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Krueger Records from Parish Wittenfelde, Kreis Cammin, Pommern, Prussia

Once again I sent my hired researcher in quest of any Prussian records, this time for the Krüger/Krueger family in parish Wittenfelde from 1824-1850.  Wittenfelde was in Kreis Cammin, Pommern, Prussia and the records mention the towns of Stuchow, Staarz, Königsmühl, Bandesow, Medewitz, Völzschenhagen, Wittenfelde, Moltstow, Tetzlaffshagen, Kambz, and Völtzin, among others, not all of which were in the parish.  The transcriptions are below.  I have scans of the actual documents also.


Wittenfelde Parish. Towns in the records are in yellow.

1. Johann Joachim Kuhfahl, instmann (farm worker) in Staartz, married Sophia Krüger.


1.1. August Ferdinand, born on 5 Feb 1824, baptized on 15 Feb 1824. (Wittenfelde, 2/1824).  Godparents: 1. Joachim Friedrich Köbsell, young farmer in Staartz. 2. Michael Friedrich Hakbarth, shepherd son in Königsmühl. 3. Dorothea Wilhelmine Zautken, shepherd daughter in Bandesow.

2. Caspar Friedrich Krüger, shepherd in Medewitz, was married to Maria Louisa Pipenberg.


2.1. Hanna Caroline Ernestine, born on 7 Jun 1824, baptitzed on 14 Jun 1824 (Wittenfelde, 7/1824).  Godparents: 1. Maria Elisabeth Kiekhefeern wife of the miller Hoge in Medewitz.  2. Miss Friederike Hannemann, from Völtzin. 3. Carl Gottlieb Hannemann, Pfarr Colonus (tenant of the church farm) from Wittenfelde

2.2. Amalia Charlotte Louise, born on 7 Aug 1826, baptized on 19 Aug 1826. (Wittenfelde, 11/1826).  Godparents: 1. Maria Christine Falke wife of Pipenberg in Moltstow. 2. Miss Charlotte Louise Krüger from Tetzlaffshagen. 3. Michael Friedrich Pipenberg, herdsman in Simoetzel (east of Greifenberg).  (She died on 21 Sept 1829 from consumption, age 2 years/14 days. Wittenfelde, 10/1829).

3. Ernst Friedrich Schmeling, kossäth (farmer on small farm) in Stuchow, oldest son of the deceased kossäth Christoph Heinrich Schmeling from Stuchow married on 8 Jun 1824 Dorothea Wiilhelmine Krüger, youngest daughter of Christoph Gottlieb Krüger, Wirtschafter (economist/manager) in Schruptow.

4. Johann Gottlieb Krüger, farmer in Medewitz, was married to Anna  Louise Stäve (Stewe).

Anna Louise Krüger née Stewe, wife of farmer Krüger in Medewitz, died on 14 Apr 1837 from consumption, age 48 years/6 month/12 days, buried on 18 Apr 1837.  She left behind a widower and 5 minor children.  (Wittenfelde, 1/1837)


4.1. Christian Friedrich Wilhelm Krüger, born in 1816.

4.2. Joachim Friedrich Krüger.

4.3. Johann Gottlieb Krüger, born in 1821.

4.3. Caroline Wilhelmine Sophie Krüger, born in 1824, confirmed in 1838 in Wittenfelde, from Medewitz, age 14 years/ 3 month. (Wittenfelde, 5/1838).

4.4. Louise Ernestine Wilhelmine Krüger, born in 1826.  She died on 14 Jul 1836, age 9 years/8 month/20 days, buried on 17 Jul 1836. She drowned while fetching water from the family well.  (Wittenfelde, 3/1836)

4.5. Johanna Wilhelmine Ernestine Krüger, born on 26 Feb 1830, baptized on 16 Mar (Wittenfelde, 5/1830).  Godparents: 1. Miss Maria Louise Hannemann from Medewitz.  2. Miss Hanna Louise Hannemann from Kambz.  3. Johann Wilhelm Varchow, farmer’s son in Medewitz.

Confirmed in 1844. (Wittenfelde/Medewitz, 3/1844)

to 4.1. Christian Friedrich Wilhelm Krüger (b 1816, above), farmer’s son in Medewitz, age 24, married on 4 Dec 1840 to Friederike Louise Ladwig, age 19, daughter of Michael Heinrich Ladwig, shepherd in Königsmühl, both parents are deceased. Note: On 30 Nov 1840 the groom acknowledged the fatherhood of the illegitimate child born on 7 Jul 1839.  (Wittenfelde, 6/1840)

4.1.1. Johann Friedrich Ferdinand Krüger, illegitimate child, born on 7 Jul 1839, baptized on 14 Feb 1839.  (Wittenfelde, 10/1839).  Godparents: 1. Johann Friedrich Warschow, farmer’s son in Medewitz.  2. Joachim Friedrich Krüger, farmer’s son in Medewitz.  3. Ernestine Wilhelmine Last, miller’s daughter in Medewitz.

4.1.2. Johann August Ludwig Krüger,  born on 13 Feb 1849, baptized on 25 Feb 1849.  (Wittenfelde, 5/1849).  Godparents: 1. August Ferdinand Labs, master tailor in Völschenhagen.  2. Johann Gottllieb Ludwig, laborer in Güskow.  3. Miss Marie Sophie Ladwig from Königsmühl.

to 4.2. Joachim Friedrich Krüger, farmer in Medewitz, age 24, married in 1846 Wilhelmine Friederike Kasten, daughter of farmer and courtman Kasten in Behlkow. (Marriage announcement on 2nd , 3rd and 4th Sunday after Epiphanias in Wittenfelde 1846).


4.2.1. Auguste Wilhelmine Bertha Krüger, born on 17 Sept 1847, baptized on 26 Sept 1847.  (Wittenfelde, 17/1847).  Godparents: 1. Gottfried August Labs, tailor in Völschenhagen. 2. Engel Lossin wife of Dobberphul in Carnitz. 3. Friedrike Watchow, farmer’s daughter in Muddelmow.

4.2.2. Ottilie Ernestine Wilhelmine Krüger, born on 12 Sept 1849, baptized on 14 Oct 1849.  (Wittenfelde, 25/1849).  Godparents: 1. Martin Kasten, farmer’s son in Belckow.  2. Ernestine Wilhelmine Stewe widow of Lüdke from Stuchow.  3. Hanna Ernestine Krüger, farmer’s daughter from Medewitz

to 4.3. Johann Gottlieb Krüger, son of the pensioned farmer Johann Krüger in Medewitz, died on 30 Nov 1846 from typhus, age 25 years/9 month/4 days, buried on 3 Dec 1846. He left behind a father, 2 brothers and 2 sisters. (Wittenfelde, 13/1846)

to 4.4. Gottlieb August Ferdinand Labs, tailor in Völschenhagen, age 26 ¾ , married on 31 Oct 1845 Caroline Wilhelmine Sophie Krüger, age 21, daughter of Johann Gottlieb Krüger, farmer in Medewitz. (Wittenfelde, 3/1845).

5. Johann Gottlieb Heinrich Tesch, kossäth and Krüger (barkeeper), was married to Wilhelmine Dorothea Krüger.

Dorothea Wilhelmine Krüger, wife of Kossath Johann Tesch in Stuchow, died on 5 Dec 1849 on Consumption, age 47 years/4 month/8 days, buried on 8 Dec 1849. She left behind a widower and 2 daughters in 1st marriage and 3 sons and a daughter in 2nd marriage. (Wittenfelde, 12/1849).


5.1. Johann Ludwig Julius Tesch, born on 14 Feb 1837, baptized on 14 Feb 1837.  (Wittenfelde, 4/1837).  Godparents: 1. Carl Ludwig Jüch, day-laborer in Stuchow.  2. Johann David Raasch, day-laborer in Stuchow. Dorothea Maria Tesch, daughter of the kossäth and Church warden Tesch in Stuchow.

6. Dorothea Marie Krüger, wife of büdner Johann Gottfried Wetzel in Neuenhoefe, died on 20 Nov 1842, age 73 years/1 month/11 days (b 1769), buried on 24 Nov 1842. She left behind a husband, 4 sons and 2 daughters.  (Wittenfelde, 17/1842).

7. Michael Friedrich Wilhelm Krüger, farmhand in Klötzin, was married to Caroline Wilhelmine Henriette Mierke.

Caroline Wilhelmine Henriette Mierke, wife of farmhand Michael Friedrich Krüger in Klötzin, died on 27 Aug 1844, age 24 years/11 month/5 days (b 1819), buried on 30 Aug 1844.  She left behind a widower and a young son. (Wittenfelde, 8/1844).


7.1. Carl Wilhelm Augus Krüger, born on 20 Jun 1842 in Stuchow, baptized on 25 Jun 1842.  (Wittenfelde, 8/1844).  Godparents: 1. Michael Friedrich August Mierke, herdsman’s son in Stuchow.  2. Carl Krüger, farmhand in Benz, deputy: altsitzer (pensioner) Johann Krüger in Tetzlaffshagen.  3. Wilhelmine Charlotte Mierke, herdsman’s daughter in Stuchow.

8. Carl Friedrich Krüger, farmhand in Schwirsen, age 24 ½ , married on 21 Jan 1845 Hanna Friederike Schmidt widow of Buth, age 25, daylaborer in Schwirsen, daughter of Ludwig Schmidt, shepherd in Königsmühl, both parents are deceased.  (Wittenfelde, 1/1845)

9. Gottlieb Heinrich Ferdinand Krüger, herdsman in Stuchow, age 22 , married on 10 Jul 1846 Caroline Friederike Henriette Schmeling, age 21, step daughter of Johann Tesch, barkeeper in Stuchow. (Wittenfelde, 2/1846).


9.1. Auguste Dorothea Krüger, born on 18 Aug. 1846 in Stuchow, baptized on 22 Aug 1846.  (Wittenfelde, 15/1846).  Godparents: 1. Johann Tesch, barkeeper in Stuchow.  2. Dorothea Tesch wife of the coachman Barkow in Stuchow.  3. Christine Knuth wife of the kossäth Jüth from Stuchow.

10. Johann August Gottlieb Krüger from Medewitz, age 14 years/2 month/3 days (b 1832), confirmed in 1846 in Stuchow.  (Wittenfelde/Stuchow, 3/1846).

11. Hermann Krüger, joiner in Stuchow, was married to Wilhelmine Schützke (Schätzke).


11.1. Caroline Friederike Auguste Krüger, born on 23 Jul 1846 in Stuchow, baptized on 25 Jun 1846.  (Wittenfelde, 14/1846).  Godparents: 1. Carl Thiele, forrester in Stuchow.   2. Dorothea Friederike Sanow wife of the laborer Kuhphal from Stuchow.  3. Caroline Albertine Schmidt, daughter of midwife Ehlke in Stuchow.

11.2. Wilhelmine Josephine Ernestine Krüger, born on 9 Nov 1848 in Stuchow, baptized on 10 Dec 1848.  (Wittenfelde, 26/1848).  Godparents: 1. Ferdinand Krüger, herdsman in Stuchow.  2. Wilhelm Kuhphal, daylaborer  in Stuchow.  3. Ernestine Stewe widow of Lüdke from Stuchow.  4. Philippine Wendland, wife of the miller Burow in Stuchow.  5. Henriette Hege, daylaborer daughter in Stuchow.

12. Johann Ludwig Krüger, farmhand in Medewitz, age 24, married in 1846 Anna Sophie Friederike Hinz, age 22, daughter of Franz Emanuel Hinz, day-laborer in Ribbekardt. Marriage announcement on 24th, 25th Sunday after Trinitatis and 1st advent in Wittenfelde 1847.


12.1. Johann Friedrich Ferdinand Krüger, born on 30 Sept 1848 in Medewitz, baptized on 1 Oct 1848.  (Wittenfelde, 17/1848).  Godparents: 1. Johann August Pump, herdsman in Medewitz.  2. Johann Gottlieb Böttcher, farmhand in Medewitz.  3. Friederike Wilhelmine Ginner, farmer’s daughter in Medewitz.

13. Carl Gottlieb Krüger, resident of Medewitz, was married to Anna Marie Friederike Wilhelmine Bartelt.


13.1. August Friedrich Wilhelm Krüger, born on 4 Dec 1848 in Medewitz, baptized on 14 Dec 1848.  (Wittenfelde, 22/1848).  Godparents: 1. Wilhelm Friedrich Bliese, teacher in Medewitz. 2. Johann Carl Bärenwaldt, farmer’s son in Medewitz. 3. Justine Bärenwaldt, farmer’s daughter in Medewitz.  The child died on 15 Dec 1848. (Wittenfelde, 11/1848).

13.1. Wilhelmine Friederike Elwine Krüger, born on 3 Dec 1849 in Medewitz, baptized on 9 Dec 1849.  (Wittenfelde, 31/1849).  Godparents: 1. Wilhelm Krüger, daylaborer in Tetzlaffshagen.  2. Wilhelmine Bärenwaldt, farmer’s daughter in Medewitz.  3. Miss Friederike Krüger, from Medewitz.

14. Wilhelm Krüger, daylaborer in Lüttkenhagen, was married to Friederike Otto.


14.1. Auguste Henriette Louise Krüger, born on 21 Jul 1848 in Lüttkenhagen, baptized on 6 Aug 1848.  (Wittenfelde, 20/1848).  Godparents: 1. August Borchardt, farmer and mayor’s son in Lüttkenhagen.  2. Henriette Sophie Retzlaff wife of the Cartwright Dreyer in Bandesow.  3. Miss Caroline Dorothea Krüger from Cammin.

15. Christoph Gottlieb Krüger, resident of Stuchow, died on 22 Feb 1848 on dropsy, age 73 years/3 month/2 days (b 23 Nov 1774), buried on 25 Feb 1848. He left behind a widow and 2 daughters, the youngest is minor.  (Wittenfelde, 2/1848)