Non-Family Photos – Spear and Salls Family Portraits, Part II

Almost exactly a year ago, I purchased a group of photos on eBay that turned out to be the family of Alice L. Spear (1847-1928) from Burlington, VT (See the photos here).  In that group were photos of Alice, her uncle Hiram Salls, Harvey Lewis Salls (her first-cousin once removed), Raymond Wardwill Evans (her 2nd cousin once removed), and Mable C Morgan, who was related to Alice by marriage on both her mother’s and father’s side.

This week, I ended up purchasing a group of 10 photos on eBay with no knowledge that any of them were identified in any way.  I was told only that they were all from a single photo album and thus were likely related to each other.  When they arrived it turns out most of them had the names of the people written on the back, and they were all related to the Spear & Salls families!

The first photo is of Jane E “Jennie” Thayer  who married Sylvester Grant Salls.  Sylvester was the son of Hiram Salls from the previous batch of photos, and the Uncle of Harvey Salls, also from the previous batch.

"Jennie Thayer Salls" c1885

“Jennie Thayer Salls” c1885

Jane was born 5 Sept 1868 in Burlington, Vermont to Seymore Thayer and Betsy Mann.  She married Sylvester Grant Salls (1868-1954) twice, once on 5 Feb 1890 at the age of 21, and again on 15 Sept 1935 at the age of 67, after they had been divorced for a short time.  Jane and her husband had five daughters and a son, and ended up living in Essex Junction, Vermont in the 1940 Census… one year before my father was born there.  She died in Burlington on 16 May 1950.

This next photo is of Annette R. “Nettie” Morgan.

"Nettie R. Morgan Salls"

“Nettie R. Morgan Salls”

Annette Morgan (1861-1958) was the sister of Mable C. Morgan, whose portrait was in the first batch of photos I bought.  Annette was the daughter of Stephen Shaw Morgan and Rhoda Ann Bailey, and she was born in Colchester, Vermont on 5 Oct 1861.  She married Horace Roswell Salls (1863-1962), the son of Hiram Salls and Mary Caroline Beerwort.  Annette and Horace had two sons and three daughters.  She died in Burlington on 17 Jul 1958.

The next three photos are all of Maud Avis Spear, taken several years apart:

Maud A Spear 1888

Maud A Spear, 1888

Maud A Spear, 1892

Maud A Spear, 1892

Maud A Spear, 1898

Maud A Spear, 1898

Maud was born in July 1886 in Vermont to Wilbur Olin Spear and Avis Salls.  Hiram Salls from the first group of photos was her grandfather.  She had two brothers, Charles W Spear and Bert R Spear.  Maud’s mother died from “Puerperal Fever” (an infection of the reproductive tract after childbirth) right after Maud’s birth, and her father remarried a few years later to Lydia Alberta Salls, the younger sister of Avis.  Unfortunately, Maud died at the age of 15 on 23 Dec 1901 in Burlington.

If you look carefully at the first photo of Maud above you can see the piece of fabric on the chair where she is seated.  The photo was taken at the Continental Gallery studio at 100 Church Street in Burlington, Vermont.  It says “Maud A Spear, 17 months old”, which puts it in December, 1887.  These next two photos from the same photo album were taken in the same studio.  In fact you can see that both children are sitting on the exact same chair.  The first child (a boy, I believe) is wearing an almost identical gown to the one Maud is wearing above.


Bert or Charles Spear?


Bert or Charles Spear?

Based on the similarities between the three photos, I’m inclined to believe these are photos of Maud’s two brothers, Charles Wilbur Spear (1881-1974) and Bert Richard Spear (1884-1960).  Charles married Eva Maude Clute and had four children.  Burt married Bertha Golden and had a daughter with her, then married Alda Mae Ladue in 1941 at the age of 57.

The next three photos are not marked, but they are almost certainly from the same family.  The first woman bears a resemblance to Annette Morgan above.




The final photo is marked, but I cannot find a connection to the Speer or Salls family.  The back says “Rev. M.D. Jump”.  Rev. Jump had quite the award-winning mustache.

Rev Marvin Delos Jump, c1885

Rev Marvin Delos Jump, c1885

Rev. Jump actually only lived in Burlington, Vermont (where the photo was taken) between 1883 and 1887.  He was in Troy, New York and Bennington, Vermont prior to that, and had moved to Amsterdam, New York by 1887.  He was born in July 1845 in Schoharie County, New York to Ananias Jump and Esther Burnett, and married Martha A. France about 1868.  They had at least four children.  I have previously posted several photos I purchased of the Burnette Family and there is a reasonable chance the Reverend Jump was related to them.  I don’t know if Rev. Jump is related to the Salls and Spear families or if, perhaps, he was just their minister, so his photo ended up in their album along with the others.

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One response to “Non-Family Photos – Spear and Salls Family Portraits, Part II


    Hi. What a wonderful find. We have corresponded before, I am related to all of these folks. via, Stephen Morgan and Rhoda Bailey Spear. My Moses Spear (ever so Grand Uncle) married into the Salls family one married Lydia Salls , Aaron Spear married Louisa Salls and Wilbur Olin Spear married Lydia Alberta Salls, Wilbur is my 2nd cousin. Roxana Spear my 3rd great grand aunt , married Martin B. Thayer. Moses, Aaron and Roxana where siblings to my 2nd Gr.Grandfather Silas Spear. When I get everyone matched I will send info back to you. Best Regards.

    Betsy H. Beaulieu

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