Schulz Family Records from Posen, Prussia

Fred Buck is a family researcher who’s an expert on parish records from Posen, Prussia.  We have been in touch because he’s a descendant of a line of the Zierke family that lived in Posen which spelled the name “Zirk”.  [There are actually at least a half-dozen spellings of the name, which makes research challenging.]

He sent me an email last week saying he was going to be checking the parish records for Jankendorf, and I told him that my Schulz family was from there.  [Wilhelmine Schulz married Friedrich Zierke.  They were my 3x great-grandparents.  Her brother Martin Schulz lived in Green Lake, Wisconsin then moved to Minnesota.]  Fred said he’d take a look for my family in the parish records.  Last night I got an email that he’d been quite successful.

First of all he found the marriage record for Wilhelmine Schulz’s parents, my 4x great-grandparents:

19 March 1840  The widower, Martin Schulz, innkeeper (Krüger) 
and farmer (Akkerwirth) in Podstolitz was married to the 
young woman Anna Christina Kühl, only daughter of the 
deceased Viceri (?) Christoph Kühl and his wife 
Marianna nee Radke in the church in Podstolitz.  
At the time of their marriage, Martin Schulz was 49 years 
old and Anna Christina Kühl was 25 years old.

This gives us the birth years for Martin (1791) and his wife Anna Christina (1815) as well as the names of two of my 5x great-grandparents, Christoph Kühl and Marianna Radke.

And the following confirmation records:

Confirmation, 12 Mar 1831, from Podstolitz, Henriette 
Schulz, age 14 years, 2 months, daughter of Martin 
Schulz, Schänker (innkeeper?) and Maria Elisabeth nee Schlinke

Confirmation, 2 Dec 1832, from Podstolitz, Caroline Schulz, 
age 13 years, 10 months, daughter of Martin Schulz, 
Krügbesitzer, (= Inn owner) and Maria Elisabeth nee Schlink

Confirmation, 10 Jul 1836, from Podstolitz, Johann 
Gottlieb Schulz, age 14 years, 8 months, son of Martin 
Schulz, Krüger (Innkeeper) and Elisabeth nee Schlink

Confirmation, 1855, Martin Schulz, born 10 Feb 1841.

Confirmation, August Fr. W. Schulz, 1858, born 6 Jun 1844.

So we have one new brother, two new half-sisters, and a new half-brother for my 3x great-grandmother Wilhelmine Schulz, as well as a first wife for my 4x great-grandfather Martin Schulz.

These baptism records were located:

Podstolitz, Martin Schulz was born on 10 Feb 1841 at 7 o'clock 
in the morning.  He was baptized on 21 Feb 1841.  Godparents were 
Michael Prechel, Jggs. (Junggeselle = bachelor), Gottlieb 
Fenski, Jggs., Wilhelmine Fenski, Jgfr (Jungfrau = unmarried woman).

Podstolitz, August Friedrich Wilhelm Schulz was born on 6 Jun 1844 at 
8 o'clock in the morning.  He was baptized on 30 Jun 1844.  Godparents 
were Gottlieb Tonn, Stellmacher (wheelwright), Johann Gottlieb 
Hinkelmann, Stellcher (something to do with wheels?), and Anna Justine 
Pasher, Jgfr.

Podstolitz, Anna Wilhelmina Schulz was born on 23 Nov 1846 
and baptized on 20 Dec 1846.  Godparents were August 
Manske, Jggs., A. Christine Fritz, Ehefr. (Ehefrau = married woman),
Adolph Kelm, Jäger (= hunter), Joh. Daniel Prechel, Jggs., Henriette
Schriehl, Jgfr.

He also found the following death records:

Anna Maria Elisabeth nee Schlink [Martin Schulz's first wife]
died in Podstolitz on 4 May 1839 due to chest congestion 
(Husten). She was 41 years old and was survived by two
daughters and one son.

Johann Gottlieb Schulz, died in Podstolitz on 12 Dec 1844 
at the age of 23 years from pneumonia.

Friedrich Wilhelm August Schulz, son of Martin Schulz and 
Anna Christina Kühl.  Died on 30 Nov 1863 at the age of 
19 years and 5 months, of Nervenfieber (typhus).

We now know that the family didn’t actually live in Jankendorf, but rather in the nearby town of Podstolitz [it is called Podstolice, Poland today].  You can see it in this map.  What is very interesting to me is that you can see how close Podstolitz is to Siebenschlößchen, which is the town where the Princeton Zierke family came from.  It’s less than 4 miles away.  One more piece of evidence that the Princeton Zierke family and my own Zierke family are likely related.

Map of Posen, Prussia showing Podstolitz.

Map of Posen, Prussia showing Podstolitz.


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