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Dottie Marshall

Dottie Marshall is the daughter of my grand-aunt Betty Forrest (1918-1988).  Betty and my grandmother Mildred Jean Forrest Thomas (1915-2006) were sisters.  Several people I’ve talked to on the Thomas side of the family have told me Dottie is the best source for information on the Forrest family.  Today I was looking for her children “Erin” and “Colin” and finally found them both.  I had been having a hard time because it’s actually “Ayrn” and “Collin”.  Once I had their birth records and knew their birthdates, the rest was easy.  I actually found Aryn on Facebook and sent her a message.  Then I wondered if her brother might be one of her FB friends, and sure enough he was… but so was their mother Dottie!

I’ve sent her an email and am hoping to hear from her soon.  This could be a great source for Forrest family information!  As always… very exciting.

Dottie Marshall. Taken Easter Sunday, 17 Apr 1960. From the archives of Mildred Jean Forrest Thomas.