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Carl Krueger Family Photo – 1932

This photo, given to me by my cousin LaVila Krueger Luedtke, was part of a series of photos taken in front of the woods at the farm of Walter Krueger (1893-1979).  The photos were apparently taken by Linda Krause, Walter’s second wife, who does not appear in this photo.  The year was about 1932.

Here is my cousin LaVila Krueger Luedtke describing the photo:

“That’s Charles Christian, Anna [Krueger Christian], Henry Neuman, Helen [Krueger Neuman], Walter [Krueger], and this is Anna’s oldest daughter Florence [Christian].  That’s my dad [William Krueger], and my mother [Edna Marquardt] holding Ruben [Krueger].  He is not happy!  Then [in the second row] me [LaVila], Grandma Bertha [Strehlow], Harvey Neuman, that was their only son… Grandpa Carl [Krueger], and Victor [Krueger].  It must have been very bright because we’re all turning up our noses!  And [in the front row] Eldine [Christian], she’s Charles Christian’s… they were ten years apart those two [Florence was born in 1912 and Eldine in 1922].  And this is Marcella and that’s Elvira [Krueger, daughters of Walter Krueger].”

Carl Krueger family photo, 1932.

Bob and Shirley Krueger’s Wedding Reception

This photo, shared with me by Loris Dustin, was taken in the basement of my great-grandfather Oscar’s Krueger’s home.  He had a little bar down there, nestled amongst the heating ducts and other functioning aspects of the home.  I’ve heard many stories about the raucous times had by the Krueger clan in that little basement bar!

The caption on the back of this photo says:

Wedding reception of Robert W. and Shirley Krueger on Aug. 20, 1949.
Back row: Robert W. Krueger (groom)
Second row: Aunt Elsie Madden, Mrs. Wanta, Mrs. Weinkauf, Mrs. Manecke, Aunt Agnes Passow, and Aunt Norma Ronek.
Front row: Shirley Krueger (bride), Bette Radloff (maid of honor), and Norma Krueger

20 Aug 1949