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Martin Schulz and Family

I posted on Ancestry.com hoping to find more information about Martin Schulz.  He was the brother of Wilhelmine Schulz, who married Friedrich Zierke, and was Ottelia Zierke (my great-great grandmother)’s mother. So Martin Schulz is my 3rd Great Grand Uncle. I had done quite a bit of research on Martin and his family in Elgin, Minnesota. I even found today that Martin seems to have worked for a time in Green Lake County, Wisconsin just down the road from Princeton, Wisconsin where that whole other “clan” of Zierkes lives. Gary Zierke and I have been trying to find a link between the Princeton Zierkes and the Harris Ziekes, so far to no avail. Finding that Martin worked there only makes me that much more sure there is a link to be found. Today I also found a death record for Martin saying that he died on 11 Jan 1929. With a death date you can look for an obituary, so that’s what I decided to do.

My hope was that by finding out enough about Martin I might be able to find either his parents (and by extension Wilhelmine Schulz Zierke’s parents) or the city the Schulz family came from in Prussia. To that end, I posted this message:

My ancestor Martin Schultz died, I believe, in Elgin, Wabash, Minnesota on 11 January 1929 after living in Elgin since at least 1880. I’m hoping to find an obituary for him that might mention his parents or place of birth. He had at least two sons, Gustav and Wilhelm, and was married to a Minnie (Mina) Muckleberg, who had a son by a previous marriage.  Does anyone know if Wabash county has a historical society or other entity which might have newspapers from that era that could contain an obit?  Thanks for any info.
The response I got certainly hit the jackpot!

Martin Schulz belonged to Trinity Lutheran here in Elgin & is buried in the Elgin Cemetery. He was born Feb 10 1841 Jankendorf, Kreis Kolmar, Posen Germany,  Parents were Martin Schultz & Anna Keul Schultz.  He died Jan 11 1929, buried Jan 14 1929.  Cause of death pneumonia.

Ron Manzow runs the history center in Plainview, MN.  He has the news papers that carries Elgin in the Plainview News obits 1879-2003. He may still have this email addie rmanzow at isd2899.k12.mn.us.  If it doesn’t work here is the Plainview History Center’s link: http://www.museumsofmn.com/plainview-area-history-center.htm

Gustave Rudolf Adolf Schultz, Born: 1871 Died: 31 Mar 1919, aged 47yrs 6mos 23 days. Buried: 2 Apr 1919 in Elgin Cemetery.

Wilhelm Emil Schultz b. 9 Aug 1872,  d. 18 June 1932.  Buried 21 Jun 1932 in Elgin Cemetery.  Cause of death: suicide.

Fernadina Wilhelmine Schultz b. 14 Apr 1877 d. 19 Sep 1947.  Buried 29 1947 in Elgin Cemetery.  Parents: Frederick Ballewski & Wilhelmine Joede.  Cause of death: heart trouble.
Wilhelmine Christine Schulz b.1835 d.1911 Elgin Cemetery.  Death was not recorded in church book, all are buried in same lot.  I checked Plainviews Immanual Lutheran-she wasn’t in the death records, so that must mean the Potsdam Emmanuel or Bremen Trinity, which I can not help with.
Hope this helps, Cathy Walters

Among the pile of great data here is the fact that the Schulz family comes from “Jankendorf, Kreis Kolmar, Posen”, which is Sokołowo Budzyńskie, Wielkopolskie, Poland.  This town is not far from where my Schmidt ancestors lived.