Letter From Jane Elizabeth Fairbanks – 17 Aug 1855

[Transcription follows the letter itself.  Click on the images to enlarge or download.  Letter courtesy of Catherine Duff & Family.]

Pages 1 & 4

Pages 1 & 4

Pages 2 & 3

Pages 2 & 3

== Page 1

Braco – August 17th [1855]

My Dear Mary,

I did not receive the basket until last evening although you dispatched it so long ago, it was in Lunenburg but the people at the coach office are very negligent and did not send us word that it was there until yesterday.  It did not matter as every thing was in good form only I would have liked to have acknowledged your kindness sooner.  How to thank you even now, I am sure I don’t know.  You have been at so much trouble and pains and ?? for the comforts and pleasures

== Page 2

of the children and myself that I feel I am most deeply indebted.  Aunt Margaret and I have been lost in admiration over the little dresses.  They fitted us nicely as if they had been cut out by the children.  I liked your tartan very much and thought them all very pretty and serviceable, and cannot say how much I felt the kindness which prompted you to employ so much of your time in making them.  You have supplied things so abundantly now, that it will be quite unnecessary for me to get anything more for them this Summer.  The pinafore is very pretty and fits Maggie exactly.  Give my love to Martha and tell her that the little blue frock will be

== Page 3

very useful.  It too fitted very nicely.  The playthings and candy delighted the children greatly and they beg me to send cousin Mary a great many thanks from them.  They were very much pleased with the books also.  Annie & Willie take a great interest in reading now and books are an unfailing source of amusement to them.  They go to school every day and I hope will make some progress in their education which had to be greatly neglected through the winter.

The bonnet frame I think will suit very well; it is much deeper than the other, as soon as I can manage it, I must get it done.  I daresay it will be an easy matter.  I went in to Lunenburg again

== Page 4

last evening to secure a servant if possible.  I am to have an answer from one on Saturday, but have no great reason to suppose she will come.  Failing her, I mean to go through the country and search until I get something young or old, for the state of things will do no longer.  Miss Duff is not at all well and I fear if she continues to make such exertions she will be laid up altogether.  I am tolerably well but cannot stand a great deal in the heat, and my baby is very heavy to carry about.  It has been so close today that having been about some very fatiguing occupations I feel very useful for nothing

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