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Thomas Family Photos


I’m working with John Burrell to get some of his amazing Thomas and Forrest family photos scanned.  Scanning old family photos is a tricky business because film is incredibly high resolution by nature, so you have to scan it just right to preserve even MOST of the detail that’s contained there.  It takes some finesse to set up the scanner so that you have a high-resolution image that does justice to the original.  We’re working together to get that to happen.

Based on the scans I’ve seen so far, the photos are definitely going to be well worth the wait.  They are just great, and he has photos of many family members for whom I have no photographic record yet.

Here’s one he sent that contains all three Forrest sisters (Jean, Betty and Helen):

And another of my father as a boy.  He looks to be about 14 or so.  Not a side of my dad I’ve ever seen.


Thomas Family Photos (Cont)

John Burrell (of the Forrest Family) has just sent me my first photo of my great-grandmother Lulu Cairns.  Very exciting.  I was surprised how much she looks like my grandmother Mildred Jean Forrest.  She’s holding John in the photo, which was taken about 1941.

So of my eight great-grandparents I’m missing photos of two, and of my sixteen great-great grandparents, I’m missing photos of five currently.

Forrest Family – John Burrell

Just got off the phone with John Burrell.  Very kind, warm guy.  He’s 72 and still works at the company he owns.  One of his sons from his first marriage works with him.

We talked a lot about family history and various people that we have in common in our family trees, swapping stories.  He also gave me several leads on who might have caches of family photos, including phone numbers for his sister and his half-sister.  He also told me about his daughter Diana who has apparently been very active with genealogy.  We exchanged emails and we’re planning to swap photographs that we have of the Forrest family.

Forrest Family – John Burrell

Made contact today with John Charles Burrell.  He is my great-aunt Betty Forrest’s son.  My dad knows him.  He wasn’t actually available to take his call but I talked with a woman who must have been his wife and he’s going to call me back.  As I said before, Craig Forrest said that John might have gotten all of Betty’s family history materials, and John’s wife(?) told me that he’s quite into genealogy, so this should be very interesting!

My dad said of him:

John Burrell lives in Columbia, CT and owns Columbia Laboratories, a water-testing company.  After a career with the US Navy in nuclear subs, he went on the get a degree in chemistry from the University of Connecticut.  If I remember right, he’s two years older than I am, so was born July 4, 1939.  He is an active runner and when last I spoke with him was an avid collector of old cameras.

Forrest Family – Craig Forrest

Made contact today with Craig Forrest from Westminster, Vermont.  He is Lulu Cairns’s grandson via John Prescott Forrest.  The number was under his wife Valerie’s name.  He was pleasant and seemed somewhat interested in the family story.  He gave me a few good leads and told me about two younger brothers (Steven Prescott Forrest, living in Walpole, NH, and Thomas James Forrest, living in Danbury, CT) that I didn’t know about.

He talked a bit about Andrew Coutermarsh (Lulu Cairns’s last husband) and mentioned that Betty Forrest’s son John Burrell (who lives in CT) probably has a good collection of Forrest photos.  I’ll try to get in touch with him next. It was fun talking with Craig because he has the same light Vermont accent that my grandfather Fred Thomas had.

He gave me the proper spelling of “Coutermarsh” and I was able to find a ton of information about Andrew’s family after that.  I had nothing previously.