiglaff 11/1844).

1844. Nr. 23.  Trutzlatz.  To the bauer Carl Krüger and Friedericke Kahl, a son Hermann Friedrich August Krüger, born 26 May 1844 and baptized 2 Jun 1844.  Godparents: Johann Zastrow, farmer’s son from Trutzlatz, the kutscher (carriage-driver, carter) Ferdinand Krüger from Trieglaff, the famer’s wife Henriette Kahl from Rensin.  (Trutzlatz 23/1844)

1844.  Nr. 12.  Trutzlatz.  Death of Hermann Friedrich August Krüger, son of the farmer Carl Krüger, who died 20 Jun 1844 at age 25 days (b 26 May 1844) from Entkräftung (weakness, exhaustion).  Burial on 23 Jun 1844.  Leaves his parents.  (Trutzlatz 12/1844)

1844.  Nr. 43.  Trutzlatz.  To the cossäth Johann Friedrich Hartkopf and Caroline Wilhelmine Krüeger, a son Carl Friedrich Ferdinand Hartkopf, born 3 Oct 1844 and baptized 6 Oct 1844.  Godparents: The schulmeister Kickhäfen from Trutzlatz, the laborer Zastrow from Trutzlatz, the farmer’s wife Callies from Trtzlatz.  (Trutzlatz 43/1844)

1844.  Nr. 27.  Kardemin.  To the laborer Johann Gottlieb Krüger and his wife Anna Luise Zastrow, a daughter Maria Sophia Elisabeth Krüger, born 7 Nov 1844 and baptized 27 Nov 1844.  Godparents: The farmhand Johann Zastrow from Kardemin, Mrs. Friederike Börcher from Kardemin, Miss Hanna Pagenkopf from Kardemin.  (Trieglaff 27/1844)

1844.  Nr. 49.  Zimmerhausen.  To the küster and schulehrer Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Schmidt and Johanne Louise Milarch, a son Johann Martin Julius Schmidt, born 3 Nov 1844 and baptized 1 Dec 1844.  Godparents:  Herr Martin Gottliebg Milarch, ?? from Zimmerhausen, Johann Krüger, halzermeister from Zimmerhausen, Mrs. Wilhelmine Milarth née Voigt from Zimmerhausen.  (Trutzlatz 49/1844).

1844.  Nr. 11.  Marriage of the schneider from Trutzlatz, Carl Ludwig Böttcher, age 27, not previously married, and Miss Friericke Caroline Krüger, age 21, daughter of the laborer Christian Friedrich Krüger from Trutzlatz on 27 Dec 1844.


1845.  Nr. 1.  Zimmerhausen.  To the schneider Johann Gottfried Wrensch and Dorothea Friedericke Ramtnun, a daughter Caroline Henriette Wilhelmine Auguste Wrensch, born 26 Dec 1844 and baptized 5 Jan 1845.  Godparents: Mrs. Caroline Kickhäfe from Cardemin, Henriette Winter from Idashof, the laborer Carl Iwer from Trieglaff.  (Trutzlatz 1/1845)

1845.  Nr. 4.  Trieglaff.  To the laborer Wilhelm Sell and his wife Wilhelmine Maass, a son Johann Ferdinand Friedrich Sell, born 11 Jan 1845 and baptized 26 Jan 1845.  Godparents: The kustcher Krüger, the budnister Wilhelm Schmidt, Mrs. Lange.  (Trieglaff 4/1845)

Nr. 11. Trutzlatz.  To the laborer Carl Gottlieb Zastrow and Friederike Louis Krüger, a son Christian Eduard Hermann Zastrow, born 24 Jan 1845 and baptized 9 Feb 1945.  Godparents: The farmer’s son Christian Zastrow from Trutzlatz, the farmer Uecker from Waifsenthein, the farmer’s daughter Wilhelmine Ruge from Klemmen.  (Trutzlatz 11/1845)

1845.  Nr. 7.  Trutzlatz.  Death of the farmer and eigenthümer Carl Gotthilf Krüger, age 48 years, 2 months, 16 days (b 3 Jan 1797) on 19 Mar 1845 from ??.  Burial on 22 Mar 1845.  Leaves a widow, 1 young son, a ??, three small children total, and his parents.  (Trutzlatz 7/1845).

1845.  Nr. 1.  Zimmerhausen.  Marriage of the laborer Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Wendt, age 24 3/4 years, with Hanna Sophie Krüger, age 19, daughter of the alsitzer Ludwig Krüger from Zimmerhausen on 28 Mar 1845.  (Trutzlatz 1/1845).

1845.  Nr. 29.  Trutzlatz.  To the laborer Johann Krüger and Caroline Prahl, a daughter Ernestine Wilhelmine Auguste Krüger, born 23 May 1845 and baptized 8 Jun 1845.  Godparents: Ernestine Zahlke from Trutzlatz, the knecht Carl Prahl from Trutzlatz, Ernestine Marden from Cardemin.  (Trutzlatz 29/1845)

1845.  Nr. 4.  Zimmerhausen.  Marriage of the ?? bauer Johann Heinrich August Knuth, age 26 and Ernestine Louise Brigitte Krüger, age 27, daughter of the holzermeister Friedrich Krüger, on 18 Jul 1845.  (Trutzlatz 4/1845)

1845.  Nr. 34.  Trutzlatz.  To the laborer Gotthilf Krüger and Johanna Friedericke Weiss, a daughter Auguste Charlotte Henriette Krüger, born 18 Jul 1845 and baptized 27 Jul 1845.  Godparents: The shepherd Seefeldt from Trutzlatz, Charlotte Krüger, kutscher’s daughter from Gatzel, Charlotte Krüger, laborer’s daughter from Trutzlatz.  (Trutzlatz 34/1845)

1845.  Nr. 6.  Zimmerhausen.  Marriage of the laborer Ferdinand Friedrich Krüger, age 24, and Caroline Wilhelmine Henriette Tugendreich Hannemann, age 22, daughter of the laborer Christian Friedrich Hannemann from Zimmerhausen, on 19 Sept 1845.  (Trutzlatz 6/1845).

1845.  Nr. 48.  Zimmerhausen.  To the farmer Carl Will’s wife Friedricke Winter, a stillborn daughter born/died 21 Sept 1845.  (Mother also died in childbirth.)  (Trutzlatz 48/1845)

1845.  Nr. 20.  Trutzlatz.  Death of Friedricke Louise Winter, wife of the famer Carl Will on 21 Sept 1845 in childbirth along with her stillborn daughter.  (Trutzlatz 20/1845)

1845.  Nr. 45.  Trutzlatz.  To the laborer Carl Friedrich August Will and Albertine Dorothea Louise Wepner, a daughter Caroline Friedrique Henriette Will, born 24 Oct 1845 and baptized 22 Nov 1845.  Godparents: The knecht Johann Will from Plathe, Miss. Henriette Krüger from Trutzlatz, Anna Palesch wife of the alsitzer Will from Trutzlatz.  (Trutzlatz 45/1845)

1845.  Nr. 50.  ZImmerhausen.  To the laborer Carl Winter and Louise Stark, a son Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Winter, born 17 Nov 1845, baptized 30 Nov 1845.  Godparents: The laborer Kroncke from Zimmerhausen, the laborer Stak from Kukahn (West of Greifenberg), Miss Wilhelmine Strohahn from Zimmerhausen.  (Trutzlatz 50/1845).

1845.  Nr. 55.  Zimmerhausen.  To the laborer Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Wendt and Hanna Sophie Krüger, a son Carl Friedrich Wilhelm August Wendt, born 18 Dec 1845 and baptized 26 Dec 1845.  Godparents: The budner Carl Zastrow, the budner Christian Goltsch, the day-laborer’s wife Kleist née Krüger, all from Zimmerhausen.  (Trutzlatz 55/1845)

1845. Nr. 59.  Zimmerhausen schäferei.  To the laborer Wilhelm Dummann and Hannah Krüger, a son Carl Wilhelm Heinerich Dummann, born 27 Dec 1845 and baptized 31 Dec 1845.  Godparents: Wilhelmine Krüger née Hawemann from Zimmerhausen schäferei, the laborer Heinerich Ruhnike from the same place, the knecht Heinrich Knuth from Tonnenbuhr.  (Trutzlatz 59/1845).

1845.  Nr. 23.  Kardemin.  To the laborer Friedrich Wendt and his wife Hanna Caroline Henriette Maldwein, a son Johann Friedrich Gotthilf Albert Wendt, born 6 Dec 1845 and baptized 26 Dec 1845.  Godparents: The wagonmaker Wendt from Naugard.  Gotthilf Maldewin from Kardemin.  The laborer’s wife (Anna Luise) Krüger née Zastrow from Trieglaff.  (Trieglaff 23/1845)

1845.  Nr. 25.  Idashof.  To the laborer Johann Gottlieb Heinrich Steffen and his wife Catherine Dorothea Winter, a son Wilhelm Friedrich Steffen, born 22 Dec 1845 and baptized 28 Dec 1845.  Godparents: The foreman Johann Winter from Trieglaff, The day-laborer Ernst Steffen from Trieglaff, The laborer Albertine Winter from Trieglaff.  (Trieglaff 25/1845)


1846.  Nr. 4.  Trutzlatz.  Death of the ?? and mother of the deceased farmer and eigenthümer Zastrow Dorothea Zastrow née Krüger, aged 80 years, 15 days (b 16 Jan 1766), on 31 Jan 1846 from weakness/exhaustion.  Burial on 3 Feb 1846.  Leaves 5 grown children.  (Trutzlatz 4/1846)

1846.  Nr. 3.  Trieglaff.  To the miller Carl Heinrich Hoge, and his wife Ida Minna Bertha Buth, a son Ernst Friedrich Anton Hoge, born 17 Jan 1846 and baptized 15 Feb 1846.  Godparents: The miller’s daughter Ernestine Buth from Coldemanz, the tailor Carl Gildemeister from Greifenberg, the pub-owner Christian Knuth from Trieglaff.  (Trieglaff 3/1846)

1846.  Nr. 8.  Trutzlatz.  To the tailor Ludwig Böttger and Friedricke Krüger, a daughter Caroline Wilhelmine Anyathe Böttger, born 1 Feb 1846 and baptized 1 Feb 1846.  Godparents: The famer Joachim Krüger from Trutzlatz, the wife of the cossäth Hartkopf née Schultz from Trutzlatz, the daughter of the einleinger Caroline Krüger from Trutzlatz.  (Trutzlatz 8/1846)

1846.  Nr. 16.  Zowen.  To the laborer Albert Krüger and Caroline Krüharke, a son Carl Friedrich Albert Krüger, born 24 May 1846, and baptized 1 Jun 1846.  Godparents: The laborer Heidke from Tonnenbuhr, the knecht Köpsell from Zowen, the ?? Caroline Conell from Zowen.  (Trutzlatz 16/1846).

1846.  Nr. 18.  Zimmerhausen schäferei.  To the laborer Ferdinand Krüger and Wilhelmine Hannemann, a daughter Caroline Wilhelmine Albertine Krüger, born 19 Jul 1846 and baptized 24 Jun 1846.  Godparents: Mrs. Hanna Dummann, Mrs. Mria Heincke, August Köhler, all from Zimmerhausen schäferei.  (Trutzlatz 18/1846)

1846.  Nr. 19.  Zowen.  To the laborer Gotthilf Radüchel and Henriette Hafs, a son Heinrich Friedrich Ferdinand Radüchel, born 23 Jun 1846 and baptized 5 Jul 1846.  Godparents: The laborer Krüger from Zimmerhausen schäferei, the day-laborer’s wife Maria Meglahn from Zimmerhausen schäferei, the shepherd’s assistant Heinrich Radüchel from Tetzlaffshagen.  (Trutzlatz 19/1846)

1846.  Nr. 21.  Zowen.  To the budner Carl Ludwig Köller and Hanna Caroline Louise Zastrow, a daughter Friedricke Louise Wilhelmine Köller, born 26 Jun 1846 and baptized 8 Jul 1846.  Godparents: the halbbauer Krüger from Zown, the farmer’s wife Hanna Just. from Zowen, Albertine Herzberg from Zowen.  (Trutzlatz 20/1846).

1846.  Nr. 23.  Trutzlatz.  To the farmer Joachim Heinrich Ferdinand Krüger and Friedricke Charlotte Wilhelmine Kahl, a son Hermann Friedrich Leo Krüger, born 5 Jul 1846 and baptized 10 Jul 1846.  Godparents: The farmer Ludwig Marten, the farmer Zathke, Miss Henriette Krüger, all from Trutzlatz.  (Trutzlatz 23/1846)

1846.  Nr. 14.  Idashof.  To the laborer Friedrich Wilhelm Winter and his wife Henriette Charlotte Friedrike Ramthun, a son Johann Wilhelm Friedrich August Winter, born 5 Sept 1845 and baptized 20 Sept 1845.  Godparents: The laborer Carl Ganger from Idashof, the teacher Peter Winter in Vahnerow, Miss Auguste Ramthun from Trieglaff.  (Trieglaff 14/1845)

1846.  Nr. 32.  Zimmerhausen.  To the farmer Johann Heinrich August Knuth and Henriette Ernestine Louise Krüger, a daughter Elisabeth Charlotte Louise Knuth, born 6 Sept 1846 and baptized 20 Sept 1846.  Godparents: Mr. Eduard Blankenburg, Mrs. Böhn, Mrs Hedwig Blankenburg, all from Zimmerhausen.  (Trutzlatz 32/1846).

1846.  Nr. 16.  Trieglaff.  To the kunster, aragameister(?) and schuleherer Carl Ferdinand Leopold Timm and his wife Charlotte Caroline Friederike Timm a daugher Bertha Sophie Timm, born 29 Sept 1846 and baptized 14 Oct 1846.  Godparents: Lopner Timm from Greifenberg, Mrs. ?? Schmeling, The miller’s wife Hoge (likely Ida Minna Bertha Buth).  (Trieglaff 16/1846)

1846.  Nr. 37.  Trutzlatz.  To the budner Carl Will and Friedricke Louise Winter a son Carl Christian Gottlieb Will, born 21 Nov 1846 and baptized 29 Nov 1846.   Godparents: The schulz Klünder from Trutzlatz, Johann Haefs fron Trutzlatz, Emilie Will from Trutzlatz.  (Trutzlatz 37/1846)

1846.  Nr. 38.  To the shäfer Gottlieb Seefeldt and Maria Mäde, a son Julius Carl Friedrich Seefeldt, born 22 Nov 1846 and baptized 29 Nov 1846.  Godparents: The laborer Gotthilf Krüger from Trutzlatz, the farmer Mäde from Düsterbeck, Mrs. Friedricke Seefeld from Düsterbeck.  (Trutzlatz 38/1846)

1846.  Nr. 39.  Trutzlatz.  To the laborer Carl Gottlieb Zastrow and Friedricke Krüger, a son Johann Carl Otto Zastrow born 20 Nov 1846 and baptized 29 Nov 1846.  Godparents: The kossäth Hartkopf from Trutzlatz, the cossäth Johann Zadhke from Trutzlatz, Miss. Wilhelmine Krüger from Trutzlatz.  (Trutzlatz 39/1846)

1846.  Nr. 40.  Trutzlatz.  To the cossäth Johann Hartkopf, and Caroline Krüger, a daughter Bertha Emilie Wilhelmine Hartkopf born 28 Nov 1846 and baptized 6 Dec 1846.  Godparents: Carl Hartkopf, Mrs. Wilhelmine Hartkopf, Mrs. Friedricke Krüger, all from Trutzlatz.  (Trutzlatz 40/1846)

1846,  Nr. 45.  Zimmerhausen schäferei.  To the laborer Carl Wilhelm Dummann and Hanna Luise Krüger, a son Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Drummann born 20 Dec 1846 and baptized 24 Dec 1846.  Godparents: The laborer Christian Hannemann, The laborer Johann Weinrench, the day-laborer’s wife Wilhelmine Rahnake, all from Trutzlatz.  (Trutzlatz 45/1846)


1847.  Nr. 4.  Trieglaff.  Death of Amanda Auguste Ida Hoge, daughter of the miller Carl (Heinrich) Hoge, on 28 Jan 1847, aged 6 years, 1 month 23 days (b 5 Dec 1840).  (Trieglaff 4/1847)

1847.  Nr. 4.  Trieglaff.  To the pub-owner Christian Friedrich Knuth and his wife Caroline Henriette Wilhelmine Fricke, a daughter Ida Auguste Louise Knuth, born 1 Feb 1847 and baptized 4 Feb 1847.  Godparents: The miller (Carl Heinrich) Hoge (see Trieglaff 3/1846), Mrs. Struck, Miss Auguste Winter from Trieglaff.  (Trieglaff 4/1847)

1847.  Nr. 6.  Triglaff.  Death of Carl Heinrich Wilhelm Hoge, son of the miller Carl (Heinrich) Hoge on 5 Feb 1847 at the age of 8 years, 4 months (b 1 Feb 1839).  (Trieglaff 6/1847).

1847.  Nr. 8.  Trieglaff.  To Caroline Winter, an illegitimate child Auguste Wilhelmine Henriette Winter, born 8 Apr 1847 at 8:00am, and baptized 14 Apr 1847.  Godparents: Mrs. Auguste Winter from Idashof, Miss Wilhelmine Winter from Trieglaff, August Gauger from here (Trieglaff).  (Trieglaff 8/1847)

1847.  Nr. 9.  Trieglaff.   Death of Michael Winter, son of the laborer August Ferdinand Winter on 12 Feb 1847 at the age of 9 years, 6 months, 7 days (b 5 Aug 1837).  (Trieglaff, 9/1847)

1847.  Nr. 19.  Trieglaff.  Death of George Carl Friedrich Hoge, son of the miller (Carl Heinerich) Hoge on 8 Apr 1847 at the age of 5 years 1 month, 11 days (b 28 Feb 1842).  (Trieglaff 19/1847)

1847.  Nr. 4.  Zowen.  To the larbner? Gottlieb Gaedtke from Plathe and Hanna Charlotte Caroline Just, a daughter Charlotte Maria Auguste Gaedtke, born 19 Jan 1847 and baptized 30 Jan 1847.  Godparents: the bauer’s wife Just from Zowen, the budner Krüger from Zowen, the bauer’s wife Hanna Just from Zown.  (Trutzlatz 4/1847)

1847.  Nr. 7.  Zowen.  To the laborer Georg Ferdinand Höfert and Henriette Friedricke Mieler, a son Christain Ferdinand August Höfert, born 18 Mar 1847 and baptized 5 Apr 1874.  Godparents: The halb-bauer (likely Christian Friedrich) Krüger from Zowen, the schäferknecht Behling from Carolinenhof, Miss Hanna Mildebrath from Markfitz.  (Trutzlatz 7/1847)

1847.  Nr. 10.  Zowen.  To the halb-bauer Christian Friedrich Krüger and Charlotte Radke, a son Johann August Ferdinand Krüger, born 28 Apr 1847 and baptized 9 May 1847. Godparents: The burger Radke from Plathe, the halb-bauer Just from Zowen, Miss Augustine Scheide from Plathe.  (Trutzlatz 10/1847)

1847.  Nr. 23.  Cardemin.  Death of Anna Maria Hoge, wife of the laborer Carl Havermann on 28 Apr 1842 aged 56 years, 8 months, 1 day (b 27 Aug 1790).  (Trieglaff 23/1847).

1847.  Nr. 21.  Zowen.  To the laborer August Karnopp and Wilhelmine Hinz, a son, Hermann Friedrich Albert Karnopp, born 5 Oct 1847 and baptized 17 Oct 1847.  Godparents: The eigenthümer Krüger from Leoshof (south of Plathe), Albert Burgass from Zowen, Wilhelmine Hinz from Zowen.  (Trutzlatz 21/1847)

1847.  Nr. 18.  Zimmerhausen schäferei.  Death of Dorothea Maria Heincke née Krüger wife of the laborer Heincke, aged 38 years 8 months, 9 days (b 8 Feb 1809), on 17 Oct 1847 from ??.  Burial on 20 Oct 1847.  Leaves a husband and four young children.  (Trutzlatz 18/1847)

1847.  Nr. 25.  Trutzlatz.  To the eigenthümer Carl Zastrow and Friedricke Krüger a daughter Ulricke Louise Emilie Zastrow, born 11 Nov 1847 and baptized 22 Nov 1847.  Godparents: Wilhelmine Hartkopf in Trutzlatz, the schneider’s wife Will from Gülzow, the farmer’s son Zastrow from Trutzlatz.  (Trutzlatz 25/1847).


1848.  Nr. 4.  Zimmerhausen.  To the laborer and teacher Carl Friedrich Wendt and Johanne Krüger, a son Johann Friedrich Bernhard Wendt, born 13 Feb 1848, and baptized 16 Feb 1848.  Godparents: The halb-bauer Garsh, Johann Zastrow, the farmer’s wife Schulz all from Zimmerhausen schäferei.  (Trutzlatz 4/1848)

1848.  Nr. 10.  Zimmerhausen schäferei.  To the day-laborer Ferdinand Krüger and Wilhelmine Hafemann, a son Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Krüger, born 18 May 1848 and baptized 28 May 1848.  Godparents: The laborer Böttcher from Cardemin, the knecht Sager from Zowen, Emilie Wolfgram from Zimmerhausen.  (Trutzlatz 10/1848)

1848.  Nr. 15.  Trutzlatzer-shuster.  To the ?? Johann Wilhelm Marius and Henriette Brahtz twin daughters Louise Henriette Marius and Mathilde Charlotte Marius, born 25 Jul 1848 and baptized 25 Jul 1848.  Godparents: 1st child: Herr Mühlenbrusch from Trutzlatz, Madchen Zuhr from Trutzlatz, the farmer’s wife Knuth from Zimmerhausen.  2nd child: The ?? Milbrath in Zimmerhausen, the fouster’s(?) wife Krüger from Sandkrag, the miller’s wife Krönig from Naugard.  (Trutzlatz 15/1848)

1848.  Nr. 27.  Zimmerhausen schäferei.  To the laborer and insta?? Carl Dummann and Hanna Krüger, a daughter Hanna Emilie Tugendreich Dummann, born 2 Oct 1848 and baptized 15 Oct 1848.  Godparents: Emilie Wolfgramm from Gülzow, Hanna Hafermann from Cardemin, Carl Pousch from Zowen.  (Trutzlatz 27/1848)

1848.  Nr. 34.  Zowen.  To the laborer August Hinz and Wilhelmine Timm, a son August Friedrich REinhardt Hinz, born 1 Dec 1848 and baptized 9 Dec 1848.  Godparents:  Carl Krüger, Ernst Vogt, Hanna Hinz, all from Zowen.  (Trutzlatz 34/1848)

1848.  Nr. 2.  Trutzlatz.  Death of Hermann Friedrich Leo Krüger, son of the farmer Krüger (Joachim Heinrich Ferdinand Krüger and Friedricke Charlotte Wilhelmine Kahl), aged 1 year, 7 months, 6 days (b 5 Jul 1846) on 3 Mar 1848 from krämpfen.  Burial on 7 Mar1848.  Leaves behind his parents.  See Trutzlatz 23/1846. (Trutzlatz 2/1848)

1848.  Nr. 5.  Zimmerhausen.  Death of Hanna Luise née Krüger, wife of the day-laborer (Carl Friedrich Wilhelm) Wendt aged 21 years, 11 months, 25 days on 18 May 1848 from ??.  Burial on 21 May 1848.  Leaves behind a widow and 1 young son.  (Trutzlatz 5/1848)


1849.  Nr. 2.  Trutzlatz.  To the farmer and eigenthümer Joachim Heinrich Ferdinand Krüger and Caroline Charlotte Wilhelmine Kahl, a son Johann Carl Friedrich Erdmann Krüger, born 15 Jan 1849 and baptized 17 Jan 1849.  Godparents: Carl Gottfried Hartkopf, knecht in Trutzlatz, Hanna Wilhelmine Hartkopf née Schulz from Trutzlatz, Johann Ludwig Krüger, kolonist from Düsterbeck.  (Trutzlatz 2/1849)

1849.  Nr. 3.  Zowen.  To Johann Gottlieb Prechel, famer and eigenthümer and Christine Sophie Zastrow, a daughter Bertha Maria Auguste Prechel, born 30 Jan 1849 and baptized 19 Feb 1849.  Godparents: Caroline Friedricke née Luppnow, wife of Krüger from Leoshof, Hanna Caroline Friedricke Kieckhäfer, daughter of the shuksalstner(?) from Zimmerhausen, Christain Friedrich August Preschel from Zowen.  (Trutzlatz 3/1849)

1849.  Nr. 4.  Zowen.  To August Fellbaum, laborer, and Wilhelmine Pagel, a son Hermann Friedrich Gottlieb Fellbaum, born 1 Mar 1849 and baptized 11 Mar 1849.  Godparents: Carl Pagel haustesitzer(?) from Plathe, Gottlieb Krüger, laborer from Heydebreck, Hanna Fellbaum, ?? from Heydebreck.  (Trutzlatz 4/1849)

1849.  Nr. 15.  Trutzlatz.  To the laborer Johann Lüdtke and Wilhelmine Padesch, a daughter Hulda Albertine Hanna Lüdtke born 25 Aug 1849 and baptized 9 Sept 1849.  Godparents: Heinrich Lüdtke, knecht from Schönhagen, Hanna Krüger from Schnittriege (WSW of Plathe), Albertine Kempfert from Gräwenbrüsk.  (Trutzlatz 15/1849)

1849.  Nr. 22.  Zowen.  To the farmer Carl Prechel and Hanna Hannemann, a daughter Bertha Maria Amalie Prechel, born 4 Nov 1849 and baptized 18 Nov 1849.  Godparents: The farmer’s wife Friedricke Bielke née Krüger from Gräwenbruck, Charlotte Raduchel née Heuer from Zowen, Christian Friedrich Hannemann, tischler from Zimmerhausen.  (Trutzlatz /1849)

1849.  Nr. 26.  Zowen.  To the teacher Gottlieb Ferdinand Behn and Hanna Pagel, a daughter Therese Hanna Maynthe(?) Behn, born 23 Nov baptized 26 Dec 1849.  Godparents: The teacher Winter from Vahnerow, Mrs. Hanna Prahl from Zowen, Mrs. Pankow from Cardemin.  (Trutzlatz 26/1849)


1850.  Nr. 1.  Zowen.  To the bauer Carl Friedrich Ferdinand Just and Johanna Friedericke Krüger, a son Albert Friedrich Fercinand Just, born 1 Jan 1850, baptized 2 Jan 1850.  Godparents: Friedrich Radtke from Höefken, Friedrich Dührow from Bandekow, Henriette Radtke from Labbuhn.  (Trutzlatz 1/1850).

1850.  Nr 7.  Trutzlatz.  To the stellemacher (wagon-maker) Christian Friedrich Klünder and Hanna Caroline Shanck, a son Carl Otto August Klünder, born 11 Feb 1850 and baptized 1 Mar 1850.  Godparents: The eigenthümer Johann Gottlieb Krüger from Zickerke (southeast of Plathe), Carl Gottfried Hartkopf from Trutzlatz, Anna Christine Retzlaff from Startz (Staarz) near Wittenfelde (Trutzlatz, 1850).

1850.  Nr. 8.  Zimmerhausen.  To the küster? and lehrer (teacher) Carl Friedrich WIlhelm Schmidt and Johanne Louise Milarow, a daughter Johanne Maria Sophie Schmidt, born 20 Feb 1850 and baptized 4 Mar 1850.  Godparents: Mrs. Christine Friederike Wangerin née Wisschow from Zimmerhausen, Miss Albertine Caroline Krüger from Sandkrage, the landmann Leopold Timm from Trieglaff.  (Trutzlatz, 1850).






1855.  Nr. 1.  Kardemin.  To the laborer Christian Gottlieb Friedrich Grutzmacher and his wife Friedricke née Böttcher, a son Johann Carl Heinrich Grutzmacher, born 5 Aug 1855 and baptized 14 Aug 1855.  Godparents: The farmhand Heinrich Kopfel in Pipenburg, the farmhand Ferdinand Krüger in Kardemin, Mrs. Kröning née Loppnow from Kardemin.  (Trieglaff 1/1855)







1861.  Nr. 5.  To the unmarried woman Auguste Mintzlaff, daughter of the day-layborer Mintzlaff from Grifenberg, a daughter Friederike Auguste, born on 25 Sept 1861 in Trieglaff and baptized the same day.  Godparents:  The retired wife Friederike Kickhefer née Utecht, the tailor’s wife Auguste Gadke, the day-laborer Wilhelm Winter from Trieglaff. (Trieglaff, 5/1861)






1866.  Nr. 4.  Trieglaff.  To Ernst Friedrich Wilhelm Müller, laborer from Trieglaff and Bertha Winter, a son Otto August Heinrich Müller, born 2 May 1866, baptized 6 May 1866.  Godparents: Heinrich Steffen, laborer, Wilhelm Zabel, laborer, Miss Auguste Groling, ??’s daughter, all from Trieglaff.  (Trieglaff 4, 1866)

1866.  Nr. 5.  Trieglaff.  To Ferdinand Krüger, day laborer in Trieglaff and his wife Friedericke Stock, a daughter, Bertha Auguste Wilhelmine Krüger, born 10 May 1866, baptized 21 May 1866.  Godparents: The farmer’s wife Ulricke Schochow née Magenberg from Rensin, Miss Wilhelmine Stumke, day-laborer’s daughter from Koplin.  The herdsman (Schäferknecht) Friedrich Greisbuch from Coldemanz.  (Trieglaff 5, 1866).


1867.  Nr. 8.  Trieglaff.  To Ernst Friedrich Wilhelm Müller, laborer from Trieglaff and his wife Bertha Winter, a son Otto August Wilhelm Müller, born 25 Jul 1867 and baptized 4 Aug 1867.  Godparents: The knecht Wilhelm Zarling, the farmer’s son August Kannenberg, Miss Friederike Wilhe, household servant (dinstmadchen).  All from Trieglaff.  (Trieglaff 8/1867).



1869 Nr. 6.  Trieglaff.  To Ferdinand Krüger, day-laborer from Trieglaff and Friederike Stock, a daughter Anna Maria Magdalena Krüger, born 5 Oct 1869, and baptized 7 Nov 1869.  Godparents: The daylaborer Wihlem Froreuh from Gruchow, the knecht Otto Karnop from Saususagwalt(?), Miss Mathilda Steffenhagen from Trutzlatz.  (Trieglaff 6/1869)



1871.  Nr. 4.  Trieglaff.

1871.  Nr. 5.  Trieglaff.  To Ernst Friedrich Wilhelm Müller, day-laborer from Trieglaff and his wife Bertha Winter, a son Bernhardt Otto Wilhelm Müller, born 8 May 1871 and baptized 14 May 1871.  Godparents: The budner Wilhelm Hinz, Mr. Otto Kieckhefer, the widow Krüger née Spredmann, all from Trieglaff.  (Trieglaff 5/1871)