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LDS Films

One of the films I’ve ordered has arrived here in the Madison Family History Center:

Film 245492: Kirchenbuch – Evangelische Kirche Weißenhöhe (Kr. Wirsitz)

I’m hoping to find Schmidt family members on that film (although it’s a long shot).

I also ordered this film today:

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Genealogical Department. Roggow, Brandenburg, Prussia births or christenings (1622-1767) : A thru Z. Salt Lake City, Utah : Filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah, 1978. 1 reel of microfilm. Alphabetically arranged parish register extracts for Roggow B (Kr. Regenwalde), Pomerania (not Brandenburg as stated in title), Prussia, Germany; now, Rogówko (Łobez), Szczecin, Poland. Extracted from film 905037 item 4. Batch # C99880-1.

Which may have Kamrath family members on it.  They were from Roggow, Pomerania… the question is whether this is the right one or if anyone we recognize will be in there.

Prussian Origins – Next Steps

Jörg Schrick sent me an email this morning:

Kahlen, Kohlen, Calem…..or Wandau, Wanden, Wansen….  that all are guesses, speculations, you need to know exact places of birth and marriage to find anything.

I agree with him  Perhaps the only way to be sure (unless someone has a box with documents from the old country) is to find the family in Prussia before they left.
  • The Zierkes arrived in 1865.
  • The Schulz siblings (Wilhlemline and Martin) came in 1866.
  • The Strehlow family came in 1868.
  • Heinrich Krueger got here in 1881 or 1882, his brother Carl in 1883.
  • The parents Wilhelm and Caroline Krueger came in 1883.
  • The Kamraths came in 1885.
  • Wilhelm Schmidt came in 1885 and his mother and five sisters in 1892.

So I think that about 1860 and 1870 are the best times to look for them.

In 1860 the ages would have been:
Friedrich Zierke Sr.    54
Dorothea Hardow Zierke  46
Friedrich Zierke Jr.    25
Anna Rosina Zierke      14

Martin Schulz           19
Wilhelmine Schulz       13
In 1870 the ages would have been:
Wilhelm Krueger                      35
Caroline Hoge Krueger                34
Heinrich Krueger                     13
Carl Krueger                          6

Ferdinand Strehlow                   40
Wilhelmine Schweitz/Schuriz Strehlow 40
Bertha Strehlow                       8
Hermann Strehlow                      5

Carl Kamrath                         38
Henriete Prinow Sense Kamrath        28
Bertha Kamrath                        6
August Kamrath                        5
Helene Kamrath                        4
Anne Kamrath                          2
Emma Kamrath                          0

Friedrich Schmidt                     Unknown
Wilhelmine Winkelmann Schmidt	      32
Carl Ernst Wilhelm Schmidt             8
Alvine Schmidt                         4
Amelie Schmidt                         1
So now I guess the best thing is to look for census records for the “Candidate Towns” and try to find them.

Kamrath Family Origins

According to their marriage record, my 4x great-grandfather Carl Friedrich Ferdinand Kamrath (6 Mar 1831 – 4 Jan 1900) married Wilhelmine Henriette Sophie Pribbernow (b 1834) on 20 Nov 1857 in the town of Plathe, Kreis Regenwalde, Pommern, Prussia.  It is called Ploty, Poland today.  Henriette’s father was listed on that record as Erdmann Friedrich Pribbernow from the town of Meesow [Mieszewo, Poland today].  Plathe and Meesow can be seen on this map of Pommern.  Plathe is near the top and Meesow is at the very bottom:


According to several documents, Carl and Henriette then settled in the town of Hoffelde, Kries Regenwalde, Pommern, Prussia.  It was a very small town on the Ückeley River (Ukleja in Polish) about 0.6 miles (1 km) West of Roggow A (in the map above).  Hoffelde is called Dargomyśl, Poland today.

Carl and Henriette had at least three children, Auguste who was born on 8 Jan 1858, Otto Julius Hermann Kamrath who was born 9 Jul 1859, and my great-great-grandmother Bertha Auguste Wilhelmine Kamrath who was born on 3 Aug 1864.  All three children were born in Hoffelde.  Shortly after that Henriette must have died, because Carl remarried to a woman named Auguste Henriette Sense around 1865, and they had at least five more children: Helene (1866), Anne (1868), Emma (1870), Carl (1875), and Ida (1878).  These children were also born in the town of Hoffelde in Kries Regenwalde.

Auguste left for America at some point early in 1883 and she married Simon Wimmer, a Bavarian, in Grand Rapids, Wisconsin on 4 June of that year.

The next record we have from the family comes from 1883 when two of the Kamrath daughters, Helene and Anne, came to America aboard the SS Bohemia.  They departed Hamburg, Germany on 14 Oct 1883 and arrived in New York on 29 Oct 1883.

SS Bohemia

SS Bohemia

Their place of residence on the German passenger list says “Roggow, Pommern”:

There are three towns called “Roggow” in Pommern, but the family was from “Roggow A”, a town that is less than 2.5 miles from Meesow where Carl Kamrath’s first wife Henriette Pribbernow was from.  As stated above, they were actually living in nearby Hoffelde, a town so small that it’s not even on the detailed map of Prussia I own.

Roggow and Meesow

Roggow and Meesow

Roggow is called “Rogowo, Poland” today.

The rest of the Kamrath family left from the port of Hamburg, Germany about a year and a half later on May 3, 1885 aboard the “SS Hammonia”. The family was father Carl Kamrath, mother Auguste Henriette Sense Kamrath, their daughter Bertha Kamrath (my 2nd great grandmother), and Bertha’s siblings Emma, Ida and Carl. They arrived in New York harbor at 4:00am on 14 May 1885.

This is a picture of the ship they were on:

The SS Hammonia

The German passenger list for their voyage says that the family’s city of origin is “Wausau, Pommern”, but Wausau was their destination.  Some kind of clerical mix-up there.

Kamrath Family on the “SS Hammonia”, departure from Hamburg.

Son Hermann Kamrath had moved to Berlin, Germany by this point, and his marriage record from 9 Jul 1885 indicates that his father is was a resident of Wisconsin in America.  Hermann and his wife Helene Zielinski lived in the town of Schöneberg (a part of Berlin) from 1885 until their deaths.  Hermann died in 1943 and his wife died in 1941.

Emma Kamrath Daughters (cont)

Lisa Machan got back to me tonight regarding Emma Kamrath’s daughter Hulda Irene Eva Oelke.  I had asked her to ask her grandmother Loris if “Irene” had married Otto Frederick Carl Passow.  Indeed she had, so I was able to get a few more records for her including her death record.  Irene had several children, so we might perhaps be able to find a living relative there.  They seemed to be in the Wausau area (of course). 🙂

She also told me that the “dress up” photo with the Oelke girls was taken in Bertha Kamrath Krueger’s living room.  Very exciting!