More Olivier Family Photos

As I mentioned in my last blog, a gentleman from Winooski, Vermont alerted me to some “cabinet photos” from the late 1800’s or early 1900’s that he had found in an antique store. After identifying the one he had as being from my Olivier family, I contacted the antique shop owner and arranged to purchase the other photos from the same collection.  There were 10 more in all, although I’m certain many more have already been sold.

All but one of these are identified at this point.  When I get more information on any of them I’ll update this blog.

Many of the photos have writing in the back that all seems to have been done by the same person.  By piecing together the clues contained in the writing I discovered that the person who wrote on the photos was a grandson or grand-daughter of Albert Joseph James Perreault (1900-1980).  That means their father or mother was one of Albert’s children: Albert Joseph Perreault Jr (1924-2000), Jacquelyn Jane Perreault (1927-1988) or William Tooles Perreault (1931-2007).   I say this because the photos are of the Perreault, Olivier, and LaVigne families, but there were also some photos in the set (previously sold) that were of the Tooles family, and Albert’s wife was Sarah Marie Tooles (1900-1981).

So here are the photos with the captions as written and my comments:

“Charles Perreault, 47 Rose Street.”  Then in a different handwriting: “Gramp’s Grandfather”.

Henri Octave Olivier c1895

Henri Octave Olivier c1895

This is not Charles Perreault, who did live on Rose Street in Burlington, Vermont.  The L. Roy studio was in operation from 1894-1897, and Charles Perreault would have been 22 years old or so.  He also came to the US in 1892, so he was not living in Canada when he was the age of this man.   I would say this man is approximately 50 or 60 years old, putting his birth around 1834-1847.  I think the first writing was a statement of ownership.  That it belonged to Charles Perreault, and that the second person likely based their identification on that.

This photo, as it turns out, is actually of Henri Octave Olivier (1836-1911) who was my great-great-grand-uncle.  He was married to Philomène Cottenoire, whom we shall see later.  I was able to identify this photo after seeing it on the wall in the background of a picture taken at his son Hildaige Olivier’s home.  Octave was, indeed, the grandfather of Joseph James Perreault, as the caption indicates.

“Arthur Perreault & Cordelia Olivier, Gramp’s Parents”.


Cordelia Olivier, who was the 1st cousin of my great grandmother Delia Bacon, did not marry Arthur Perreault, but rather the afore-mentioned Charles Perreault.  This is the right time period and the right place to be their marriage, which took place in Joliette, Québec, Canada on 18 Feb 1890.


This photo has nothing written on the back.  Fortunately, I recognized it instantly when I saw it.


Another user on had already posted a portion of this photo, so I knew this was a photo of Joseph Charles Desroches (1868-1941) and his wife Marie Joséphine Albina Olivier (1969-1928).  This was taken about 1902, and the two little girls are their daughters Marie Yvonne Desroches (1896-1979) and Marie Blandine Desroches (1899-1989).  The family never immigrated, and all four of them lived and died in Québec, Canada.


Paired with the above photo it’s easy to see that this next one is the same couple, taken on their wedding day, 3 Aug 1891 in Joliette, Canada:



“One of Gramp’s Aunts on the Olivier side”.


There is definitely a family resemblance with Albina Olivier from the photos above, so I’m inclined to believe that this is the Olivier family.  However, it looks to have been taken perhaps in the 1900 – 1915 range, so I think the woman in the photo might be a generation younger than Albert’s aunts would have been.  So far a leading candidate is Delia Perreault (1894-1966), Albert’s sister.


There is no writing on this next photo.  It was taken in Joliette, Québec, Canada, which means it could be either the Olivier or Perreault families.  It looks to have been taken around 1890, and is almost certainly a wedding photo, so that narrows down the choices somewhat.  A few days after posting this photo I heard from a descendant of this family who was able to identify the people in the photo.


“The couple in the photo where the man is holding a melon-shaped hat and gloves is Marie Louise Desroches (sister of Charles Desroches), seated, and her husband Camille Plouffe.   Charles and his sister were the only two children of Charles Borromée Desroches to stay in Canada.  The rest all immigrated to the United States with their parents.”

Camille Plouff (b 1875) and Marie Louise Cordelia Desroches (b 1877) were married 16 Feb 1900 in Holyoke, Massachusetts.  They moved back and forth between Holyoke and Joliette, Canada several times between 1900 and 1927.  This photo seems to have been taken near their marriage date during one of their stays in Joliette.


The writing on the back of this photo says simply “Perreault”.  I was able to identify this photo when I was sent a picture with them as an older couple from a cousin in Canada.


I believe this is Eugène Olivier (b 1874-1965) and Angéline Masse (1883-1960).  They were married in Joliette, Québec, Canada on 7 Feb 1899 at St-Thomas, Joliette, Québec, Canada.


The identity of this next woman was confirmed later by a family member.  She is Philomène Cottenoire (1839-1923), Albert Perreault’s maternal grandmother.  She married Henri Octave Olivier (1836-1911), who was my great-great-grand-uncle.



Finally, two baby photos.  The captions on these are “Gramp” and “Gram at age 9 months” respectively, which at first I thought was very unlikely since these photos were taken in the same photo studio in the exact same chair.  However, the children pictured would have been born about 1900 in Burlington, Vermont, and both Albert Perreault and his wife Sarah Tooles were born in 1900 in Burlington.

Subsequently a descendent of these two confirmed that these are, indeed, photos of Sarah and Albert.

“Gram at age 9 months

Sarah Marie Tooles (1900-1981) taken in December 1900, Burlington, Vermont.




Albert Joseph James Perreault (1900-1980) taken 1900, Burlington, Vermont.




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One response to “More Olivier Family Photos

  • Claire Couture

    I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at these photos. How fortunate you were to be able to obtain them. My grandmother was Luciena Olivier Lavigne from original “first” photo. Many of these relations are also mine. I do remember my memere telling me that she had some Perreault cousins. One became a doctor living in St. Albans(?) She also said some of our ancestors were inventors. Do you know any of this? I am trying to find my little piece of paper on this. My aunt Doris did an extensive family history for us in the early 2000’s. We have many, many photos but these I do not remember seeing especially of GG grandmother Cottenoire. Many thanks!

    Claire Couture, formerly of Colchester, VT

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