Non-Family Photos – Alice L. Spear

I purchased this photo of Alice Louisa Spear on eBay, because if there’s anything I love more than old photos, it’s old photos with names written on the back.  Through chance I happened to purchase several other photos from the same family.  So I’m putting them all together here.

Meet Alice Louisa Spear.  She was born in Noyan, Missisquoi, Quebec, Canada on 12 Nov 1847, the daughter of Aaron Spear and Louisa Salls.  She died 17 Sept 1928 in Burlington, Vermont.

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Alice L Spear

Alice L Spear (1847-1928)

This next photo is Alice’s uncle, Hiram Salls.  He was born in 2 Apr 1829 in Iberville, Canada, the son of Benjamin Salls and Lucy C. Curtis.  He married Mary Caroline Beerwort on 1 Jan 1851 at St. George, Clarenceville, Canada and immigrated to the US about 1867.  He died in Burlington, Vermont on 21 May 1913.   Hiram’s sister Louisa Salls was Alice Spear’s mother.

Hiram Salls

Hiram Salls (1829-1913)

This photo is of Harvey Lewis Salls, taken about 1890.  Harvey was born in Burlington, Vermont on 10 Jun 1888, and he died in Attleboro, Massachusetts on 28 Jul 1927.  Harvey was the son of Hoyt Edison Salls and Carrie J. Rouleau.  Hoyt was the son of Hiram Salls [photo above], so Harvey was Hiram’s grandson.

Harvey seems to have been a WWI veteran, serving as a Sergeant in the 1st Connecticut Balloon Company.  He is buried, for some reason, in Rhode Island.  I can find very little information about Harvey.  It’s possible he spent much of his life in the military because I cannot find him in the 1910 or 1920 census records.

Harvey Salls (1953-1931)

Harvey Salls (1888-1927)


Harvey Salls Headstone Application

Harvey Salls Headstone Application

This handsome young lad is Raymond Wardwill Evans (1885-1970).  He was the son of Benjamin F Evans (1851-1916) and Louisa J Spear (1850-1936).  He was Alice Louisa Spear’s 2nd cousin once removed.  They shared Richard Spear Jr (1759-1828) as a common ancestor.

"Ray Evans"

“Ray Evans”

This photo is of Mable C Morgan, who was born in Colchester, Vermont on 22 Aug 1874 to Stephen Shaw Morgan (1814-1886) and Rhoda Ann Bailey (1830-1916).  Her father’s first wife was Amanda M. Spear.  So her father’s first wife was Alice Louisa Spear’s first cousin once removed.  Mable’s mother, Rhoda Ann Bailey was also married to Richard Spear (1828-1857), so this makes Mable’s mother the wife of Alice Louisa Spear’s first cousin, once removed.

Mable married Jessie Briggs Thompson (1860-1917) in Colchester on 21 Feb 1900.

"Mable Morgan"

“Mable Morgan”

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2 responses to “Non-Family Photos – Alice L. Spear

  • RL

    Hi Charles, can you send me a note? My mom has some photos she wants to get to you? Becky

  • Sue

    Hi, I am very interested in Mable Morgan who married Jessie Briggs Thompson. He is my g-grand uncle. Do you know what happened to Mable after he died in 1917? Thanks so much for your time.

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