New Records from Kreis Regenwald for Kamrath Family

Recently, I hired a German researcher to search the “Landeskirchlichen Archiv der Nordkirche” in Greifswald, Germany for me.  I sent him a list of people and dates that I was interested in, and he returned from his trip with about 60 new records for my Kamrath and Pribbernow families.  I will post a summary of the Kamrath Family records here, and post the Pribbernow family records separately.  Both lines now go back much futher than before in Pomerania (Pommern) Prussia, and with much greater detail.  I have put the digitized images of all these records on my tree at

This map shows the various towns that are listed in these records, including Hoffelde, Meesow, Schwerin, Roggow A, Voigtshagen, Gross Raddow, Gross Benz, Schöneu, and others.

Kreis Regenwalde, Pommern, Prussia

Kreis Regenwalde, Pommern, Prussia

[My 4x great-grandfather] Michael Friedrich Kamrath (born about 1800) wasn’t from Schwerin, Kreis Regenwalde, Pommern, Prussia, but his wife Louise Magedanz came from there.  Later he went to Meesow, and then to the town of Gross Raddow, whose parish records, unfortunately, were lost in the aftermath of WWII.  For this reason it is unlikely we will find his death record or that of his wife Dorothea Louise Magedanz.  Michael was listed at various points as a farmhand (1826), a local governor or mayor (1835) and a private tutor (1857).

1. Michael Friedrich Kamrath, farmhand in Schwerin, married Dorothea Louise Magedanz on 21 Nov 1826 in Schwerin.  (Schwerin, 4/1826).

The children of Michael Kamrath and Louise Magedanz were:

1.1. Augusta Albertine Kamrath, born on 20 Mar 1828 in Schwerin. (Schwerin, 3/1828).  She died on 15 Apr 1828 in Schwerin. (Schwerin, 9/1828)

1.2. Wilhelm Carl Michael Kamrath, born on 1 Apr 1829 in Schwerin, bapt. on 6 Apr 1829. (Schwerin, 3/1829)

1.3. Carl Friedrich Ferdinand Kamrath, born on 6 Mar 1831 in Schwerin. (Schwerin, 2/1831)

1.4. Bertha Emilie Augusta Kamrath, born on 23 Dec 1835 in Meesow, bapt. on 17 Jan 1836.  Godparents: 1. Louise Magedanz née Leddin from Schwerin.  2. Louise Trantow, Kuhpächter (cowherd’s) daughter from Meesow.  3. Friederica Kroll, Seiler (rope maker’s) daughter from Daber.  4. Ernst Klug, inspector from Meesow.  5. Gottlieb Hartwig, shepherd’s son from Meesow.  (Roggow A, 4/1836)

Marriage Record – Carl Friedrich Kamrath, stellmachermeister (master cartwright) in Plathe, age 26, son of Hofmeister (private tutor) Michael Friedrich Kamrath in Gross Roggow, married on 27 Mar 1857 in Hoffelde [Kreis Regenwalde, Pommern, Prussia] Wilhelmine Henriette Sophie Pribbernow, age 23, daughter of day-laborer Erdmann Friedrich Pribbernow in Meesow. (Roggow A, 5/1857)

Children of Carl Kamrath & Henriette Pribbernow were:

1.1.1. Auguste V Kamrath, born on 8 Jan 1858.

1.1.2. Otto Julius Hermann Kamrath, born on 9 Jul 1859.

1.1.3. Friedrich Albert Wilhelm Kamrath, born on 4 May 1861. He died on 12 May 1861 in Hoffelde, age 8 days, buried on 14 May 1861. (Roggow A, 17/1861)

1.1.4. Bertha Auguste Wilhelmine Kamrath, born on 3 Aug. 1864.

Death Record – Wilhelmine Henriette Sophie Pribbernow married to the cartwright Kamrath, born in 1834, died on 24 Feb 1865 in Hoffelde of colic, age 30 years, 11 months, 14 days, buried on 28 Feb 1865.  She left behind a widower and 3 children. (Roggow A, 4/1865).

Marriage Record – Carl Friedrich Kamrath, cartwright in Hoffelde, age 34, widower, married on 16 Jun 1865 in Hoffelde, Augusta Henrietta Wilhelmina Sense from Meesow, age 24, daughter of Christian August Sense in Vogtshagen. (Roggow A, 13/1865).

Children of Carl Kamrath & Henriette Sense were:

1.1.5. Therese Anna Wilhelmine, born on 12 Aug.1868 in Hoffelde, baptized on 6 Sept 1868. Godparents: 1. Krüger (pub-owner) Albert Leddin from Gross Raddow.  2. Miss Henriette Buss from Meesow.  3. Miss Ulrike Sense from Vogtshagen.  (Roggow A, 53/1868)

1.1.6. Albertine Emma Friederike, born on 5 Aug 1870 in Hoffelde, baptized on 28 Aug 1870. Godparents: 1. Albertine Dietrich née Hall from Hoffelde.  2. Inspector Friedrich Kamrath from Gross Raddow.  3. Friederike Kamrath née Giese from Gross Raddow.  (Roggow A, 50/1870)

[NOTE: The birth records of parish Roggow A between 1846 and 1866 were lost, so the birth records for Auguste, Hermann, and Bertha Kamrath were not located.  The records for Carl Kamrath Jr. (b 1875) and Ida Kamrath (b 1878) were searched for but not found in the Roggow A parish records.  Perhaps they were born elsewhere before the family moved back to Hoffelde/Roggow A where they were living in 1883 and 1885.]

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