A Letter Between Schmidt Sisters

My cousin sent me a fascinating document recently.  It’s a letter sent from my great-great-grand-aunt Antonie “Tonie” Schmidt in San Mateo, California to her sister Pauline “Lena” Schmidt in Wausau, Wisconsin.  It was sent on 4 November 1951, about six weeks before Antonia died on 10 Dec 1951.  I was quite thrilled to see that even after being in the US for 58 years the sisters still wrote to each other in German.  My German friend Jörg and my cousin Doris both gave the transcription a shot, which was apparently quite difficult.  Transcriptions and translations follow the actual letter.

I’ve written to my cousin asking if her mother remembers more of the details about this letter.  If I get a response I’ll post more details here later.  “Ruth” is Ruth June Beste, Antonia’s daughter.  “Karen” is Karen Little, Lena’s grand-daughter.  “Emma” is Lena’s daughter-in-law and Karen’s mother, Emma Olson Little.

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San Mateo 4. Nov. 1951
Liebe Lina habe deinen 
Brief erhalten und ich denke unsere
Briefe begegnen sich immer auf diese Weise 
Es tut mich so leit daß
Die Karin muß zum Hospital gehen 
ist es ein (Gaütier) laß mich wissen 
wen sie geht ich hoffe daß es nicht so 
schlimm den ist (Doet.) und Hospitals 
(Poflim) jetzt viel Geld . Den Ruth 
war bloß 2 Tage im Hospital
und es kommt zu 300.00 Taller 
wenn man alles gut geht den ist es 
ja nicht so schlimm aber wir 
wollen hoffen das alles gut geht 
mit der Karin. Den Ruth fühlt 
sich jetzt besser. Hoffe es ist alles 
gut so das immer gut fühlt den 
es habe schon für 2 Wochen nicht sehr 
gut gefühlt haben nun schlimmes Hals 
bekommen und war ich 
zur Kirche und den mit im 
mab fint mein Hals an weh zu 
ihm aber es wird ja wieder besser 
werden.  Und Lina sage Emma 
es tut mich so leit für Karin 
aber wenn es sein muß den ist 
es vielleicht geschen zum Besten 
Dann ist es so hart (halt?) an die Mutter 
wenn der Vater nicht da (ist) zu helfen 
sei .... und las mich wissen 
wie alles ist es ist gut dass die Emma kann die Kar driven 
Mal auf hut so liegen
und schreib mich (mir) 


Dear Lina,
I have received your letter and I think our letters have crossed each other 
again.  I'm so sorry that Karen has to go into the hospital. It is a ??.  
Let me know when she will leave.  I hope it is not that bad because ?? 
and hospitals cost a lot of money.  Ruth spent only two days in the hospital 
and it cost $300.  If everything goes well with Karen it won't be that bad, 
so let's hope that all goes well for Karen.  Ruth is feeling better at the 
moment.  We are hopeful that she has made a full recovery.  As for me, I 
haven't felt very well for the past two weeks.  I got a bad ?? and when I
was in church my throat became really sore all of a sudden.  Perhaps all 
will be better again.  And Lina... tell Emma I'm so sorry for Karen, but 
if it's needed it's for her own good.  It's up to the mother when the father 
isn't there to help.  Let me know about everything that's going on.  
It's helpful that Emma can drive the car sometimes.
Write me,  Tonie

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One response to “A Letter Between Schmidt Sisters

  • Jayne Robinson

    I’m Jayne Schmidt Robinson, daughter of Gilbert Schmidt, son of Louis Schmidt, son of Wilhelm Schmidt, my great grandfather. I’ve found this site very interesting. I never knew I was related to many of the folks listed here, like the Karls, Preliepps, Wendorfs. I grew up knowing these people and families and never knew about the family connections. We had an interesting family discussion this past weekend, 12/28/2013, about some of the pictures you have posted here. It really sparked some discussion and brought out more of the old photos. I believe you have been in contact with my nephew Jeff Schmidt. I would be interested in meeting you and adding to the blog. I currently live in Lodi, WI.

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