New Records from Kreis Regenwald for Pribbernow Family

Recently, I hired a German researcher to search the “Landeskirchlichen Archiv der Nordkirche” in Greifswald, Germany for me.  I sent him a list of people and dates that I was interested in, and he returned from his trip with about 60 new records for my Kamrath and Pribbernow families.  I will post a summary of the Pribbernow Family records here, and have posted the Kamrath family records separately.  Both lines now go back much futher than before in Pomerania (Pommern) Prussia, and with much greater detail.  I have put the digitized images of all these records on my tree at

This map shows the various towns that are listed in these records, including:

Hoffelde (Dargomyśl), Meesow (Mieszewo), Schwerin (Zwierzynek), Roggow A (Rogowo), Voigtshagen (Wojtaszyce), Gross Raddow (Radowo Wielkie), Gross Benz (Bienice), Schöneu (Sienno Dolne), and others.

Kreis Regenwalde, Pommern, Prussia

Kreis Regenwalde, Pommern, Prussia

Friedrich Pribbernow Sr. (born about 1690) lived in Meesow, Kreis Regenwalde, Pommern, Prussia.

Children of Friedrich Pribbernow Sr. and Unknown wife were:

Friedrich Pribbernow Jr., born on 20 Mar 17 Aug. 1717 in Meesow, baptized on 17 Aug 1717. (Roggow A, 1717).

Erdmann Pribbernow (mentioned on another record).

Anna Sophia Elisabeth Pribbernow (mentioned on another record).

Marriage Record – Friedrich Pribbernow, farmhand in Meesow, married on 15 Jul 1745 Elisabeth Busse from Gross Benz.  (Roggow A, 1745).

Children of Friederich Pribbernow Jr. and Elisabeth Busse:

Michael Pribbernow, born on 13 Sep.1746 in Meesow, bapt. on 20 Sep. 1746.  Godparents: 1. Christoph Liermann, farmer in Weitenhagen.  2. Christian Busse, Dragoon from Gross Benz.  3. Anna Pribbernow, widow of Gregorius Cressen.  (Roggow A, 1746)

Christian Pribbernow, born on 8 Apr. 1848 in Meesow, bapt. on 12 Apr. 1848.  Godparents: 1. Christian Busse, musketeer in Roggow.  2. Erdman Pribbernow, father’s brother from Silligsdorf.  3. Anna Sophia Elisabeth Pribbernow, father’s sister.  (Roggow A, 1748)

Anna Sophia Pribbernow, born on 30 Jan. 1751 in Meesow, bapt. on 4 Feb.1751.  Godparents: 1. Anna Sophia Busse, wife of farmer Friedrich Busse from Meesow.  2. Anna Maria Prübbenow, maidservant in Zachow, father’s brother’s daughter.  3. Bernhard Thöln, Danile Thöln’s son from Roggow.  (Roggow A, 1751)

Friedrich Pribbernow, born on 30 Jan 1754 in Meesow, bapt. on 30 Jan 1754. Godparents: 1. Gregorius Pribnow from Sand Schoeneu.  2. Christoph Liermann, farmhand in Weitenhagen.  3. Marie Busse, maidservant.  (Roggow A, 1/1754)

Christian Pribbernow, born on 15 May 1755 in Meesow, bapt. on 15 May 1755. Godparents: 1. Ludwig Steffen, farmer in Meesow.  2. Christ. Busse, farmhand in Meesow.  3. Sophie Krueger, Meesow.  (Roggow A, 11/1755)

Death Record  – Friedrich Pribbernow, mayor and farmer in Meesow, age 72 years minus six months and six days, died on 11 Feb 1789 from old age and was buried on 14 Feb. 1789. (Roggow A, 1789).

Marriage Record – Michael Pribbernow, farmer in Meesow, oldest son of Friedrich Pribbernow, mayor in Meesow, married on 6 Sept 1767 Anne Marie Schmidt, oldest daughter of Michael Schmidt, mayor in Kramonsdorf.  (Roggow A, 2/1767)

Children of Michael Pribbernow and Anne Marie Schmidt:

Christian Friedrich Pribbernow, born on 1 Jan 1769 in Meesow, baptized on 6 Jan 1769. Godparents: 1. Christ. Grunow, tenant in Louisenhof.  2. Christoph Busse, farmhand in Meesow.  3. Sophie Schmidt, maidservant in Kramonsdorf.  (Roggow A, 1/1769).

Michael Pribbenow’s wife died abt 1778. Unfortunately, a death entry could not be located.

Marriage Record – Michael Pribbernow, farmer in Meesow, married on 24 Nov 1779 (Dorothea Sophia Busse) daughter of Christoph Busse, farmer in Meesow. (Roggow A, 2/1779).

Children of Michael Pribbernow and Dorothea Sophia Busse:

Dorothea Pribbernow, born on 18 May 1783 in Meesow, baptized on 22 May 1783. (Roggow A, 1783)

Brigitta Pribbernow, born on 19 Jan. 1785 in Meesow, baptized on 19 Jan. 1785.  Godparents: 1. Ann Marie Busse.  2. Brigitta Busse.  3. Friedrich Wienke, farmer in Meesow.  (Roggow A, 7/1785)  Dorothea died shortly after baptism.

Michael Pribbernow, born on 5 May 1786 in Meesow, baptized on 10 May 1786. Godparents: 1. Friedrich Pribbernow in Meesow.  2. Chr. Busse, farmhand.  3. Friedrich Busse’s wife from Schoeneu.  (Roggow A, 19/1786)

Death Record – The wife of Michael Pribbernow died in Meesow on 28 Jan 1788 aged 28 years.  (Roggow A, 1/1788)

Marriage Record – Michael Pribbernow, farmer and church warden in Meesow, married Brigitta Busse on 12 Jun 1788. (Roggow A, 5/1788)

Children of Michael Pribbernow and Brigitte Busse:

Maria Elisabeth Pribbernow, born on 8 Oct 1790 in Meesow, baptized on 13 Oct 1790.  Godparents: 1. Louisa Liermann née Pribbernow from Weitenhagen.  2. Maria Peinschen from Zampelhagen.  3. Friedrich Buss, mayor in Schoeneu.  (Roggow A, 22/1790)

Johann Gottlieb Pribbernow, born on 5 May 1792 in Meesow, baptized on 9 May 1792.  Godparents: 1. Gottfried Steffen from Meesow.  2. Johann Pribbernow from Meesow.  3. The widow Plantickow.  (Roggow A, 9/1792)

Christoph Pribbernow, born on 7 Oct 1795 in Meesow, baptized on 13 Oct 1795.  Godparents: 1. Christian Wiencke, farmer in Meesow.  2. Christoph Buss from Meesow.  3. Sophia Pribbernow née Schmidt from Meesow.  (Roggow A, 21/1795)

Erdmann Friedrich Pribbernow, born on 21 Jul. 1797 in Meesow, bapt. on 23 Jul. 1797.  Godparents: 1. Michael Liermann, hussar from Mellen.  2. Friedrich Buss, dragoon from Meesow.  3. Dorothea Pribbernow née Ackermann.  (Roggow A, 29/1797)

Marriage record – Erdmann Friedrich Pribbernow, day-laborer in Meesow, married on 29 Nov 1827 Miss Dorothee Louise Porath in Altenfliess. (Altenfliess, 1/1827)

[Erdmann Pribbernow and Dorothea Porath came to America aboard the SS Hyram in 1866 and settled in the town of Grand Rapids, Wisconsin.]

Children of Erdmann Pribbernow and Louise Porath:

Carl Friedrich Pribbernow, born on 28 Jun 1828 in Altenfliess, baptized on 20 Jul. 1828. (Altenfliess, 1/1828)

[Carl Pribbernow came to America aboard the SS Hyram in 1866 with his wife and five children and settled in the town of Grant, Wisconsin.]

Christian Friedrich Wilhelm Pribbernow, born on 15 Feb. 1830 in Meesow, baptized on 28 Feb. 1830.  Godparents: 1. Christian Pribbernow, farmer in Meesow.  2. Christian Steffen, farmhand in Meesow.  3. Sophia Pribbernow wife of Joecks.  (Roggow A, 12/1830)

Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Pribbernow, born on 1 Jun.1832 in Meesow, bapt. on 24 Jun. 1832. Godparents: 1. Johann Lüskow, farmer in Altenflies.  2. Gottlieb Buss, daylaborer in Meesow.  3. Johann Steffen, joiner in Meesow.  4. Sophia Pribbernow, farmer daughter in Meesow.  5. Henriette Pribbernow, farmer daughter in Meesow.  (Roggow A, 29/1832)

Johann died on 5 Jul. 1832 in Meesow. (Roggow A, 18/1832)

Wilhelmina Henrietta Sophia Pribbernow, born on 10 Mar 1834 in Meesow, baptized on 31 Mar 1834. Godparents: 1. Maria Steffen wife of Schley from Meesow.  2. Louisa Pribbernow, maid in Roggow.  3. Sophia Grunenwaldt from Meesow.  4. Joachim Porath, farmer in Silligsdorf.  5. Ernst Joecks, daylaborer in Meesow.  (Roggow A, 13/1834)

August Friedrich Wilhelm Pribbernow, born on 25 Feb 1836 in Meesow, baptized on 20 Mar 1836.  Godparents: 1. Foreman Trojahn in Düpzow
2. tailor Johann Krüger in Daberkow.  3. Dorothea Sophia Friederike Taege wife of the farmer Pribbernow in Meesow.  (Roggow A, 17/1836)

[August Pribbernow came to America aboard the SS “John Bertram” in 1863, served in the Union Army, and settled in the town of Grand Rapids, Wisconsin.]

Unnamed Son Pribbernow, born on 10 Nov 1837 in Meesow. (Roggow A, 61/1837).  He died unbaptized on 1 Dec 1837 in Meesow.

Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Hermann Pribbernow, born on 7 Jun 1839 in Meesow, baptized on 23 Jun 1839.  Godparents: 1. Johann Pribbernow mill worker in Meesow.  2. The shoemaker Bell in Meesow.  3. Johann Grunenwaldt, farmhand in Meesow.  4. Dorothea Porath wife of the farmer Lüsckow in Altenfliess.  5. Friederica Barfknecht, maid in Meesow. (Roggow A, 29/1839)

Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm Pribbernow, born on 22 Aug 1841 in Meesow, baptized on 29 Aug 1841. Godparents: 1. The farmer Friedrich Pribbernow.  2. The farmer’s son Carl Pribbernow.  3. Charl. Ziegler wife of Christian Steffen, all from Meesow.  (Roggow A, 36/41)


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  • cathy walters

    Wow ! Are you going to talk how you found the genealogist, did they translated info & payment plan- so others can learn ? Are they going to do any in Posen, Germany ? The old phrase, if you ask-then you can’t afford, most likely would be me. But all can learn. I’m hoping some how the missing church records of Gramsdorf/Bukowiec some other ways to gain info of my families who lived across the bridge in Wischin Hauland,Kolmar. Thanks for all your postings & always eager to learn more!!!! Boy the basia group has posted more stuff, but so far they have avoided my area’s-visit them almost daily. I wouldn’t doubt at some time we came from this area 1600’s-early 1700’s. Fantastic find & hope your searches be as good as this was ! Cathy

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