Dalhousie University Class of 1913

I found this rather large, lovely photograph on eBay.  It wasn’t cheap, but I couldn’t overlook its historical significance.  Not to mention the fact that the man in the top center of the photograph with the large portrait is my great-great-grandfather John Forrest (1842-1920), former president of Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  The portrait was prepared by the Climo studio in Halifax.  The photo of my grandfather is similar to ones we already have, but not identical, so it is a new bit of information about him.

[The file is very large, but you can download it or view it in higher resolution by clicking on the image.]

Dalhousie University Class of 1913

Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia, Class of 1913

Some of the names are very faded, so I will post them here.  There are six rows (roughly horizontal), and I have marked the women with an asterix.

Top row: C.G. Smith, L.K. Smith, M. Ferguson, J.K Swanson Class President (center), G.D. Floyd, J.B. Carlson, G.H. Henderson.  2nd row: W.R. Auld, J.O. Irving, A.R. Yeoman, J.S. McDonald *, M.M. Currie *, M.L. Clayton *, L.C. MacKinley *, V.P. Cunningham *, M.W. Nicoll Vice President Class *, W.M. Billman, W.S. Irving, J.W. MacArthur.  3rd row: O.J. Morrison, D.A. Guildford, C.A. MacKay, M.I. MacIntosh *, N.L. Bronson Ph.D., J.A. Estey, Ph.D., John Forrest, D.D. Ex-President, D.S. McIntosh M.S., C.L. Moore M.A., C. Crowe *, W.A. MacQuarrie, R.F. Yeoman, A.H. MacKinnon.  4th row: T.F. McLellan, D.S. McCurdy, W.S. Irvine, H. Steeves *, C.D. Howe S.B., M.P. Jones Ph.D., E. MacKay Ph.D., J. Laird M.A., G.M. Sibley *, E.H. Milne, C.R. Hawkins, R.A. Clemen.  5th row: W.A. Grant, S.W. Gray, C.B. Henry, J. Fraser *, M. MacNeill M.A., H. Murray L.L.D., A.S. MacKenzie Ph.D. PRESIDENT, A. MacMechan Ph.D., R. Magill Ph.D., K. Morrison *, H.K. MacMahon, F.A. Heffler, J.R. Cornelius. Bottom row:  J.B. Dickie, F.D. Graham, N.E. MacKay, A.L.B. Umlah *, McI. McLeod, W.M. Nelson, R.C. Weldon Ph.D., H.A. Smith Class Secretary, L.B. Campbell, K.E. Allen *, G.M. Lewis, B.C. Salter, C.G. Sutherland.

A.S. MacKenzie

Dr. Arthur Stanley MacKenzie, Dalhousie President from 1911 to 1931.

Dalhousie Univ.

Dalhousie Univ.

Dr. John Forrest, D.D.

Dr. John Forrest, D.D.

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