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Emma Kamrath Daughters (cont)

Lisa Machan got back to me tonight regarding Emma Kamrath’s daughter Hulda Irene Eva Oelke.  I had asked her to ask her grandmother Loris if “Irene” had married Otto Frederick Carl Passow.  Indeed she had, so I was able to get a few more records for her including her death record.  Irene had several children, so we might perhaps be able to find a living relative there.  They seemed to be in the Wausau area (of course). 🙂

She also told me that the “dress up” photo with the Oelke girls was taken in Bertha Kamrath Krueger’s living room.  Very exciting!

Krueger Family – The “Lost Children” of Henry and Bertha Krueger (Pt 2)

Update from Lisa today:

I talked to Patty at Pine Grove Cemetery and she said that the records indicate that there are 3 babies buried on the Krueger lot, but they don’t have any names on record. She said that the graves themselves may not have names…perhaps the inscription is as simple as ‘baby Krueger,’ but there may be a year. Although something crazy like a road over existing graves could have happened in 40 years, she thinks they may be buried completely under the cemetery lawn. I am planning to be in Wausau this summer, though if you are up there, you may want to go earlier after it thaws. She said that when we go, to come to the cemetery office first and they will send a crew out with us to dig under the lawn and see if we can’t find the graves.