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Burlington Vermont Photo Album – No. 2

Another photo album I purchased because most of the photos are from Burlington, Vermont.  There are 32 photos in all, and many of them are identified.  After going through the photos and researching them, I don’t believe this was a photo album from an individual or a family.  I have a theory based on the following facts:  1) Almost all the photos are from the L. A. Atwood Studio on Church Street in Burlington.  2) Almost all the photos have specific dates written on the back.  3) Most of the dates are around the same time frame.  4) None of the people (with the exception of three family portraits taken at the same time) seem to be related to each other in any way.  Based on this, it’s possible this album once belonged to the photographer or to the photo studio itself.  It could have been a place where they kept a copy of photos that were taken in the studio, more or less in chronological order.

There are a handful of photos which were taken in other studios… many of them were taken in New York City. Perhaps someone looking at these photos and the evidence here will come to a different conclusion than I have. Many of the people in these photos were bankers, lawyers, women married to lawyers, etc. Successful, high-society people. That might be a clue.

Ok.  Here we go!  I’ll present the photos in the order they appeared in the album, just in case that has some significance.  Each photo will be captioned with anything that is written on the back of it.  Whenever possible, I will give additional historical information about the subject of the photo.

[Click to enlarge or download.]

No markings

“H.  25 Feb 1876”

“8 May 1876”

“Theodore F. Edgar, 11 Feb 1876”

Theodore Freylynhuysen Edgar
b: Sept 1844, New York, NY
d: 20 Dec 1904, Boston, MA (stroke)
oo Estelle M. Lane
f: Benjamin Edgar
m: Phebe Eliza Dunham
Theodore was a lumber salesman in Burlington.

“Yours Most Heartily, Steve H Russell, 1 Oct 1879”

Stephen H Russell Jr.
b: abt 1853, Burlington, VT
d: 6 Apr 1895, Burlington, VT
oo Marion P Dana in 1889
f: Stephen H Russell Sr.
m: Maria Warner
Stephen was a merchant and book-keeper in Burlington. His brothers William Vela Russell and Henry Platt Russell both died in 1859 from Scarlet Fever and an infection, respectively.

This next photo is definitely the odd one out since it was taken in Weisbaden, Germany.  The photo has also clearly been touched-up by hand.  The hair and facial features are enhanced by an artist who drew on them with a very skilled hand.

No markings

No markings

No markings

No markings

“Lo. Woodhouse, Burlington, Vermont, Age 13 years, 27 Mar 1875”

Lorenzo Easton Woodhouse
b: 20 May 1861, Burlington, VT
d: 23 Jan 1935, Palm Beach, FL
oo Mary Leland Kennedy in 1896
f: Charles Williamson Woodhouse
m: Emma Easton Day

Lorenzo was President of the Merchant’s Bank in Burlington, then moved to New York where he lived on Park Avenue. In the 1930 Census for East Hampton, NY, his family has a Butler, Cook, Kitchen Maid, Chamber Maid, Parlor Maid, and Chauffeur. He and his wife were definitely of high society. Their daughter Marjorie Woodhouse married Proctor and Gamble heir Frederick Proctor. You can find more about him in many places on the web including this article about a dance hall they built.

I located these passport photos of Lorenzo and his wife from 1922.

Lorenzo Woodhouse Passport Photo, 1922

Lorenzo Woodhouse Passport Photo, 1922

Mary Kennedy Passport Photo, 1922

Mary Kennedy Passport Photo, 1922

The next photo was taken at Sarony’s Imperial Portraits at 680 Broadway in New York, NY:


“From your friend, Louis H. Turk”

Louis H Turk
b: 12 Apr 1844, Obersitzko, Posen, Prussia (Obrzycko, Poland today)
d: 22 Sept 1928, Burlington, VT
oo Emma
f: Hermann Turk
m: Sara Turk
Louis and his brother Bennett Turk ran “Bennett Turk & Brother” Tailoring and Clothing in Burlington, VT.

The next portrait of a woman in an elegant dress was taken in the studio of E. Decker at 242 Superior Street in Cleveland, OH.

BurlingtonAlbum 25

“L. L. K. 18 Feb 1877”

BurlingtonAlbum 24

No markings

This portrait was taken at the W. Kurtz studio in New York, NY.

BurlingtonAlbum 22

“J S P”


“April 5, 1875”

This portrait was taken at the H. R. Marks studio in Austin Texas:


No markings

L.G. Burnham Studio in Burlington, VT:


No markings


“Nov 9, 1875”

This one was taken at Sarony’s Imperial Portraits on 630 Broadway, New York, NY, the same studio as the portrait of Louis H Turk above.  It could be his wife, Emma:


“Dec 15, 1875”

A portrait of 13-year old “Charlie Phelps”:

“Charlie Phelps, Burlington, Vermont, March 13, 1875, Age 13”

Charles Pierpont Phelps
b: 8 Oct 1861, Burlington, VT
d: 13 Jan 1912, Manhattan, NY of Pneumonia
oo Lillian C. Graves, divorced in 1906
oo Minnie Woodbury Braithwwaite
f: Prof. Edward John Phelps (1822-1900)
m: Mary Haight (1827-1900)

Charles was a graduate of Yale in 1884, and became a lawyer.  The University published this posthumous biography of Charles:

“Charles Pierpont Phelps, son of Hon Edward John Phelps LL.D. (BA Middlebury 1840 hon MA Yale 1881) and Mary (Haight) Phelps, was born October 7, 1861 in Burlington VT. His father was Kent Professor of Law in Yale University from 1881 to his decease in 1900, and from 1885 to 1889 was United States Minister to Great Britain.  Charles was fitted for college at St Paul’s School Concord NH, and graduated from Yale in 1884. After graduation he traveled abroad and was for a time at Detroit in the employ of the Michigan Central Railway Co., of which his brother (BA Yale 1870) had been chief engineer. While his father was Minister to England, he was second secretary of the United States Legation. In 1889 he returned to the United States and was, for a short time, in business in St Paul, Minnesota. Since then he had been in the banking and brokerage business successively with Lamprecht Brothers & Co of Boston, as manager of the Boston office of Harvey Fisk & Sons, and as a member of the firm of Cushman Fisher & Phelps and its successors, CP Phelps & Co. He was then in New York as president of the American Consolidated Pine Fibre Co., was with Kean Van Courtlandt & Co Kountze Brothers, and later with Hirsch Lilienthal & Co. He was known as a successful bond salesman and organizer. Mr Phelps died of pneumonia at his home in New York City January 13, 1912 at the age of 50 years. He was buried in Burlington VT. He married January 25, 1893 Lillian, daughter of Rev. Gemont Graves of Burlington VT, but was divorced from her in 1906. January 11, 1908 he married in Philadelphia, Minnie Woodbury Braithwaite, daughter of George Moe Braithwaite who survives him with a daughter.”

No markings

No markings

This next one is quite a mystery. The back says “To Colonel Peck compliments of Jonathan F. VanDerCamp”:


“Col. Peck, Comp’s, Jno. F. VanDerCamp”



“Col. Peck” was likely Colonel Theodore Safford Peck, a civil war veteran who lived in Burlington, Vermont where the portrait was taken.   The gentleman in this photo looks to be about 35, so was probably born about 1845, making him the same age, roughly, as Col. Peck.  I can find no reference to a Jonathan F. VanDerCamp anywhere, so far.

“8 Apr 1879, Mrs. F. H. C- (or Mrs. F.G.C-)”

No markings

No markings

The next two photos were taken at the famous W. Notman studio in Montréal, Canada.

“45431 – Oct 28, 1874”

The next one (from the same studio) is hard to read, so I’ll post the back and you can see what you think it says.  It looks like “Fannie Dulcher” to me, but I’ve found nothing that matches that name.

“19177 – Fannie Dulcher, Sept 18, 1876”

I have nothing for this one.  Perhaps I’m reading the last name incorrectly and someone else will figure it out:



No markings

No markings

The next three photos are a father, mother, and their child:

“Geo. W. Schoonmaker, May 6, 1876, N. York”

George Washington Schoonmaker Sr.
b: 6 Sept 1841, Liberty, NY
d: 29 Jul 1880, Alexandria, NY
oo Mary Elizabeth Crossman
f: Daniel Schoonmaker
m: Anna Brodhead DePuy

George was a Civil War veteran, and an insurance agent.  His son (pictured below) became a lawyer in Queens, New York.

“Mrs. Geo. Schoonmaker, May 6, 1876 N. York”

Mary Elizabeth Crossman
b: 12 Dec 1844, Jamaica, NY
d: 20 Dec 1880, Jacksonville, FL
oo George Washington Schoonmaker Sr.
f: Francis Crossman
m: Phoebe Wood

“Geo. Schoonmaker’s little boy, May 6, 1876”

George Washington Schoonmaker Jr.
b: 2 Apr 1874, New York, NY
d: 10 Mar 1911, Jamaica, NY
oo Elsie Wood Yeaton
f: George Washington Schoonmaker Sr.
m: Mary Elizabeth Crossman

George Jr. was a graduate of Cornell University Law School, and as stated above, became a lawyer in Brooklyn and Queens, NY.

“Pearley Boardman, Aug 7, 1876”

Perley Clark Boardman
b: 21 Feb 1869, Milton, VT
d: 14 Oct 1963, Burlington, VT
oo Charlotte Banning
f: Horatio G. Boardman
m: Harriet Field

Perley Boardman (who went by P. Clark) was born in Milton, VT.  His father was a merchant.  He became a lawyer in Albany, NY, and eventually became the Vice President of “Matthew Bender & Co.” a publishing company that published law books.  He died of a heart attack in Burlington.

No markings

No markings

No markings

No markings

No markings

No markings

“Lem Platt’s little girl Clara Feb’y 6, 1876”

Clara Boardman Platt
b: 25 Jan 1872, Winooski, VT
d: 4 May 1938, Duluth, MN
oo Isreal Arthur Herrick
f: Lemuel Bostwick Platt III
m: Helen Josephine Boardman

Clara’s husband Isreal Herrick was a journalist who became a lawyer in Minneapolis, Minnesota.



I have found nothing so far for this one.  It could be Colonel Krey, or Kreig, or Kriy?  Not sure.

No markings

No markings

No markings

No markings

“25 Jan 1880”

No markings

No markings

“29 Apr 1880”

No markings

No markings

No markings

No markings

“H. 20 Feb 1876”

Burlington Vermont Photo Album

I purchased this photo album on eBay because almost all the photos in it are from Burlington, Vermont. I also have this moral objection to breaking up photo albums, so I wanted to make sure they were kept together.  There are 37 photos in the album, but two of them are duplicates, so 35 unique photos in all.  30 of the photos are from Burlington, VT.  Two are from Toledo, OH, and there is one each from Jersey City, NJ, New York, NY, Sandusky, OH, and Lincoln, NE.

The album.

The album.

There is only one photo in the entire album that is identified.  It’s a photo of an infant, taken at Wheat Photography at “North O Steet, Lincoln, Nebraska”.  It says “Grace D. Cogswell, four months old”:

Grace D. Cogswell

Grace D. Cogswell

Grace Dewey Cogswell was born 11 Jun 1881 in Lincoln, Nebraska to John Dewey Cogswell (1855-1936) and Carrie Elizabeth Dye (1895-1952).  Grace seems to have never been married and had no children.  She lived in New York almost her entire adult life, mostly in Rochester.  She died 27 Sept 1971 in Zephyrhills, Florida.  She had two brothers, John D. Cogswell Jr. and Ralph N. Cogswell, and a sister Florence C. Cogswell.

The rest of the photos are not identified, but there’s every reason to believe they are related in some way to Grace Cogswell or her family.  Her great-great-grandparents were Paul Cogswell (1780-1843), Abigail Kenyon (1787-1831), Martin L. Dewey (1799-1878), Rachel Lodema Simmons (1803-1849), John Hoff Dye (1799-1881), Elizabeth Obleness (1803-1902), Samuel Griggs (b 1804), and Asenath Wheeler (1800-1851).

There are a few people in the album who have more than one photo, so let’s move on to them.  This young man has two photos (and a duplicate of the second photo) in the album.  The first photo was taken at the studio of W. E. McKecknie at 47&49 Summit Street, Toledo, OH.  The second was taken at the City Photograph Gallery on Church and Bank Streets in Burlington, VT by M. J. Bixby.  This indicates that the family moved from near Toledo, Ohio to Burlington, Vermont sometime about 1880-1890.


W. E. McKecknie Studio, Toledo, OH.


This one was also taken in Toledo, so might be closely related to the man above:

North and Swald's Studio, Toledo, OH

North & Oswald Studio, Toledo, OH

This gentleman with the mustache has two photos, one with impressive sideburns and one without:


Photographer: “Hills & Bowers, 150 Church St., Burlington, VT”


Photographer: “Brown’s, Burlington, VT”

And there are two of this next man also, one with floppy hair, and one with a crew cut:


L. G. Burnham & Co. Studio, Burlington, VT


L. A. Atwood Studio, Burlington, VT

The next two photos could be of the same man.  If not, they are probably brothers.  The resemblance is quite strong.


Charles Parker Studio in Burlington Vermont


H.L. Bixby’s City Photograph Gallery in Burlington

These two photos of young children were seemingly taken in the exact same chair, so they could possibly be siblings:

Brown's Studio, Burlington, VT

Brown’s Studio, Burlington, VT

Burlington Photo Co., Burlington, VT

Burlington Photo Co., Burlington, VT

There are three photos total that were taken in Ohio. Two of them in Toledo, OH and this one in Sandusky, OH.


A. C. Platt Photography Studio, Sandusky, OH

Here are the rest of the photos in the order in which they appeared in the album:


City Photograph Gallery, Burlington, VT

Hills & Bowers Studio, 150 Church St., Burlington, VT

Hills & Bowers Studio, 150 Church St., Burlington, VT

E. Gillett Studio, 174 Sixth Ave., New York

E. Gillett Studio, 174 Sixth Ave., New York

L. A. Atwood Studio, Church Street, Burlington VT

L. A. Atwood Studio, Church Street, Burlington VT

I love this one.  He looks like a German scientist:

Charles Parker Studio, Burlington, VT

Charles Parker Studio, Burlington, VT

L. A. Atwood Studio, Church St., Burlington, VT

L. A. Atwood Studio, Church St., Burlington, VT

City Photograph Gallery, Burlington, VT

City Photograph Gallery, Burlington, VT

L. A. Atwood Studio, Burlington, VT

L. A. Atwood Studio, Burlington, VT


Hills & Bowers Studio, Burlington, VT

A lovely young woman with an elaborate hairstyle:


L. A Atwood Studio, Burlington, VT

This next photograph is the only tin-type in the album. It’s a lovely portrait of a freckled woman wearing a cameo:


I like this one too.  It looks like a young Albert Einstein.


City Photograph Gallery, Burlington, VT


Burlington Photo Co, Burlington, VT

A contemplative Victorian woman:

L.G. Burnham & Co. Studio, Burlington, VT

L.G. Burnham & Co. Studio, Burlington, VT

I believe this photo from my collection (not in the album) is the same woman:

Possibly the same woman.

Possibly the same woman.

City Photograph Gallery, Burlington, VT

City Photograph Gallery, Burlington, VT

City Photograph Gallery, Burlington, VT

City Photograph Gallery, Burlington, VT

City Photograph Gallery, Burlington, VT

City Photograph Gallery, Burlington, VT

Charles Parker Studios, Burlington, VT

Charles Parker Studios, Burlington, VT

Wm. Donaldson Studio, Jersey City, NJ.

Wm. Donaldson Studio, Jersey City, NJ.

L. A. Atwood Studio, Burlington, VT

L. A. Atwood Studio, Burlington, VT

City Photograph Gallery, Burlington, VT

City Photograph Gallery, Burlington, VT

The face off this child, unfortunately, was ripped and cannot be seen.

L.A. Atwood Studio, Burlington, VT

L.A. Atwood Studio, Burlington, VT

Vintage Portraits – Winooski, Vermont – Part 3

Another collection of vintage portraits from the town of Winooski, Vermont. Unfortunately none of these are identified in any way, so it’s up to fate and the power of the Internet to see if any of these people can be pulled from the mists of time.

Part one of the collection is here.

Part two of the collection is here.

[Click on the photos to enlarge or download.]

Up first, a well-coiffed young man:


A baby in a chair wearing a christening gown (a very common theme):


A lady in a velvet dress:


A woman with curly hair:


A young woman reclining in a chair:


A woman with a ribbon around her neck:


A family portrait:


A man with a pretty serious mustache:


A family portrait found by someone in the Winooski Historical page on Facebook:


Another mustache man with a nice tie:Winooski044

A middle-aged married couple:


A younger married couple:


A baby in a carriage:


Another christening photo:


More Vintage Portraits – Winooski, Vermont

I collect vintage portraits from certain towns where my ancestors lived.  One such town is Winooski, Vermont.  Here is another collection of portraits from Winooski, most taken in the 1880s and 1890s.

The first batch of Winooski Portraits can be found by clicking here.

[Click on any of the photos to enlarge or download them.]

As written about previously, this is the portrait of Emma Duell (1881-1942).

Emma Duel, c 1895

Emma Duel, c 1895

These next two early tintypes were also written about previously.  The first was marked “M. Campagnon” on the envelope.

MCompagnonTintypeWinooski_frame UnknownWomenTintypeWinooski_frame

This photo, marked “Grandpa Burnette”, is thought to be the portrait of Charles Francis Burnett, born 22 Jun 1817 in Canada, who married Nancy Muzzy.  Charles died in Stowe, Vermont on 24 Nov 1884.

“Grandpa Burnett”

An unknown couple.


A few drinking buddies.


Unknown family featuring a man with curly hair.


Child on a stool.


This one, featuring a little girl with flowers, was marked “Mrs. G. Mangeon” on the back.


“Mrs. G. Mangeon”

This next one is marked “Maud E. Wilson, Worchester, Vermont” on the back, and is the portrait of Mary Maud Estelle Wilson.  She was born in Worchester, Vermont on 24 Oct 1867, the daughter of John Roundtree Wilson and Estelle Arloa Copp.  Her father was a stage driver from Canada.  She is in the 1870 census for Montpelier, Vermont with her parents and her sister Isabella.  Maud married Charles Arthur Jones in 1894 and died in Montpelier on 15 Mar 1942.

Maud Mary Estelle Wilson

Maud Mary Estelle Wilson

Finally, a portrait marked “S. O. Tillotson”.  Stephen Oliver Tillotson was born in Vermont in 1834 and was married to Mariett Jane Doane.  They are in the 1860 and 1880 Census for Bakersfield, Vermont.  Stephen was a Civil War verteran who fought for the 8th and 13th Vermont Infantry Regiment.  He died in 1899 and is buried in Bakersfield.  He has an entry on where I have added his photo.

S. O. Tillotson

S. O. Tillotson

Non-Family Photos – Spear and Salls Family Portraits, Part II

Almost exactly a year ago, I purchased a group of photos on eBay that turned out to be the family of Alice L. Spear (1847-1928) from Burlington, VT (See the photos here).  In that group were photos of Alice, her uncle Hiram Salls, Harvey Lewis Salls (her first-cousin once removed), Raymond Wardwill Evans (her 2nd cousin once removed), and Mable C Morgan, who was related to Alice by marriage on both her mother’s and father’s side.

This week, I ended up purchasing a group of 10 photos on eBay with no knowledge that any of them were identified in any way.  I was told only that they were all from a single photo album and thus were likely related to each other.  When they arrived it turns out most of them had the names of the people written on the back, and they were all related to the Spear & Salls families!

The first photo is of Jane E “Jennie” Thayer  who married Sylvester Grant Salls.  Sylvester was the son of Hiram Salls from the previous batch of photos, and the Uncle of Harvey Salls, also from the previous batch.

"Jennie Thayer Salls" c1885

“Jennie Thayer Salls” c1885

Jane was born 5 Sept 1868 in Burlington, Vermont to Seymore Thayer and Betsy Mann.  She married Sylvester Grant Salls (1868-1954) twice, once on 5 Feb 1890 at the age of 21, and again on 15 Sept 1935 at the age of 67, after they had been divorced for a short time.  Jane and her husband had five daughters and a son, and ended up living in Essex Junction, Vermont in the 1940 Census… one year before my father was born there.  She died in Burlington on 16 May 1950.

This next photo is of Annette R. “Nettie” Morgan.

"Nettie R. Morgan Salls"

“Nettie R. Morgan Salls”

Annette Morgan (1861-1958) was the sister of Mable C. Morgan, whose portrait was in the first batch of photos I bought.  Annette was the daughter of Stephen Shaw Morgan and Rhoda Ann Bailey, and she was born in Colchester, Vermont on 5 Oct 1861.  She married Horace Roswell Salls (1863-1962), the son of Hiram Salls and Mary Caroline Beerwort.  Annette and Horace had two sons and three daughters.  She died in Burlington on 17 Jul 1958.

The next three photos are all of Maud Avis Spear, taken several years apart:

Maud A Spear 1888

Maud A Spear, 1888

Maud A Spear, 1892

Maud A Spear, 1892

Maud A Spear, 1898

Maud A Spear, 1898

Maud was born in July 1886 in Vermont to Wilbur Olin Spear and Avis Salls.  Hiram Salls from the first group of photos was her grandfather.  She had two brothers, Charles W Spear and Bert R Spear.  Maud’s mother died from “Puerperal Fever” (an infection of the reproductive tract after childbirth) right after Maud’s birth, and her father remarried a few years later to Lydia Alberta Salls, the younger sister of Avis.  Unfortunately, Maud died at the age of 15 on 23 Dec 1901 in Burlington.

If you look carefully at the first photo of Maud above you can see the piece of fabric on the chair where she is seated.  The photo was taken at the Continental Gallery studio at 100 Church Street in Burlington, Vermont.  It says “Maud A Spear, 17 months old”, which puts it in December, 1887.  These next two photos from the same photo album were taken in the same studio.  In fact you can see that both children are sitting on the exact same chair.  The first child (a boy, I believe) is wearing an almost identical gown to the one Maud is wearing above.


Bert or Charles Spear?


Bert or Charles Spear?

Based on the similarities between the three photos, I’m inclined to believe these are photos of Maud’s two brothers, Charles Wilbur Spear (1881-1974) and Bert Richard Spear (1884-1960).  Charles married Eva Maude Clute and had four children.  Burt married Bertha Golden and had a daughter with her, then married Alda Mae Ladue in 1941 at the age of 57.

The next three photos are not marked, but they are almost certainly from the same family.  The first woman bears a resemblance to Annette Morgan above.




The final photo is marked, but I cannot find a connection to the Speer or Salls family.  The back says “Rev. M.D. Jump”.  Rev. Jump had quite the award-winning mustache.

Rev Marvin Delos Jump, c1885

Rev Marvin Delos Jump, c1885

Rev. Jump actually only lived in Burlington, Vermont (where the photo was taken) between 1883 and 1887.  He was in Troy, New York and Bennington, Vermont prior to that, and had moved to Amsterdam, New York by 1887.  He was born in July 1845 in Schoharie County, New York to Ananias Jump and Esther Burnett, and married Martha A. France about 1868.  They had at least four children.  I have previously posted several photos I purchased of the Burnette Family and there is a reasonable chance the Reverend Jump was related to them.  I don’t know if Rev. Jump is related to the Salls and Spear families or if, perhaps, he was just their minister, so his photo ended up in their album along with the others.

Portrait of Emma Duell (1881-1942)

I bought this portrait on eBay only because it was from Winooksi, Vermont, one of the towns in which my family lived during the 1800’s.  It shows a young girl, perhaps 14 or 15 years old, in a stylish dress.  Based on her apparent age, it may be a confirmation photo.

Emma Duel, c 1895

Emma Duell, c 1895

When it arrived, I was surprised to find very faint writing on the back.  It says “[To] Minnie Cameron from your cousin, Emma Duell, Burlington, VT”.  I’ve enhanced the photo here to make the writing easier to see.


Emma Duell, back

With the clues provided, I was able to find out about Emma.  It turns out she and Minnie were, indeed, first cousins, and also probably double-cousins!

Minne Cameron was born in 20 Apr 1883 in South Hero, Grand Isle, VT to John Prosper Cameron and his wife Mary N. Duell.  She marrried Charles Fortune on 22 Aug 1900 in Burlington, VT, and a man named James Ritchie.  She died 20 Dec 1958 in Colchester, VT.

Emma S. Duell was born 5 Mar 1881 in Madrid, New York, the daughter of Lucius E. Duell (b. Malone, NY) and Charlotte Cameron (b. North Hero, VT).  She married John W. Stewart, an Irish immigrant, about 1905, and they had the following children: Rachel Charlotte Stewart (1904-1980), John Edward Stewart (1907-1962), and Robert D. Stewart (1909-1955).  Emma died 23 Sept 1942 in South Burlington, VT.

I found this photo of Emma’s daughter Rachel on and the resemblance between mother and daughter is striking:

Rachel Stewart, Charlotte Fuller, and Jean Fuller.

Rachel Stewart, Charlotte Fuller, and Jean Fuller.

Emma’s mother Charlotte Cameron was the sister of Minnie’s father John Cameron.  It’s clear that Emma’s father Lucius Duell was also related to Minnie’s mother Mary Duell.  I just haven’t quite worked that part out yet.  Mary’s parents were Frank Duell and Marceline Gadbois.  Lucius’s parents were John Duell and Rosalia Jarideau.  Frank Duell was born in Grand Isle, VT and John Duell was born in Canada, so I don’t know if they are brothers or not.

Burlington Vermont Portraits

This is another set of historic portraits from Burlington, Vermont.  I’m posting them as a set since they were acquired at about the same time, so there is always the possibility that they are related in some way.

There are two photos of the first, square-jawed man.  He looks familiar to me, for some reason.  The second of the two photos is marked “May 18, 1875” on the back.

SquareJawManBurlington076 SquareJawManBurlington075

A little girl, lost in the fog.


A handsome, older lady:


A young woman lost in thought:


Three portraits of children:

UnknownChildBurlington071 UnknownChildBurlington070 UnknownChildBurlington069

This next one is particularly nice.  If you zoom in, you can see every detail of her lace and every hair on her head.


A very fine mustache!

UnknownManBurlington067 UnknownWomanBurlington066

This next lady looks very familiar to me.  Can’t quite place the face.


A brother and sister?





More youngsters:

UnknownSistersBurlington062 UnknownSistersBurlington061

Another lovely young lady:


Burlington Vermont Foursome

Another photo I bought online because it’s from a town where my family lived:  Burlington, Vermont.  To my surprise, when I opened the package the photo had the names of all four people on the back.

[Click on photo to enlarge or download.]

Freida Andrews, Elmer Dewey, May Crandall, Orville Bosworth c1889

Freda Andrews, Elmer Dewey, May Crandall, & Orville Bosworth c1889

The photo, taken at the Atwood Studio in Burlington, Vermont about 1889, shows four young people, May F Crandall (upper left), Orville Dustin Bosworth (upper right), Freda Edora Belle Andrews (lower left), and Elmer Caroll Dewey (lower right).  From what I can tell, all of them were living in the town of Berlin, Vermont (41 miles from Burlington) about the time this photo was taken, so they may have been schoolmates or friends.  You can see that Freda is wearing a rather elegant dress, and May is posing a bit like she’s on the cover of Vogue.   That’s what caught my eye about this photo.

I’ve been able to put together some information on the four of them, although I haven’t looked into it extensively at all.  There are a couple connections I’ve been able to find besides all living in Berlin, Vermont.  Freda’s sister Grace Lillian Andrews married May Crandall’s brother Charles T. Crandall.  Freda got married in Malden, Massachusetts and May moved to Arlington, Massachusetts about 20 miles away.  Both Elmer and Orville moved to Whittier, California where Elmer was a citrus rancher and Orville was a carpenter.

Here is the information about them I’ve been able to put together so far.

Freda Edora Belle Andrews
b 23 Jun 1868 Berlin, Vermont
f Edmund E Andrews b 1823, Vermont
m Lucy Ann Benjamin b 1830 Vermont
oo James F Madden 24 Oct 1894 Malden, Massachusetts
1870 Census for Berlin, Vermont
1880 Census for Berlin, Vermont
1900 Census for Little Falls, New Jersey
1910 Census for Little Falls, New Jersey
1920 Census for Ridgewood, New Jersey
1930 Census for Ridgewood, New Jersey
1953 City Directory for Andover, Massachusetts

Frieda’s sister Grace Lillian Andrews married Charles T Crandall (brother of May).

Freda Andrews Passport Photo, 1922

Freda Andrews Passport Photo, 1922

Elmer Carroll Dewey
b 24 Sept 1866 Berlin, Vermont
f Charles Freeman Dewey
m Julia Elma Jameson
oo Alice Bertha Covill 13 Aug 1896 Vermont
1870 Census Berlin, Vermont
1880 Census Berlin, Vermont
1900 Census Berlin, Vermont
1920 Census Whittier, California [Listed as a citrus rancher]
1930 Census Whiiter, California
1940 Census Whittier, California
d 27 May 1954 Whittier, Los Angeles, California

Marion Florence “May” Crandall
b 1 Oct 1873 Duxbury, Vermont
f George Henry Crandall, b 1836
m Adeline Almira “Addie” Turner b 1833
oo Bert Seldon Currier 25 Dec 1893 Vermont
1880 Census Berlin, Vermont
1900 Census Boston, Massachusetts
1920 Census Arlington, Massachusetts
1930 Census Arlington, Massachusetts
d 9 Mar 1949 in Florida

Orville Dustin Bosworth
b 9 May 1871 Berlin, Vermont
f Joseph L Bosworth
m Harriet E Dustin
oo Cynthia Ethyl Benedict 16 Jan 1895 Vermont
1880 Census Berlin, Vermont
1900 Census Williamstown, Vermont
1920 Census Whittier, California [House Carpenter]
1930 Census Whittier, California
1940 Census Whittier California
d 5 Nov 1952, Los Angeles County, California


Ebbe Hanson Family – 1905

This is another antique store photo I rescued recently from an establishment in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  This family is not related to me, but there was enough information on the picture that I could identify the people in it.  So I present to you the family of Ebbe Hanson, taken about 1905.  The back of the photograph says “Hanson Family.  Back Row: Clarence (behind his mother), Amelia, William.  Front row: Agnes or Aggie between parents.”

Ebbe Hanson Family, 1905

Ebbe Hanson Family, 1905

Here’s what I’ve been able to find out about this family:

Ebbe Hanson
b Sept 1859 Denmark
d 15 Jun 1950 Wisconsin
f Hans Hanson
m Mary Hanson
oo 16 Apr 1884 Brandon, Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin
Agathe Marie “Mary” Kristevisen b Apr 1858 Denmark

William Hanson b Aug 1884 Wisconsin
Amelia Hanson b Sept 1886 Wisconsin
Clarence Hanson b Oct 1891 Wisconsin
oo Ruth b 1893 Iowa
Agnes “Aggie” Hanson 1902 Wisconsin

Immigration 1882

Markesan, Green Lake, Wisconsin 1900 Census
Stanton, St. Croix, Wisconsin 1905 Census
Stanton, St. Croix, Wisconsin 1910 Census
Stanton, St. Croix, Wisconsin 1920 Census

Clarence & Ruth in 1930 Census for Stanton, St. Croix, Wisconsin

Vintage Portraits – Wausau Edition

Time for some more old photos that are not (to my knowledge) related to my family.  As usual, if you can identify anyone in these photos, please drop me a line.  These photos were all taken in Wausau, Marathon County, Wisconsin.

UnknownCoupleWausau034 UnknownBeardedManWausau033 UnknownWomanWausau032 UnknownSistersWausau031 UnknownSistersWausau030 UnknownWomanWausau029 UnknownManWausau022 UnknownMotherAndSonWausau021 UnknownBabyWausau020 UnknownBabyWausau019 UnknownBoyWausau018 UnknownChildrenWausau017 UnknownBabyWausau016 UnknownManWausau015 UnknownBabyWausau013 UnknownBabyInCarriageWausau014 UnknownFamilyWausau012 MollyKroenSwanson UnknownBabyWausau011 UnknownCoupleWausau010 UnknownWomanWausau009 UnknownWomanWithChildrenWausau006 UnknownBeardedManWausau004 UnknownFamilyWausau003 UnknownFamilyWausau002