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Diary Entry – John Eleazer Fairbanks (1793-1860)

I’m reading the diary of my 4x great-grandfather John Eleazer Fairbanks, which is quite entertaining.  I thought I’d just post a paragraph that amused me this morning.

John Eleazer Fairbanks

John Eleazer Fairbanks

My grandfather, 23 years old at the time, was traveling by ship and stage-coach down the coast from Halifax, Nova Scotia, through Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.  He had, at this point, arrived in Boston and had spent several days seeing the sights and meeting with many friends and business relations:

Monday, 8 Jul 1816

Met Mr. Faucet who accompanied us to a manufacture of window glass which they make here.  It is said equal in goodness and cheaper than the English.  The proprietors have three glass houses in this Country, two for window and the other for tumblers, etc., which prove very lucrative.  The young man who attended us was very obliging in explaining to us the whole process.  The workmen are English and Germans, and the material sand and pot ash.  The heat of the furnaces is very great but the workmen do not seem to mind it, being so much accustomed to it.  Returned to the Coffee House and had the pleasure of Mr. Stern’s company to dinner after which we once more visited Mr. Scott.

Mr. Faucet then accompanied me to Mr. Townshend’s office who gave me a writ to apprehend Arthur Savory, a young man who had left Halifax and was indebted to me eight pounds.  I had it immediately and the rascal had the consummate impertinence to deny that he ever was endebted to me one farthing and that he never had purchased anything of me.  However, I left him in the hands of a good rugged constable.  He is a disgrace to his connexions and will, no doubt, be hanged one of these days.