Krüger Family Records – Zirkwitz, Kreis Greifenberg, Pommern, Prussia (1834-1838)

Evangelische Kirche
Zirkwitz, Kreis Greifenberg, Pommern, Prussia
Taufen, Heiraten, Tote 1834-1838
Towns: Babin, Gedde, Kahlen, Küssin, Moitszow, Muddlemow. Parpart, Tressin, Schwenz, Zirkwitz, and others.
Baptisms – 1834

Nr. 3. Kahlen. To Friedrich Kuphal (Kufahl), and Caroline Krüger, a daughter Hanna Charlotte Henriette Kuphal, born 11 Jan 1834 and baptized 12 Jan 1834. Godparents: Johann Gottlieb Krüger, budner in Brendemühl, Anna Kuphal wife of Böttcher in Stuchow, Charlotte Friedrich Böttcher, dinstknechet in Kahlen.

Nr. 4. Kahlen. To Martin Buntrock and Engel Bruss, a daughter Wilhelmine Caroline Friedricke Buntrock, born 9 Feb 1834 and baptized 16 Feb 1834. Godparents: Johann Wilhelm Gauger, bauer from Zitzmar, Charlotte Maria Buss, bauer’s wife from Gross Horst, Dorothea Elisabeth Bruss wife of Bratz from Kahlen.

Nr. 42. Küssin. To Wilhelm Gottlob Hoge, budner, and Johanna Louise Tieges, a son Ferdinand Gottlob Hoge, born 6 Aug 1834, baptized 10 Aug 1834. Godparents: Johann Ruhnke, einwohner in Gross Zapplin, Jacob Stühr bauer in Küssin, Dorothy Behl, married toTiegs of Schleffin.

Nr. 49. Parpart. To Peter Segebartz, einwohner, and Friedricke Hannemann, a daughter Hanna Wilhelmine Caroline Segebartz, born 6 Sept 1834 and baptized 14 Sept 1834. Godparents: Ludwig Gauger, dinstknecht in Parpart, Caroline Brockhuss, schneidemeister’s daughter, Wilhelmine Krüger, schäfer’s daughter.

Nr. 64. Küssin. To Jacob Stubs, bauer, and Catherine Broitzmann, a daughter Maria Louise Albertine Stubs, born 17 Nov 1834 and baptized 23 Nov 1834. Godparents: Joachim Gottfried Böhlke, schullehrer in Küssin, Anna Maria Tiegs, wife of Hoge from Küssin, and Engel Lüdtke, wife of Bruss from Küssin.

Deaths – 1834


Marriages – 1834


Confirmations – 1834


Baptisms – 1835 – p17

Nr. 44. Muddlemow. To Carl Krüger and Marie Louise Genz, a son August Friedrich Wilhelm Krüger, born 8 Oct 1835 and baptized 11 Oct 1835. Godparents: David Maass, einwohner in Eiersberg (Kreis Greifenberg), Johann Wilcke of Mittelhagen (Kreis Greifenberg) and Friedricke Louise Neumann, einwohner’s daughter from Gross-Justin.

Nr. 54. Parpart. To Carl Gottfried Kurth, schäfer and Caroline Sophie Hoppe, a son Hermann Friedrich Gottfried Kurth, born 4 Nov 1835 and baptized 22 Nov 1835. Godparents: Carl Gottfried Buth, ?knecht from Neuhoff, Friedricke Wilhelmine Krüger, schäfer’s daughter from Kahlen, Friedricke Schleien, wife of Hoppe from Klein-Zapplin.

Deaths – 1835 – p23


Marriages – 1835 – p24


Confirmations – 1835 – p25


Baptisms – 1836 – p 26

Nr. 26. To Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Hackbarth kusgü? in Klein-Zappelin and Augustine Henriette Ebert, a son Johann Ferdinand Gottlieb Hackbarth, born 8 Jun 1836 and baptized 26 Jun 1836. Godparents: Carl Gottlieb Will, ackerburger in Cammin, August Ferdinand Krüger, kunstverber? in Plathe, Johanna Wilhelmine Ebert, dinstmädchen in Schwirsen.

Nr. 40. To the unmarried woman Louise Zimdars, einwohner’s daughter from Muddlemow, a daughter Wilhelmine Ernestine Zimdars, born 5 Sept 1836 and baptized 11 Sept 1836. Godparents: Wilhelm Krüger, knecht in Gützelfitz (Kreis Greifenberg), Wilhelmine Zimdars, dinstmädchen in Bandekow, Sophia Behl, bauer’s daughter in Muddlemow.

Nr. 42. To Christian Gottlieb Beschenberg, schulehrer in Parpart, and Caroline Sophia Buth, a daughter Auguste Wilhelmine Friedricke Beschenberg, born 15 Sept 1836 and baptized 25 Sept 1836. Godparents: Peter Ulhof, muller in Parpart, Dorothea Wilhelmine Krüger, wife of Tecsh in Stuchow, Dorothe Friericke Lubcke wife of Hass in Parpart.

Nr. 47. To Johann Friedrich Moller, einwohner in Gross-Moitzow, and Dorothea Sophia Conradt (Kamrath), a son Heinrich Friedrich August Moller, born 6 Oct 1836 and baptized 16 Oct 1826. Godparents: Gottlieb Zimdars, einwohner’s son in Gross Moitzow, August Besch, schäfer’s son in that place (Gross Moitzow), Louise Conradt (Kamrath), dinstmadchen in Moitzow.

Nr. 48. To Johann Buntrock, tischler in Kahlen, and Wilhelmine Dorothea Bartelt, a son Wilhelm Bernholdt Friedrich Buntrock, born 9 Oct 1836 and baptized 23 Oct 1836. Godparents: Wilhelm Bogenschneider, schullehrer in Dansig?, Wilhelm Friedrich Theodor Bartelt, schmidt’s son from Schwirsen, Dorothea Bartelt, wife of Roeder?.

Deaths – 1836 – p36


Marriages – 1836 – p41

Nr. 8. Zitzmar. Marriage of Christian Friedrich Gentz, dinstknecht in Kahlen, age 24, his parents give permission, not previously married, and Maria Elisabeth Krüger, age 26, father gives permission, not previously married, daughter of Michael Friedrich Krüger kossäth in Brendemühl, on 11 Nov 1836.

Nr. 10. Marriage of Peter Hoge, schneider in Tressin, age 31, his mother gives permission, not previouly married, and Engel Brandt, not previously married, the father gives permission, daughter of Martin Brandt, kossäth and alsitzer in Tressin, age 21 were married 18 Nov 1836.
Baptisms – 1837 – p44

Nr. 18. To Christian Friedrich Genz of Zitzmar & Marie Elisabeth Krüger, a son Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Genz, born 26 Mar 1837 and baptized 2 Apr 1837. Godparents: Martin Friedrich Genz, einwohner in Wefelow (Kreis Greifenberg), Johann Gottfried Wilhelm Genz, dinstknecht in Zitzmar, Caroline Louise Genz, einwohner’s daughter in Zitzmar.

Nr. 37. To Friedrich Steffen, bauer in Tressin, and Engel Wartgow, a daughter Wilhelmine Friedricke Steffen, born 6 Aug 1837 and baptized 13 Aug 1837. Godparents: Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Krein, schulz in Schmalentin, Maria Hoge, wife of Labs in Dadow (Kreis Greifenberg), Maria Koepke, wife of Lussin in Drosedow.

Deaths – 1837 – p51

Nr. 28. Death of Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Hoge, son of the schmidt Wilhelm Gottfried Hoge in Küssin, aged 7 years, 1 month, 15 days from Rotheln (German measles) on 21 May 1837. Burial on 25 May 1837. Leaves his parents.

Marriages – 1837 – p55

Nr. 3. Marriage of Johann Christian Krüger, knecht in Morgow (Kreis Cammin. west-southwest of Stuchow), age 34 (b 1803), his parents give permission, previously married, his former wife died 13 Feb 1837, And Maria Riebe, age 35 (b 1802), daughter of the einwohner Caspar Riebe from Parpart vorwork, not previously married, her parents give permission, on 30 Jun 1837.

Nr. 20. Cammin. Marriage of the siesige? schneidemeister Carl Heinrich Pankow, son of the deceased gärtner Christian Panckow from Dorphagen, age 33, the mother gives permission, not previously married, and Miss Wilhelmine Charlotte Krüger, age 19, daughter of the fräser schäfer Martin Friedrich Krüger from Carolinenhof (likely Karolinenhof, Kreis Regenwalde near Plathe), the father gives permission, not previously married on 10 Nov 1837. Marriage proclamations were issued in Zirkwitz. Note: This is the first of two marriages. See below.

Nr. 10. Marriage of Carl Heinrich Pankow, bürger and schneidemeister in Cammin, age 33, the father is deceased and the mother ??, not previously married, and Wilhelmine Charlotte Krüger, age 20 (b 1817), daughter of Martin Friedrich Krüger schäfer in Parpart, not previously married, the father gives permission, on 17 Nov 1837. Note: This is the second of two marriages, see above.

Nr. 12. Marriage of Carl Christian Friedrich Wilhelm Trapp, budner in Kahlen, age 25 (b 1812), not previously married, the father gives his permission, and Johanna Dorothea Friedricke Krüger, age 24 (b 1813), daughter of Martin Friedrich Krüger, shäfer in Parpart, not previously married, the father gives consent, on 15 Dec 1837.
Baptisms – 1838 – p 58

Nr. 4. To Carl Pommerening, schiffer in Parpart, and Engel Louise Zimdars, a daughter Louise Wilhelmine Tugendreich Pommerening, born 4 Jan 1838 and baptized 14 Jan 1838. Godparents: Johann Friedrich Pommerening, schneidegesell in Parpart, Engel Gauger, wife of Wegner in Parpart, Caroline Louiuse Conradt (Kamrath), dinstmädchen desalbst (in Parpart).

Nr. 10. To Johann Friedrich Bartelt, einwohner in Gross-Moitzow, and Charlotte Dreyer, a daughter Ernestine Friedricke Dorothea Bartelt, born 25 Jan 1838 and baptized 4 Feb 1838. Godparents: Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Schröder, knecht in Moitzow, Dorothea Maria Scheer, wife of Erdmann in Heid?, Sophia Ernestine Louise Dreyer, mädchen in Gross Zapplin.

Nr. 38. To Carl Christian Friedrich Wilhelm Trapp, budner in Kahlen and Hanna Dorothea Friedricke Krüger, a son Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm Trapp, born 24 Aug 1838 and baptized 2 Sept 1838. Godparents: Johann Friedrich Krüger, husmächer in Baldebus, Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Krüger, schullehrer in Kodram (Kreis Usedom-Wollin), Wilhelmine Maria Ernestine Trapp, budner’s daughter in Kahlen.

Nr. 41. To Carl Brendemuhl, einwohner in Tressin, and Louise Wangerin, a son August Friedrich Brendemuhl, born 2 Oct 1838 and baptized 2 Oct 1838. Godparents: Peter Hoge, schumacher in Tressin, August Laaterbach, knecht in Muddelmod, Caroline Marten, hirten’s daughter in Tressin.

Deaths – 1838 – p63

Nr. 18. Death of Engel Berg, widow of Hoge in Zirkwitz, age 63 years (b1775) , on 11 Apr 1838 from Auszehrung (consumption), burial on 14 Apr 1838. Leaves two children.

Marriages – 1838 – p66

Nr. 4 Marriage of Martin Gottfried Krüger, knecht in Gross-Moitzow, age 25 (b 1813), not previously married, the parents give permission, and Wilhlemine Friedricke Caroline Wetzel, age 22 (b 1816), daughter of Carl Wetzel, einwohner in Lensin, not previously married, the parents give consent, on 23 May 1838.


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