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DNA Matches and the Thomas Line

I have written extensively about my Thomas family line in the past.  Specifically about the extensive (although not conclusive) evidence that my 4x great-grandfather James S. Thomas (1782-1868) was the son of Revolutionary War veteran Beriah Thomas (1742-1846) and his wife Elizabeth Hutchinson.  The link between James and Beriah has never been entirely confirmed, but I was about 95% certain that Beriah Thomas was the father of James.

Beyond that, I had some evidence (mostly circumstantial) that Beriah’s parents were John Thomas and Abigail Griffin, mostly because they were the only Thomas family listed in the records for Simsbury, Connecticut, where Beriah himself said that he was born (per his paperwork to obtain a pension for his Revolutionary War service).

Today a new DNA match on Ancestry DNA showed up linking my father’s line to Abigail Griffin’s line, which is a pretty important bit of evidence that the parentage of James and Beriah is indeed what I had thought.  The link shows that I’m potentially related to this descendant of Sgt. John Griffin through Abigail Griffin’s aunt Mary Griffin:


It’s possible, of course, that our common DNA match is not this line (we could be related in some other way), but it’s unlikely.

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of questions left to answer: Who were the parents of John Thomas?  Who were the parents of Beriah’s wife Elizabeth Hutchinson (1743-1814)?  But at least this is a compelling bit of evidence that John Thomas and Abigail Griffin were, in fact, the ancestors of James S. Thomas.