Thomas Family Religion

I thought it might be interesting to post any information I could find about the religious beliefs of the Thomas line of my family.  I may add to this as I find out more.

My 3x great-grandfather Charles H. Thomas (1821-1873) married Louisa A. Pond (1823-1896) around 1845, probably in Burke, New York.  Before her marriage, Louisa had been one of the founding members of the Burke Presbyterian Church per an historical article published in the “Malone Farmer” in 1933.  The article also mentions many members of the Morse family (Louisa’s mother was Sally Mariah Morse).

“Other charter members were [..] Miss Lois Pond…”

"Malone Farmer", 1933

“Malone Farmer”, 1933

My great-great grandfather, Horace Luther Thomas [son of Charles and Louisa] married Anna Clifford on 3 Jul 1872.  The official was listed as “Rev. A. J. Ingalls, Methodist Pastor”.  Rev. Ingalls was the pastor of the First Methodist Church in Winooski during the years 1871-1872 according to the “History of Chittenden County”, p 568.  So Horace and his wife attended the Methodist church in Winooski at least that early.

Thomas / Clifford marriage, 1872

Thomas / Clifford marriage, 1872

My father simply called Horace a “Protestant” in this little story about his great-grandfather:

“Horace was a Protestant and he was a strong Republican. And he lived in Winooski which was a very Catholic community, very union-dominated, so the Democratic Party was real strong in Winooski because they were in those woolen mills which was the lifeblood of the whole town.  So it was Election Day and he had just voted. And the union had a couple of thugs outside the polling place to try to intimidate people. And these two union guys were talking to each other and they see my great grandfather coming down the sidewalk and they says, ‘Here comes one of those Goddamn Republican Protestants right now.’ And my great grandfather steps up to the guy and he flattens him right on the side with one punch. “

Horace was confirmed in the “Holy Trinity Chapel” in Winooski, Vermont on 15 Jul 1896.  He was 49 years old, and the confirmation happened around the same time his son, Horace Jr., was confirmed (14 Jun 1896), and on the same day that his daughter Anna Thomas was confirmed.  I believe Holy Trinity, which was established in 1876, was an Episcopal Church.

Horace Thomas confirmation, 1896

Horace Thomas confirmation, 1896

Both Horace and his wife Anna had their funerals at “Trinity Episcopal Church” in Winooski.  Presumably the same one where he was confirmed.  Anna was a member of the Ladies’ Auxiliary there.

Their daughter, Emma Thomas (1878-1931) was married at the Trinity Episcopal church in Winooski.

Their son, Robert Erwin Thomas (1887-1965), was a member of the Trinity Episcopal church in Winooski, Trinity Episcopal in Milton, Vermont, and his funeral was held at Saint James Episcopal Church in Essex Junction, Vermont.

Their son, Frederick Clifford Thomas Sr. (1889-1976), married his first wife, Delia Bacon, at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church. Delia, like her entire family, was Catholic. Fred was listed as a member of the Episcopal Church of Winooski in his obituary.

Frederick Clifford Thomas Jr. (1918-2006) was married at the Universalist Church in Essex Junction, Vermont.  His wife, Mildred Jean Forrest, was a member of the First Congregational Church in Saint Albans, Vermont, where she was a Deacon.  My father wrote about his parents:

“My father was not at all religious and attended church only when forced by my mother.  I know that he was originally baptized in the Catholic Church which would have been the religion of his mother.  My mother was a devoted Christian and was active in the Congregational Church.  She taught Sunday School for many years, was a member of the choir, and eventually became a deacon of the church.  The Congregational Church is now called The United Church of Christ.”

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