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Pribbernow Family To America – 1866

My Pribbernow family came from Kreis (county) Regenwalde in Pommern, Prussia.  The earliest family member for whom I have documentation is Friedrich Pribbernow Sr., who was born around 1680.  In the records for the town of Roggow A in Kreis Regenwalde, there is a baptism record that states:

Year 1717. 12th Aug 1717, to Friedrich Pribbernow, a son born, baptized the 17th of August named (“Gregore” crossed out) Friedrich.


Friedrich Pribbernow baptism, Roggow A, 1717

Friedrich Pribbernow (the elder) was my 7x great-grandfather, and his son was my 6x-great-grandfather.  Friedrich Jr. married Elisabeth Buss in nearby Meesow, Kreis Regenwalde, Pommern on 15 Jul 1745.  She was from the town of Gross-Benz which was just to the southeast of Roggow A, and to the northeast of Meesow.


Pribbernow/Buss Marriage, Roggow A/1745

In Meesow, the 25th of July, the ackerknecht (farm-hand) Friedrich Prübbenow married Elisabeth Busse from Gross-Benz (Kreis Naugard, Pommern).


Pommern map showing Roggow A, Meesow, Schwerin, and Gross-Benz

The couple had five children in Meesow that we know about:

Michael Pribbernow, b 20 Sept 1746.

To Friedrich Prübbernow and his wife Elisabeth Buss, a son Michael, born on 13 Sept 1746 in Meesow, bapt. on 20 Sept 1746. Godparents: 1. Christoph Liermann, ackersmann (farmer) in Weitenhagen. 2. Christian Busse, Dragoon (cavalryman) from Gross Benz. 3. Anna Prübbenow, widow of Gregorius Cressen.

Christian Pribbernow, b 8 Apr 1748

Year 1748, in Meesow a child was born 8 Apr 1748 to Friedrich Prübbernow and his wife Elisabeth Busse, baptized on 12 Apr 1748 and named Christian. Godparents: 1. Christian Busse, musketeer in Roggow. 2. Erdman Prübbenow, father’s brother from Silligsdorf. 3. Anna Sophia Elisabeth Prübbenow, father’s sister.

Anna Sophia Pribbernow, b 30 Jan 1751

Meesow.  To Friedrich Prübbernow and his wife Elisabeth Busse, a daughter Anna Sophia, b. 30 Jan 1751, bapt. 4 Feb 1751. Godparents: Anna Sophia Busse, wife of farmer Friedrich Busse in Meesow, Anna Maria Prübbenow, maidservant in Zachow, father’s niece. 3. Bernhard Thöln, Daniel Thöln’s son from Roggow.

Friedrich Pribbernow III, b Jun 1754

Nr 1. Meesow.  To Friedrich Pribbernow, a son of Friedrich, baptized on 23 Jun 1754. Godparents: 1. Gregorius Pribbernow from Sand Schöneu. 2. Christoph Liermann, farmhand in Weitenhagen (Kreis Naugard). 3. Marie Busse, dinstmädchen in Meesow.

Christian Pribbernow II, b May 1755

Nr. 11. Meesow.  To Friedrich Pribbernow, bauer in Meesow, a son Christian, baptized on 15 May 1755. Godparents: Ludwig Steffen, bauer in Meesow, Christian Busse, knecht in Meesow, Sophie Krüger from Meesow.

Friedrich Jr. died in Meesow on 11 Feb 1789 and was buried on 14 Feb 1789.

Nr 2. Meesow, the 11th of February 1789, Friedrich Pribbernow, a former schultze (village elder or mayor) and bauer (farmer) died of “old age” in Meesow the 11th of February aged 72 years minus 6 months, 6 days, was buried on the 14th. Ptr. 4,10.11 “Quiscat in Pace” (“Rest in peace” in Latin).  Peter 4: 10-11, the bible verse mentioned, is: “As every man hath received the gift, even so minister the same one to another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God. If any man speak, let him speak as the oracles of God; if any man minister, let him do it as of the ability which God giveth: that God in all things may be glorified through Jesus Christ, to whom be praise and dominion for ever and ever. Amen.”

My 5x-great-grandfather Michael Pribbernow was the eldest of the children listed above.  He lived in Meesow, and was a farmer like his father.  He was married three times what we know of, and had nine known children.

His first marriage was to Anna Marie Schmidt:

Nr. 2. Michael Pribbeno, farmer in Meesow, oldest son of Friedrich Pribbeno, mayor in Meesow, married on 6 Sept 1767 Anne Marie Schmidt, oldest daughter of Michael Schmidt, mayor in Kramonsdorf. (Roggow A, 2/1767)

They had at least one child, Christian Friedrich Pribbernow, who was born 1 Jan 1769.

Year 1769, Roggow A, Nr 1. Christian Friedrich the son of Michael Pribbernow and his wife Anna Marie Schmidt was born 1 Jan 1769 and baptized 6 Jan 1769. Godparents: 1. Christ. Grunow, tenant in Louisenhof. 2. Christoph Busse, farm-hand in Meesow. 3. Sophie Schmidt, maid/servant in Kramonsdorf.

Anna Marie Schmidt died in Meesow about 1778.  Michael then married Dorothea Sophia Buss (1755-1788) on 24 Nov 1779.

Nr. 2.  Roggow A.  Marriage of Michael Pribbenow, farmer in Meesow to Dorothea Sophia Busse, daughter of Christoph Busse, farmer in Meesow on 24 Nov 1779.

Michael and Dorothea had three known children in Meesow:

Dorothea Pribbernow, b 8 May 1783.  I don’t have her baptism record.

Brigitte Pribbernow, b 19 Jan 1785

Brigitte, daughter of Michael Pribbernow in Meesow and Dorothea Sopia. Busse was born 19 Jan 1785 and baptized on the same day. Godparents: 1. Ann Marie Busse. 2. Brigitta Busse. 3. Friedrich Wienke, farmer in Meesow

Michael Pribbernow Jr. b 5 May 1786.

Nr. 19. To Michael Pribbernow and Dorothea Sophia Buss, a son Michael born on 5 May 1786 and baptized on 10 May 1786. Godparents: 1. Friedrich Pribbernow in Meesow. 2. Chr. Busse, farmhand. 3. The wife of Friedrich Busse from Schoeneu.

The second wife, Dorothea, died 29 Jan 1788 in Meesow at the age of 28, and Michael married a third time to his sister-in-law Brigitte Buss, (b 10 Apr 1764, daughter of Christoph Buss and Dorothea Maria Schutz) on 12 Jun 1788 in Meesow.  The marriage record gives no other details.

Michael and Brigitte had at least five children that are known:

Maria Elisabeth Pribbernow, b 8 Oct 1790

Nr. 22. Meesow.  To Michael Pribbernow, bauer and kirche waechter (church warden) and Brigitta Busse, a daughter Maria Elisabeth born 8 Oct 1790 and baptized 13 Oct 1890. Godparents: Louisa Liermann née Pribbernow in Weitenhagen, Maria Peinschen in Zampelhagen Friedrich Buss, schultz (mayor) in Schoeneu.

Johann Gottlieb Pribbernow, b 5 May 1792

Nr. 9. In Meesow, to Michael Pribbernow, bauer in Meesow, and his wife Brigitta Busse, a son Johann Gottlieb born 5 May 1792 and baptized on 9 May 1792. Godparents: Gottfried Steffen from Meesow. Johann Pribbernow from Meesow. 3. The widow ??  from Plantickow.

Christoph Pribbernow, b 7 Oct 1795

Nr. 21. To Michael Pribbernow and his wife Brigitta Busse in Meesow, a son born on 7 Oct 1795 and baptized on 13 Oct 1795, named Christoph. Godparents: 1. Christian Wiencke, farmer in Meesow. 2. Christoph Buss, Meesow. 3. Sophia Pribbernow née Schmidt in Meesow.

Erdmann Friedrich Ferdinand Pribbernow, b 21 Jul 1797

Nr. 29.  Meesow.  To Michael Pribbernow, bauer, and Brigitta Buss, a son Erdmann Friedrich Pribbernow, born 21 July 1797 and baptized 23 Jul 1797. Godparents: Michael Liermann, hussar from Mellen, Friedrich Buss, dragoon from Meesow, Dorothea Pribbernow née Ackermann.

Anna Sophia Pribbernow, b 27 Apr 1801.

Nr. 8. To the bauer Michael Pribbernow and his wife Brigitta Buss, a daughter Anna Sophia Pribbernow, born 27 Apr 1801 and baptized 29 Apr 1801 named Anna Sophia Pribbernow. Godparents: Anna Marie Buss, wife of Johann Steffen in Meesow, Marie Koepsell wife of Wiesesen in Meesow, the knecht Friedrich Buss in Meesow.

Their youngest son, Erdmann Friedrich Ferdinand Pribbernow was my 4x great-grandfather.   He married Dorothea Louise Porath in the town of Altenfliess, Kreis Regenwalde on 29 Nov 1827.


Pribbernow/Porath Marriage Record, Altenfleiss 1/1827

Nr. 1.  Altenfliess.  Marriage of Erdmann Friedrich Pribbernow from Meesow with Miss Dorothea Louise Porath on 29 Nov 1827.

The couple had one son in Altenfliess, and seven more children after moving back to Meesow.

Carl Friedrich “Charles” Pribbernow, born 29 Jul 1828 in Altenfliess.

Nr. 1. Altenfliess.  To Erdmann Friedrich Pribbernow and his wife Dorothea Louise née Porath. a son Carl Friedrich Pribbernow, born 28 Jun 1828 and baptized 20 Jul 1828.

Christian Friedrich Wilhelm Pribbernow, born 15 Feb 1830 in Meesow.

Nr. 12. Meesow. To day-laborer Erdmann Friedrich Pribbernow and his wife Louisa Porath, a son born 15 Feb 1830 and baptized 28 Feb 1830 named Christian Friedrich Wilhelm Pribbernow. Godparents: 1. Christian Pribbernow, farmer in Meesow. 2. Christian Steffen, farmhand in Meesow. 3. Sophia Joecks née Pribbernow.

Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Pribbernow, born 5 Jul 1832 in Meesow.

Nr. 19. Meesow. To day-laborer Erdmann Friedrich Pribbernow and his wife Louisa Porath. a son born 1 Jun 1832 and baptized 24 Jun 1832 named Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Pribbernow. Godparents: 1. Johann Lüskow, farmer in Altenfliess. 2. Gottlieb Buss, daylaborer in Meesow. 3. Johann Steffen, joiner in Meesow. 4. Sophia Pribbernow, farmer’s daughter in Meesow. 5. Henriette Pribbernow, farmer’s daughter in Meesow.

Wilhelmine Henriette Sophia “Henriette” Pribbernow, born 10 Mar 1834 in Meesow.

Nr. 13. Meesow. To the day-laborer Erdmann Friedrich Pribbernow and his wife Louisa Porath, a daughter Wilhelmine Henriette Sophia Pribbernow, born 10 Mar 1834 in Meesow, baptized on 31 Mar. 1834. Godparents: Maria Schley née Steffen from Meesow, Louisa Pribbernow, dinstmädchen in Roggow, Sophia Grunenwaldt in Meesow. Joachim Porath, farmer in Sillingsdorf (Kreis Regenwalde), Ernst Joecks, daylaborer in Meesow.

August Friedrich Wilhelm Pribbernow, born 25 Feb 1836 in Meesow.

Nr. 17.  Meesow.  To the day-laborer Erdmann Friedrich Pribbernow and Louise Porath, a son, August Friedrich Wilhelm, born on 25 Feb 1836 in Meesow, bapt. on 20 Mar 1836. Godparents: 1. Foreman Trojahn in Düpzow. 2. The tailor Johann Krüger in Daberkow. 3. Dorothea Sophia Friederike Taege wife of the farmer Pribbernow in Meesow.

Unnamed son born 10 Nov 1837 in Meesow who died on 1 Dec 1837.

Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Pribbernow, born 7 Jun 1839 in Meesow.

Nr. 29. Meesow.  To Erdmann Friedrich Pribbernow, day-laborer, and Louisa Porath, a son, Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Hermann, born on 7 Jun 1839 in Meesow, bapt. on 23 Jun 1839. Godparents: 1. Johann Pribbernow mill worker in Meesow. 2. The shoemaker Bell in Meesow. 3. Johann Grunenwaldt, farm-hand in Meesow. 4. Dorothea Porath wife of the farmer Lüsckow in Altenfliess. 5. Friederica Barfknecht, maid in Meesow.

Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm Pribbernow, born 22 Aug 1841 in Meesow.

Nr. 36. Meesow.  To the day-laborer Erdmann Pribbernow and Louise Brath (“Porath?” is written below), a son, Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm, born on 22 Aug 1841 in Meesow, bapt. on 29 Aug 1841. Godparents: 1. The farmer Friedrich Pribbernow. 2. Farmer’s son Carl Pribbernow. 3. Charlotte Ziegler wife of Christian Steffen, all from Meesow.

My 3x great-grandmother Wilhelmine Henriette Sophie “Henriette” Pribbernow was, as stated above, born on 10 Mar 1834 in Meesow.  She married Carl Friedrich Ferdinand Kamrath in the town of Plathe, Kreis Regenwalde on 20 Mar 1857.

Carl Friedrich Ferdinand Kamrath, “Stellmacher” [cartwright or wagon-maker], age 26 [b 1831], from “Vorwerk Plathe” [A Vorwerk is a homestead outside a town, so basically this means he lived on the outskirts of Plathe.] married Wilhelmine Henriette Sophie Pribbernow, age 23 [b 1834]. Her father was Erdmann Friedrich Prilbernow, a tagelöhner [day-laborer] from Meesow. The marriage took place on 20 Mar 1857.

There was a second marriage ceremony in the town of Hoffelde, Kreis Regenwalde on 27 Mar 1857.

Karl Friedrich Kamrath, master Cartwright in Plathe, age 26, son of Hofmeister (private tutor) Michael Friedrich Kamrath in Gross Raddow, married on 27 Mar 1857 in Hoffelde Wilhelmine Henriette Sophie Pribbernow, age 23, daughter of daylaborer Erdmann Friedrich Pribbernow in Meesow. (Roggow A, 5/1857).

The couple had four children in Hoffelde:

Auguste V Kamrath, born 8 Jan 1858.

Otto Julius Hermann “Hermann” Kamrath, born 9 Jul 1859.

Friedrich Albert Wilhelm Kamrath, born 5 May 1861 and died 12 May 1861.

Bertha Auguste Wilhelmine Kamrath, born 3 Aug 1864.  Bertha was my great-great-grandmother.

Henriette Pribbernow died in Meesow on 28 Feb 1865 just before her 31st birthday.


Henriette Pribbernow Burial Record, Roggow A, 4/1865

Wilhelmine Henriette Sophie Pribbernow married to the Stellmacher (cartwright) Kamrath, born in 1834, died on 24 Feb. 1865 in Hoffelde from colic, age 30 years/11 moth/14 days, buried on 28 Feb. 1865. She left behind a widower and 3 children.

About a year after Henriette passed away, her father Erdmann Friedrich Pribbernow, her mother Dorothea Porath, her brother Carl Friedrich Pribbernow, and his whole family immigrated to America.  They departed Hamburg Germany aboard the SS Hyram on 19 Apr 1866:



Passenger List for “SS Hyram” departing Hamburg on 19 Apr 1866

[Erdmann Friedrich] Ferdinand Pribbernow, Meesow Prussia, father, 69 (b 1797)
Dorothea [Porath] Pribbernow, Meesow Prussia, mother, 67 (b 1799)
C[arl Friedrich] Pribbernow, Meesow Prussia, Arbeiter, 38 (b 1828)
Wilhelmine [Berg] Pribbernow, Meesow Prussia, wife, 34 (b 1832)
Johann[a] Pribbernow, Meesow Prussia, son [daughter], 16 (b 1850)
Hermann Pribbernow, Meesow Prussia, son, 12 (b 1854)
[Wilhelm] Friedrich Pribbernow, Meesow Prussia, son, 3 (b 1863)
Ed[uard] Pribbernow, Meesow Prussia, son, 9 months (b 1865)
Ferdinand Pribbernow, Meesow Prussia, son, 9 months (b1865)

The family arrived in Quebec at least six weeks later on 4 June, 1866:


Passenger List for “SS Hyram” arriving Jun, 1866 in Québec, Canada

Ferdinand Pribbernow, adult male, father
Dorothea Pribbernow, adult female, mother
C[arl] F[riedrich] Pribbernow, adult male, farmer
Wilhlelmine Pribbernow, adult female, wife
Johanne Pribbernow, adult female, daughter
Hermann Pribbernow, boy 1-14, son
Friedrich Pribbernow, boy 1-14, son
Eduard Pribbernow, infant under 1 year, son
E. Ferdinand Pribbernow, infant under 1 year, son

An account of the trip can be found here:

There were 474 passengers aboard the SS Hyram when it sailed from Hamburg on April 19, 1866. It was a long journey [46 days!] aboard the segelschiff, or sailing ship. The ship docked at Grosse Isle near Québec on the St. Lawrence Seaway on June 4, 1866. Grosse Isle served as a quarantine station for ships destined for the Port of Québec in Canada, to prevent the spread of disease.  Eight passengers on the Hyram died during the journey in 1866. Two children were born on board ship on the voyage.

Dorothea Porath, the matriarch of the family must have died shortly after their arrival, likely in or near Grand Rapids, Wood, Wisconsin.  Ferdinand in the 1870 census there with his son August Friedrich Wilhelm Pribbernow and his family (August had come to America in 1863 and enlisted in the Wisconsin 3rd Cavalry Regiment during the American Civil War), but Dorothea is not with him.  My guess is that she died about 1868.  I need to go to Wood county and search the records for her death.


Erdmann died 3 Oct 1876 in Grand Rapids, Wisconsin and was buried in the St. John’s Lutheran Parish Cemetery.  There is no marker there for him.