More Vintage Portraits – Winooski, Vermont

I collect vintage portraits from certain towns where my ancestors lived.  One such town is Winooski, Vermont.  Here is another collection of portraits from Winooski, most taken in the 1880s and 1890s.

The first batch of Winooski Portraits can be found by clicking here.

[Click on any of the photos to enlarge or download them.]

As written about previously, this is the portrait of Emma Duell (1881-1942).

Emma Duel, c 1895

Emma Duel, c 1895

These next two early tintypes were also written about previously.  The first was marked “M. Campagnon” on the envelope.

MCompagnonTintypeWinooski_frame UnknownWomenTintypeWinooski_frame

This photo, marked “Grandpa Burnette”, is thought to be the portrait of Charles Francis Burnett, born 22 Jun 1817 in Canada, who married Nancy Muzzy.  Charles died in Stowe, Vermont on 24 Nov 1884.

“Grandpa Burnett”

An unknown couple.


A few drinking buddies.


Unknown family featuring a man with curly hair.


Child on a stool.


This one, featuring a little girl with flowers, was marked “Mrs. G. Mangeon” on the back.


“Mrs. G. Mangeon”

This next one is marked “Maud E. Wilson, Worchester, Vermont” on the back, and is the portrait of Mary Maud Estelle Wilson.  She was born in Worchester, Vermont on 24 Oct 1867, the daughter of John Roundtree Wilson and Estelle Arloa Copp.  Her father was a stage driver from Canada.  She is in the 1870 census for Montpelier, Vermont with her parents and her sister Isabella.  Maud married Charles Arthur Jones in 1894 and died in Montpelier on 15 Mar 1942.

Maud Mary Estelle Wilson

Maud Mary Estelle Wilson

Finally, a portrait marked “S. O. Tillotson”.  Stephen Oliver Tillotson was born in Vermont in 1834 and was married to Mariett Jane Doane.  They are in the 1860 and 1880 Census for Bakersfield, Vermont.  Stephen was a Civil War verteran who fought for the 8th and 13th Vermont Infantry Regiment.  He died in 1899 and is buried in Bakersfield.  He has an entry on where I have added his photo.

S. O. Tillotson

S. O. Tillotson


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