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LDS Films

With Jeannie Halversen and Jörg Schrick’s help I have gotten signed up to be able to order LDS (The Church of Latter Day Saints) films and have them sent to Madison for viewing.  I’ve ordered one for the town where Wilhelm Schmidt was born in Posen, Prussia, and another that covers the same territory is already at the Madison LDS center for viewing:

1 Record for Film 245506:

Kirchenbuch – Evangelische Kirche Wirsitz (KrSt. Wirsitz)

Other films I’ll need to order eventually:

Evangelische Kirche Wirsitz (KrSt. Wirsitz)
245506 Tauf-Index 1820-1917; Toten-Index 1820-1937
245507 Taufen 1797-1850, 1841-1861
245508 Taufen 1827-1840 Heiraten 1827-1841 Konfirmationen 1827-1840
245509 Taufen 1851-1874 Heiraten 1842-1871
Tote 1802-1874

Can’t wait to go check that out soon!

McWhirter Records

Jeannie Halversen has very generously shared with me several items from the McWhirter family including some Civil War records for brothers Samuel and James McWhirter (which include physical descriptions!), an obit for Agnes McCurn Spillings, an obit and some “realia” for Harry McWhirter Barrett (including some entertaining materials from his teaching days, and a newspaper article on his career as a leading educator).

All of this will be going up on the tree, or is already there.

McWhirter Gravestones

Jeannie Halversen sent along a few new McWhirter gravestones that she photographed in Mead Hill Cemetery, Holland, Orleans, Vermont.  I’ll be putting those on the tree tomorrow, most likely.

Samuel McWhirter (1836-1874)

his wife Almira Blake (1827-1871)

and David McWhirter, whose grave is located in Middlebury Cemetery, Middlebury, Addison, Vermont.

McWhirter Family – Margaret McWhirter and Archibald Stewart

Jeannie Halversen has sent me some information in a file format I can read into Family Tree Maker.

I’ve found more information on Margaret McWhirter and Archibald Stewart’s daughter Mary Jane and her descendants since I sent that. I’ll send that information to you when I get home.

I have yet to incorporate this into the main tree.

She also sent me several gravestones which she found in the Evergreen Cemetery in Rutland, Vermont:

  • Archibald Stewart
  • Gertrude Stewart
  • Lillian Stewart Pierce
  • Margaret Stewart Start