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Thomas Family Photos

About six years ago my dad came to see me and, for some reason, brought a big pile of old family photos.  I was curious about them, but not curious enough.  We went through them, then he brought them back home.  Since then he hasn’t been able to find them.  I remembered that I took digital photos of some of the more interesting photos he brought, so I went back in my archives and found them.  There are only four, but they all are pretty great.

One is of my great-great grandfather John Forrest (who was a clergyman and later president of Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada) in his academic robes looking very serious.  It was probably taken in about 1910.

One is of my father, and is his high school senior yearbook photo.  He looks strikingly handsome and serious.  His hair is so great!

There are two others that are so far unidentified.  I’ve sent my dad an email asking about them.  One is a fantastic portrait of a man in a tie with a jeweled horse-shoe tie pin.  He looks very like a Thomas to me, and judging by his age and the age of the photo, I’m thinking 2nd great-grandparent-ish in age.  Not sure who it could be apart from perhaps a Clifford or a Cairns, though, so it could just as likely be a Thomas great-uncle of some kind.  There were plenty of those.  He does look a lot like my dad, though.

Update: This is my great-grandfather John Prescott Forrest, who was Lulu Cairns’s first (of four) husbands.  He’s my dad’s grandfather, hence the resemblance.  Family legend has it that Lulu drove him to drink by cheating on him with other men, then divorced him for drinking too much.

The last photo is kind of exciting, although it’s the worst of the four in terms of how the photo of the photo turned out.  It appears to be a very old photograph of a very old woman.  I’d say the photo looks to be around 1910 and the woman appears to be at least 70 in the photograph, so someone born about 1840.  She’s wearing a long black dress (aren’t they all?) with rosary-beads or a necklace of a similar style around her neck.  She’s standing outside of a home in the sunshine somewhere.  We’ll see what my father says about it.

Update:  This is apparently Annie E. Prescott Duff, who was the wife of John Forrest (he of the academic robes above).  She was born in 1847, so I wasn’t far off.