Olson Family in 1801 Norway Census

This is one of the more remarkable documents I have found doing family history. It’s a census from 1801 in Norway. Keep in mind in the United States we didn’t get a real, itemized census until 1850. This particular document shows the families of the sons of Hans Nielsen and Ingebor Olsdatter, who were my 6x great grandparents. This document has my 4x great grandmother, two of my 5x great-grandparents, and two of my 6x great grandmothers in it.

The family is living on a farm called Tyggestad in Nærøy, Nord-Trøndelag, Norway. You can see Ingebor Olesdatter (b 1726), my 6x-great-grandmother. She is a widow. Her son Friedrich Nielsen is listed with his family, another son Tøritz Nielsen is listed with his family, and my 5x-great-grandparents Hans Nielsen and Pernella Danielsdatter are listed with their family, including my 4x-great-grandmother Christenze Hansdatter.

Christenze was the grandmother of my great-great-grandmother Ovidia Olsdatter (Olson), and to put this in perspective… she was 50 years old when the Declaration of Independence was signed in America.  I certainly never imagined we’d know anything about her life.

The other woman listed with Ingebor Olesdatter is “Christenze Jensdatter”.  This is Christenze Doroothea Jensdatter Lille-Suulen, who was also my 6x great-grandmother, mother of Pernella Danielsdatter.  You can see many generations of the family living side-by-side here.

Census year: 1801
Municipality: Nærøy
Municipality number: 1751
Name of domicile: Tyggestad
Number of persons in this domicile: 20

Name                     Status Married      Occupation           Birthyear
Friderich Nielsen        head   1st marriage farmer with land     1753    
Ane Ingebrigtsdatter     wife   1st marriage                      1751    
Hans Friderichsen        son                                      1793    
Niels Friderichsen       son                                      1798    
Ingebor Friderichsdatter daughter                                 1791    

Hans Nielsen             head   1st marriage peasant farmer       1762    
Pernella Danielsdatter   wife   1st marriage                      1751    
Niels Hansen             son                                      1786    
Daniel Hansen            son                                      1790    
Peder Hansen             son                                      1800    
Christenze Hansdatter    daughter                                 1792    
Maren Hansdatter         daughter                                 1795    

Ingebor Olsdatter        mother widowed after 1st marriage        1726    
Christenz Jensdatter     single dependant pensioner               1734    

Tøritz Nielsen           head 1st marriage  farmer                1752    
Berithe Nielsdatter      wife 1st marriage                        1768    
Niels Tørtzsen           son                                      1790    
Nille Tøritzsdatter      daughter                                 1793    
Elisabeth Tøritzsdatter  daughter                                 1787    
Guru Olsdatter           servant girl                             1786

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One response to “Olson Family in 1801 Norway Census

  • cathy walters

    Man am I green ! Lucky you are, guess we have to wait & see when or if something big ends up online in Polish archives for for Prussian & pre-Prussia. Though basia.famula.pl updates often, my only one step ahead when they gave Christoph Jesse’s wife Marie Bettin-they lived Niewolno,Mogilno. But have many walls in Poland, keep hoping they put something out there to fill in Gramsdorf & Bukowiec churches !

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