Town of Maine / Town of Berlin Wedding Photos

A couple Summers ago I was fortunate enough to get to spend the afternoon with Jim and Marlene Strehlow, who, along with Jim’s late siblings Virgil and Marilyn Strehlow, have been the keepers of a vast and detailed family history for the Strehlow, Christian, Voigt, and Genrich families from the Town of Maine in Marathon County, Wisconsin.

Among the treasures that are curated by the Strehlow family are several group photos taken at weddings in the Towns of Berlin and Maine.  I have long entertained fantasies of somehow identifying all the people in these photos; there are certainly some people who are seen in more than one of them.  I’m afraid, however, that the people who could have identified most of them likely passed away about thirty years ago.  My hope now is that individual descendants might be able to identify specific people based on family photos they would have.  So, out into the world they go… time for some “crowd-sourcing”!

[All of these photos can be downloaded or enlarged by clicking on them.]

I’ve posted this photo previously.  It shows the wedding of Albert Garske and Ella Baumann taken on Oct 4, 1919 at the Baumann homestead in the Town of Berlin, located at 14656 Berlin Lane, Merrill, WI 54452.  Only four people are identified in this photo (see previous article).


The next four photos are from the marriage of Rhienhard Carl Julius Christian (1881-1963) and Ella Neitzke (1890-1940) in the Town of Berlin, Wisconsin, on 20 Nov 1913.  There are a few people besides the bride and groom that I recognize.  In the back row right, just to the right of the pole and wearing a hat and a stylish mustache, is my great-great-grand-uncle Carl Bertold Krueger.  His daughter Helen Krueger is three people to the left of the bride, wearing an apron.  There are two ushers kneeling in the front holding bottles of brandy.  The one on the left is Carl’s son Wilhelm “William” Krueger.  The other thing I noticed is that the band in this photo (lower left) are all the same men as the band in the photo above (Garske/Baumann Wedding).


Another photo taken at the same occasion.  Carl Krueger is in the back again, this time holding a mug of beer!


One more from the same wedding.  Just the wedding party this time, I’m guessing.  William and Helen Krueger are present again.


This oddly somber and uncomfortable-looking photo is from the wedding dinner for the same Christian/Neitzke wedding as above.  The bride and groom are easy to spot, and behind them (between them) is Helen Krueger.  The other people, including those in the portraits on the wall, are unknown.


I have no information at all about these next two photos, except that both show the same wedding.  They were clearly taken around the same time at the others, so between 1910 and 1920.  I’m guessing a careful analysis would show some people in these photos are also in one of pictures above.


The second one is much less formal, and the women are wearing their stylish hats.


Again, if anyone knows more about these photos or any of the people in them, please contact me!

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