The Brissette and Moreau Families – Brides for Brothers

This is just another one of those oddities that one discovers while doing genealogy.  The Moreau family of Bertherville, Québec, Canada is related to me because Anthime Duplesse Moreau (1876-1947) married Marie Victoria Olivier (1876-1945).  Victoria was the niece of my great-great-grandmother Cordélie Olivier.

Anthime Moreau Family, 1916

Anthime Moreau Family, 1916

[“Victoria, Anthime, and their children”. Back row: Joseph Jean Baptiste, Marie Blanche Délia, Angélina, Aurore, Philibert. 2nd row: Anthime, Herminie, Victoria, Aldéa. Front row: Adélard, Donat, Marie-Jeanne.  Courtesy of Micheline Tremblay.]

While doing the Moreau family tree, I came across an interesting fact.  Anthime and Victoria had 13 children, two of which died very young.  Of those that survived, seven of the Moreau siblings married members of the Brissette family:

Joseph Jean Baptiste Moreau (1901-1966) married Marie Auréa Elienne Brissette (b 1905).

Marie Aurore Paméla Moreau (b 1905) married Armand Brissette (1904-1956).

Marie Angélina Moreau (b 1903) married Roméo Brissette (1902-1972).

Joseph Ovila Adélard Moreau (b 1910) married Adrienne Brissette (b 1912).

Joseph Ulric Donat Moreau (b 1912) married Marie Jeanne Simonne Brisette (1916-1935).

Marie Blanche Délia Duplessie Moreau (1902-1927) married Joseph Sylvio Brissette (b 1899).

Délia Moreau and Sylvio Brissette c 1919

Délia Moreau and Sylvio Brissette c 1919

When Délia Moreau died in 1927, Sylvio married Délia’s sister Marie Exilda Aldéa “Aldéa” Moreau (b 1909).  Sylvio had TWO Moreau brides!

So seven members of this Moreau family married six members of the Brissette family.  I can only imagine the scene in the Moreau home:

Donat Moreau: “Papa, I have some news!”

Anthime Moreau: “Let me guess… you’re getting married to one of the Brissette girls.”

Donat: “Yes!”

Anthime: [dryly, without looking up from his paper] “What a surprise.”


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