Zierke / Hadow / Schulz Records From Kreis Kolmar, Posen, Prussia

Recently a distant cousin of mine, Marlena Krzeminska, reached out to me to say that she had found some family records in the Polish archives among the records of the parish of Ujście (Usch, Kreis Kolmar, Posen, Prussia).  These are very exciting documents, and I’ll try to transcribe them and also put them in context below.


Map of Kreis Kolmar showing towns where the Zierke, Hadow, and Schulz families lived including Usch-Neudorf, Jablownowo, Fitzeri, Walkowitz, Podstolitz, and others.


Nowa Wieś (Usch-Neudorf, Kreis Kolmar). Baptism on 25 Jul 1813 of the child Marianna (Marie Anna) Dorothea Hadow, born 19 Jul 1813, daughter of Christophus (Christoph) Hadow and Anna Christine Cyrke (Zierke), godparents Gottlieb Reutz and Dorothea Wengerann.


Marie Anna Dorothea Hadow baptism, 1813.

My 4x great-grandmother, Marie Anna Dorothea “Dora” Hadow (19 Jul 1813-2 Mar 1901), would eventually marry Friedrich Zierke Sr. (1806 – ?) and come to America in 1865.  She died in Harris, Marquette, Wisconsin and is buried there.


Nr. 71. (Usch-) Neudorf. Baptism of Michael Hadow, son of Christoph Haudoh (Hadow) and Anna Christina Zyrke (Zierke), born 16 Aug 1821 and baptized 18 Aug 1821. Godparents: Michael Bepke Jr. and Elisabeth Christine Ruck.


Michael Hadow baptism, 1821.

Michael Hadow was the brother of the above-named Marie Anna Dorothea, and was my 5x-great-uncle.  He married Rosalie “Rosina” Floerke (1823-1910) about 1846 in Posen, and came to the US in 1881 aboard the “Ohio” with his wife, daughters Alwine, and Emilie, son-in-law Andreas Willegal, and granddaughter Agnes Willegal.  Michael and Rosina also had a son Johann Hadow (1848-1926) who came to Wisconsin separately in 1880.  Michael died in Harris, Marquette, Wisconsin on 9 Mar 1905.


Jablonowo (Kreis Kolmar). Baptism of Friedrich Zierke (Jr.), son of the legitimate marriage of Friedrich Zierke (Sr.) and his wife Anna Dorothea Hagendorf (Hadow), who was born 16 Dec 1835 and baptized 18 Dec 1835. Godparents: Martin Schulz Sr., and Anna Louise Dumke.


Friedrich Zierke baptism, 1835.

Friedrich Zierke (Jr.) was my 3x-great-grandfather.  He came to the US with his parents in 1865 aboard the “Neckar” and settled in Wisconsin, first in Waukesha, then in Harris.  He married Anna Wilhelmine “Minnie” Schulz (1846-1921) in 1867 and they had nine children, five of whom survived childhood, including my great-great-grandmother Ottilie Caroline Zierke (1869-1945).  They farmed the family farm in Harris (which is still in the family), and “Fred” passed away there on 12 Sept 1912 from complications after surgery for intestinal issues.  He’s buried in Montello City Cemetery.

One remarkable thing here is that the “Martin Schulz Sr.” listed here as his godparent would eventually become his father-in-law, as Martin was the father of his future wife Anna Wilhelmine Schulz!


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