Pribbernow Records – Plathe, Pommern, Prussia

Some records for the Pribbernow Family in the town of Plathe, Pommern, Prussia.  It is called Płoty, Poland today.  These may or may not be directly related to my Pribbernow family, but I thought I’d throw them up here just in case.

Death: 9 Jan 1848
Death of Ferdinand Christian Erdmann Pribbernow, son of the day-laborer Wilhelm Pribbernow, age 3 years (b 1845)

Birth: 9 Apr 1852
Baptism of Ernestine Emilie Wilhelmine Pribbernow, daughter of Christian Friedrich Ferdinand Probbernow (laborer) and Mathilde Eleanore Gertraud Fasbeck, baptized 12 Apr 1852.  Witnesses: Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Maetz, Charlotte Friedrike Emilie Schröder, wife of the laborere Wilhelm Roloff, Ernesting Henriette Strey, wife of the ?? August Kurth, all from Plathe.

Birth: 21 Nov 1855
Baptism of Carl Ferdinand Albert Pribbernow, son of Ferdinand Pribbernow and Mathilde Fasbeck, baptized 25 Nov 1855.  Witnesses: Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Burmeister, Friedrich Damitz, and Caroline Albertine Josephine Wilhelmine Hartmann wife of Carl August Hermann Burmeister, all from Plathe.

Birth: 9 Apr 1865
Baptism of Richard Carl Friedrich Nicolaus and Hermann Albert August Nicolaus, twin sons of Martin Friedrich Wilhelm Nicolaus and Marie Ernestine Wilhelmine Pribbernow.  Baptized 9 Apr 1865.  Witnesses: Wilhelm Nicolaus, Emilie Schröder wife of Franz Petermann from Plathe.  Carl Schuster, Friedrich Böttcher, Elisabeth Dahms wife of Gottlieb Böttcher from Neuenhagen.

Birth: 27 Oct 1871
Baptism of Anna Mathilde Auguste Bielke, daughter of Johann Otto Christian Bielke and Johanne Friedrike Ernestine Pribbernow.  Baptized 26 Nov 1871.  Witnesses: Johann Herman Lawronz from Heidebreck, Mathilde Caroline Wilhelmine Trieglaff from Breitenfelde, Julie Auguste Albertine Müller from Neuenhagen.

Birth: 11 Sept 1873
Baptism in Neuenhagen of Ida Auguste Wilhelmine Bielke, daughter of Johann Otto Christian Bielke and Johanne Friedrike Ernestine Pribbernow.  Baptized 28 Sept 1873.  Witnesses: Carl Bernhard Lebrecht Prahl of Neuenhagen.  Wilhelmine Johanne Radke wife of Carl Radloff of G? Mathwitz, Auguste Wilhelmine Albertine Marquardt from Neuenhagen.


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