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Schmidt Family – Posen Records

Jörg Schrick, my contact  from Bonn, Germany wrote me this morning with information about some LDS films that contain records from Posen, Prussia where the Schmidts lived:


Did you order LDS Film No. Europe 0245492 yet ?
I guess you did.

Do you think, that LDS also can offer these dates ?  I have no experience with LDS.

Oh, sorry, I just learnt you can order films from Wirsitz there. Did you ?

Evangelische Kirche Wirsitz (KrSt. Wirsitz)
245506  Tauf-Index 1820-1917; Toten-Index 1820-1937
245507  Taufen 1797-1850, 1841-1861
245508  Taufen 1827-1840 Heiraten 1827-1841 Konfirmationen 1827-1840
245509  Taufen 1851-1874 Heiraten 1842-1871
245510  Tote 1802-1874


LDS  is a great help and I just have found out, that a Mormon church exists in Bonn where I live. I didn’t know it before.

I have no experience with ordering LDS microfilm, so I’m going to ask Jeannie Halversen about this.  I believe she has experience with doing that.

Schmidt Family – Online Berlin Evangelical Records

I have received an email from a man named Engelbart Rolf from a website that has church records from Posen.  He was letting me know that the Zierkes actually didn’t live in Posen (Jastrowie is in West Prussia, just over the border from Posen).  I have written him back asking about the Schmidts who lived in Gornitz and Wirsitz.

Evangelisches Zentralarchiv in Berlin Kirchenbuchstelle

Rolf Engelbart

Bethaniendamm 29, 10997 Berlin
Tel. 030 / 22 50 45 34
Fax 030 / 22 50 45 40
eMail: rolf.engelbart@ezab.de
Internet: http://www.ezab.de