Montello Postcard From Clara Young (Wells Lowe)

This is another non-family item that I’m posting purely for its historical value.  This postcard, sent from Montello, Wisconsin, was purchased on eBay.  It was sent by Clara Malinda Young to Miss Ina Cool on 2 Nov 1914.  It’s nearly certain that my Zierke relatives knew Clara since Montello is not a large town and the Zierkes lived in and around Montello from 1865 to the present day.

It shows the impressive, imposing, and lovely old Montello High School, taken during the construction of a newer school adjacent to this one.  Interestingly, as of this writing you can buy the newer Montello High School for about $70,000.  The postcard indicates the new school cost $19,000.  So… you know… $51,000 for 100 years of use?  Not bad.

Old Montello High School, 1914

Old Montello High School, 1914

The postcard reads:

“Miss Ina Cool, Berthoud, M, Colo.  Montello, Nov 2 1914.  Dear friend, Irvine(?) wrote me some time ago you was [sic] called home on account of sickness, and I hope all are well now.  It has been a lovely Fall.  No frost ’till a week ago, and a hard thunder-shower tonight.  This is our old school house.  A new $19,000 one erected this Summer at the right of this one, and both are in use.  Mrs. Clara M. Lowe.”


Some information about Clara:

Clara Malinda Young was the daughter of John C Young (b Burrell, Rhode Island to Othniel Young and Ruby Southwick) and Eliza Walcott (b Brookfield, Vermont to Zebina Walcott and Clarissa Ingalls).  Clara’s parents were married in Andover, Massachusetts on 11 Dec 1851 [link].

Clara was born 8 Aug 1852 in Wisconsin.  She and her family are in the 1870 Census for Shields, Wisconsin.  She married Barney Herbert Wells in Montello about 1874, and they had the following children:

Walter Warren Wells, 1874-1885
Willis Wilson Wells, 1875-1968.
Wilber Walcott Wells, born 23 Dec 1879 in Montello, died 1900 in Montello.
Mary Elizabeth Wells, born 7 Jan 1884 in Montello.
Unnamed Son (possibly stillborn), born 4 Nov 1887 in Montello.

Clara and Barney are in the 1880 Census for Montello, Wisconsin with their first three children.

Barney Wells died 18 Nov 1890 in Montello, and Clara remarried to George Leroy Lowe in Montello on 15 Jun 1897.  Clara died 15 Mar 1917 in Wisconsin, likely in Montello.

For her part, Ina Cool seems to have been born in 1894 in Minnesota, the daughter of Willis Cool and Susan E Vroman.  They can be found in the 1900 Census for Nekoosa, Wisconsin and the 1910 Census for North Berthoud, Colorado.  Ina’s father Willis was born in Wisconsin, and he can be found in the 1870 Census for Adams, Wisconsin.

Ina apparently married Everett M Haworth in Berthoud on 27 Jan 1915.


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