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LDS Films To Order

Just a note to myself.


Mikrofilme aufgenommen von Manuskripten in Frankfurt (Main).

For films 351998-351999 Kein Verleih in Berlin und Brandenburg, Deutschland. No circulation to family history centers in Berlin or Brandenburg, Germany. For films 352000-352001 Kein Verleih in deutschen Genealogie-Forschungsstellen. No circulation to family history centers in Germany.

Parish register of baptisms, marriages, deaths, confirmations and communicants for See Buckow, Pommern, Germany; now Bukowo Morskie, Koszalin, Poland.


Film Notes

Note Location Film
Taufen 1658-1702 Heiraten 1657-1713 Tote 1656-1713 Taufen 1716-1723, 1729-1735, Taufen 1724-1728, 1736-1746 Konfirmationen 1713-1745 Heiraten 1713-1746 Tote 1713-1726, 1730-1746 Family History Library INTL Film 351998 Items 1-2
Taufen 1747-1750, 1759, 1751-1779 Konfirmationen 1746-1760 Taufen 1780 Konfirmationen 1762-1774 Communicanten 1766 Heiraten 1747-1779 Tote 1747-1781 Taufen 1781-1811 Konfirmationen 1782-1830 Heiraten 1838, 1782-1837 Tote 1781-1830 Family History Library INTL Film 351998 Items 3-4
Taufen 1811-1870 Tote 1857-1880 Taufen 1857-1859, 1865-1868 Heiraten 1857-1858 Family History Library INTL Film 351999
Taufen 1871-1908 Heiraten 1869-1957, 1914-1936 Taufen 1909-1957 Family History Library INTL Film 352000
Konfirmationen 1865-1957 Tote 1881-1958 Family History Library INTL Film 352001

LDS Films

One of the films I’ve ordered has arrived here in the Madison Family History Center:

Film 245492: Kirchenbuch – Evangelische Kirche Weißenhöhe (Kr. Wirsitz)

I’m hoping to find Schmidt family members on that film (although it’s a long shot).

I also ordered this film today:

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Genealogical Department. Roggow, Brandenburg, Prussia births or christenings (1622-1767) : A thru Z. Salt Lake City, Utah : Filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah, 1978. 1 reel of microfilm. Alphabetically arranged parish register extracts for Roggow B (Kr. Regenwalde), Pomerania (not Brandenburg as stated in title), Prussia, Germany; now, Rogówko (Łobez), Szczecin, Poland. Extracted from film 905037 item 4. Batch # C99880-1.

Which may have Kamrath family members on it.  They were from Roggow, Pomerania… the question is whether this is the right one or if anyone we recognize will be in there.

LDS Films

With Jeannie Halversen and Jörg Schrick’s help I have gotten signed up to be able to order LDS (The Church of Latter Day Saints) films and have them sent to Madison for viewing.  I’ve ordered one for the town where Wilhelm Schmidt was born in Posen, Prussia, and another that covers the same territory is already at the Madison LDS center for viewing:

1 Record for Film 245506:

Kirchenbuch – Evangelische Kirche Wirsitz (KrSt. Wirsitz)

Other films I’ll need to order eventually:

Evangelische Kirche Wirsitz (KrSt. Wirsitz)
245506 Tauf-Index 1820-1917; Toten-Index 1820-1937
245507 Taufen 1797-1850, 1841-1861
245508 Taufen 1827-1840 Heiraten 1827-1841 Konfirmationen 1827-1840
245509 Taufen 1851-1874 Heiraten 1842-1871
Tote 1802-1874

Can’t wait to go check that out soon!

Schmidt Family – Posen Records

Jörg Schrick, my contact  from Bonn, Germany wrote me this morning with information about some LDS films that contain records from Posen, Prussia where the Schmidts lived:


Did you order LDS Film No. Europe 0245492 yet ?
I guess you did.

Do you think, that LDS also can offer these dates ?  I have no experience with LDS.

Oh, sorry, I just learnt you can order films from Wirsitz there. Did you ?

Evangelische Kirche Wirsitz (KrSt. Wirsitz)
245506  Tauf-Index 1820-1917; Toten-Index 1820-1937
245507  Taufen 1797-1850, 1841-1861
245508  Taufen 1827-1840 Heiraten 1827-1841 Konfirmationen 1827-1840
245509  Taufen 1851-1874 Heiraten 1842-1871
245510  Tote 1802-1874


LDS  is a great help and I just have found out, that a Mormon church exists in Bonn where I live. I didn’t know it before.

I have no experience with ordering LDS microfilm, so I’m going to ask Jeannie Halversen about this.  I believe she has experience with doing that.