Jonathan Prescott Family Bible Pages

Five pages of important family history from the bible of Jonathan Prescott (1760-1820).

John Prescott (1760 - 1820)

John Prescott (1760 – 1820)

This was in the archives of Nancy Prescott Forrest. There is information here for Duff, Fairbanks, Mott, and other related families.

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Page 1

Page 1

Page 2

Page 2


Jonathan Prescott Esquire & Ann Blackden  11th Oct. 1759

John Prescott Esquire & Catharine Cleverly 21 Aug. 1785

Jonathan Prescott & Sarah Collins 26th Sept. 1816

John Eleazar Fairbanks & Ann Prescott 9th Nov. 1816

Henry Yeomans Mott & Elizabeth Prescott 27 Nov. 1819

Christian Conrad Katzmann & Martha Prescott 6th April 1822

Wiliam DeWolf & Lydia Norris Prescott Nov 14 1841

James William Johnston & Catharine Prescott Fairbanks 26 August 1846

William Duff & Jane Elizabeth Fairbanks January 1847

John Prescott Mott & Isabel Lawson Creighton 13th January 1848

George Elkanah Morton & Martha Elizabeth Katzmann 26th May 1849

Rev. George Sutherland & Charlotte Lydia Mott 24th Jun 1857

William Lawson & Mary Jane Katzmann 31st December 1868

Page 3

Page 3


Jonathan Prescott Esq’r 24th May 1725 (Mafsachusetts)
Ann [Blagden] Prescott 25 March 1742 (Great Britain)

John Prescott Esq’r 20th Novem’r. 1760 (Nova Scotia)
Catharine Cleverly 9th Jan’r. 1761 (Mafsachusetts)

Anne Prescott 29th Septem’r 1786
Charlotte Prescott 26th Nov’r 1788
Martha Prescott 26th Apr’l 1791
Jonathan Precott 5th Sep’r 1793
Elizabeth Prescott 27th Oct’r 1795
Lydia Norris Prescott 8th Oct’r 1797

Robert John Prescott 29th Jan’y 1820 [son of John Prescott & Sarah Collins]

John Prescott Mott 8th Oct. 1820
Catharine Ann Mott 23 Dec 1822
William Mott Sept 22 Sept 1824
Henry Yeomans Mott Aug 11 1826
Thomas Mott June 12 1828
Elizabeth Jane Mott 25 Dec 1830
Charles Fairbanks Mott 18th April 1832
Charlotte Lydia Mott 17 March 1835
Sarah Elizabeth Mott [18] June 1837
Deborah Baker Mott May 16 1839

Page 4

Page 4

Births [Cont.]:

[Children of Ann Prescott & John Eleazar Fairbanks]

Catherine Prescott Fairbanks 4th Dec’r 1820
Ann Blagden Fairbanks 23rd Feb’r 1822
Jane Elizabeth Fairbanks 19 Dec 1823

[Children of Martha Prescott & Christian Conrad Katzmann]

Martha Elizabeth Katzmann 2nd April 1823
Mary Jane Katzmann 15 Jan’y 1818
Anna Prescott Katzmann 25 Sept 1832


Jonathan Prescott Esq. 21st Jan’y 1807
John Prescott Esq. 23rd Aug 1820
William Mott 11 May 1840
Christian Conrad Katzmann 15 Dec 1843

Deborah Baker Mott May 28 1844
Henry Yeomans Mott 4th Apr 1846
Jonathan Prescott [husband of Sarah Collins] 19 Mar 1848
William DeWolfe 10th April 1849
Charlotte Prescott 25 Sept 1850
Catharine [Cleverly] Prescott 12th Feb 1851
Ann [Prescott] Fairbanks 18th April 1854
Charlotte [Mott] Sutherland 21st Oct 1862
Sarah [Collins] Prescott 27th Feb 1869
Henry Yeomans Mott 31 Jan 1866
John Eleazar Fairbanks 27 Dec 1860
Jane Elizabeth [Fairbanks] Duff 31st Aug 1856
Martha [Prescott] Katzmann Nov’r 17th 1871
Anne Prescott Katzmann 31st May 1876
Elizabeth [Prescott] Mott 30 August 1882

Rev. William Duff May 4th 1888
John Prescott Mott Feb’r 12th 1890
Mary Jane [Katzmann] Lawson March 23 1890
Lydia [Norris Prescott] DeWolfe June 28th 1891
George E Morton March 12th 1892

Mary [Ann Fairbanks] Allison 2 Apr 1896
Harriet Fairbanks Allison 8 Sept 1898

Page 5

Page 5

Marsha Elizabeth Morton 26th April 1899


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