Postcard From Bertha Schmidt – 1911

My cousin Kathryn Schultz sent me this postcard from her family history archives.  It was taken in August of 1911 at “Grandpa Little’s Cottage near Woodruff [Wisconsin]”.  That would be the cabin of my great-great-grand-uncle Pierre Petit (a/k/a Peter Little), and his wife Lena Schmidt Little.  The photo shows (from left to right): Helen A. Abraham (b 1904), Lena (Schmidt) Little (1875-1953), George Lincoln Abraham (1900-1937), Ernest “Ernie” Little (1901-1951), Elizabeth M. (Proue) Abraham (b 1874), and Adelphia L. Abraham (b1899).


The Abraham Family lived in Minocqua, Wisconsin and were neighbors of the Little family.  The father, George Wilson Abraham, was a blacksmith in Minocqua.  The two families can be found on the same page of the 1920 Census together.  The postcard seems, however, to be from Bertha Schmidt Schneider (Lena Schmidt Little’s youngest sister) to her son John Schneider at the family home in Schofield, Wisconsin.  John was 13 years old at the time.  The postcard also mentions John’s younger brother Harvey, who was 4, and his grandmother Wilhelmine Winkelmann, age 74, who was living with the Schneider family in Schofield.


Minocqua, August 24, 1911

To: Mr. John Schneider (1898-1972), Schofield, Wis.

Grandpa Little’s Cottage near Woodruff.  Helen Abraham, Grandma Little, Lincoln Abraham, Ernie Little, Mrs. Abraham, Adele “”.  Well, Johnnie, are you a good boy?  Is mother [Wilhelmine Winkelmann Schmidt] feeling better?  We got here at 10am.  We are going for a walk so will mail this postal.  Well, good by (sic).  My best of love  to you all.  Write me a letter.  Harvey [Schneider, 1907-1976] was to church this morning.  Bye.  Mama [Bertha Schmidt Schneider].

Bertha Schmidt, 1922

Bertha (Schmidt) Schneider, 1922

My cousin Kathryn adds a nice foot-note to this item:

“I recall meeting some of the Abrahams in the Minocqua area when I was a kid. They were really nice.  We went up to Minocqua at least once every summer to check on the graves of Peter, Lena, and Jenny [their child who died at 8 months of age].  The Abrahams kept an eye on the graves for us during the rest of the year and would often put flowers out on Memorial Day. “


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