Baptism Record for Edmund Krueger (1902-1995)

One of the frustrating and exciting things about genealogy is that you can revisit the same information over and over again, sometimes years later, and find things that you didn’t see before.  As you learn more and more about your family history, names that didn’t mean anything to you at one point will jump out at you as very important later.  This happened to me tonight.

This is the baptism certificate for my great-grand-uncle, Edmund Karl Franz “Eddie” Krueger, who was born on 12 Jul 1902 in Wausau, Wisconsin and was baptized at St. Stephens in Wausau on 31 Aug 1902.

Edmund Krueger Baptism,1902

Edmund Krueger Baptism,1902

The document says:

Werda glauben getauft wird der wird selig werden (Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved), Mark 16:16.

Taufschein (Baptismal Certificate)

Edmund Karl Franz Krueger, born 12th July, 1902, son of Heinrich Krueger and his wife Bertha née Kamrath, on the 31st August, 1902, in Wausau, Wisconsin, has been baptized in the name of the holy trinity.

Godparents: Karl Tisch, Franz Christian, Anna Krueger

F. Werhahan, Pastor.

“And he lay his hands on them and blessed them”, Mark 10:16

St. Stephens Evangelical Church, Wausau, Marathon County, Wisconsin

Ed and sister Norma Krueger, 1904

Ed and sister Norma Krueger, 1904

Eddie Krueger

Eddie Krueger 1919

Ed Krueger & Laura Hanke, 1924

Ed Krueger & Laura Hanke, 1924

I know much more about Prussian christenings than I did when I got this baptism record from my cousins Tom and Virginia Krueger about two years ago.  The family didn’t just pick anyone to be a godparent.  Often two adults and one young woman were chosen, and they were usually related to the family, either by blood or marriage.

“Franz Tisch” was Franz Joseph “Frank” Tisch (b 1863) who was the brother of the husband of Bertha Kamrath’s sister Helene Kamrath.  Helene was married to Joseph Tisch, and Franz was Joseph’s brother.

Johann Tisch & Helene Kamrath, wedding portrait

Johann Tisch & Helene Kamrath, wedding portrait

“Karl Christian” was Carl “Charles” Christian (b 1860) who would eventually be related to the family three different ways.  At the time of Eddie’s birth, however, he may have been only a close friend of the family.  The next Spring Carl’s son Anton Christian would marry Bertha Kamrath’s niece Annie Wymer.  Annie was the daughter of Bertha’s full sister Auguste Kamrath Wymer Otremba.  Annie and Anton were married in April of 1903.  Carl Christian was also the uncle of Anna Krueger’s eventual husband Carl Friedrich Daniel “Charley” Christian.  They were married in 1907.  The Christian family also became related to Bertha Strehlow’s family later when Arwin Strehlow married Angela Christian in 1929.

“Anna Krueger” was Anna Marta Auguste Krueger (1887 – 1981), Heinrich Krueger’s niece.  She was the daughter of Heinrich’s brother Carl Bertold Krueger and his wife Bertha Strehlow.  In 1907 Anna would marry Charley Christian, as stated above.  She was only 15 at the time of Edmund’s Christening.

Anna Krueger Christian

Anna Krueger Christian

Anna, Bertha (Strehlow), Helena, Walter, Carl, and William Krueger (l to r) c1925

Anna, Bertha (Strehlow), Helena, Walter, Carl, and William Krueger (l to r) c1925


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