Winkelmann Records from Chodziez, Posen, Prussia

Just noting here some other records for the Winklemann family that were sent to me by Marlena Krzemińska from Chodziez Parish. I don’t know how they fit into the picture quite yet.

Record: 50
Date of birth: 19th February 1822
Time of birth: 4:00am
Location: Krumke [Kreis Kolmar, Posen, Prussia]
Name: Johann Andreas
Christening: 24 February 1822
Person performing ceremony: Krüger
Father: Michael Winkelmann
Mother: Dorothea née Mesturs ?
Religion: evang. / evang.
Father’s occupation: ??
Occupation of godfather: ??
Godfather: Andreas Schwantes
Godmother: Beate Louise Schwantes née Propp
Son born to married couple [box checked]

16 Feb 1827 Marriage of the bachelor Johann Winkelmann of Mischke [Mniszek, Poland today], age 25 [born 1802], son of the Kolonist [farmer] Michael Winkelmann from Mischke with the maiden Anne Christina Dams, age 23 [born 1805], daughter of Erdman Dams “got married here in the church” [Evangelical Klein Drensen, today called Dzierżązno Małe].

19 Nov 1830 at 6:00am, birth, baptized 20 Nov 1830, Gottlieb, son of Johann Winkelmann, farmer, evangelical religion, and Christine née Dams, evangelical religion. Witnesses Gottfried Winkelmann (farmer), Martin Böhm (farmer), Rosine Schlender.

12 Apr 1835 in Weilen, marriage of Michael Winkelmann, born about 1810 in Mischke near Wielen, with Christine Anne née Dams, born about 1815 years in Klein Drensen.

Children of this marriage:

Johann Ludwig born 27 Sept 1836 Mniszek
Friedrich August born 23 Sept 1838 Mniszek
Carl Henrich born 13 Apr 1841 Mniszek
Friedrich Wilhelm born 3 Dec 1848 Mniszek
Gustav Eduard born 7 Mar 1854 Schulzenbruch

Record number: 2
Date: 10 January 1841
Official: Schulz
Details: The einwohner (resident) Johann Michael Winkelmann of Rattay, son of the einwohner Michael Winkelmann with the maiden Anna Louise Lemspfeil of Rattay, daughter of the deceased resident Paul Lemspfeil.
Ages: his 20 years 9 mos [b Apr. 1820], 26 years 10 mos [b Mar 1815].
Religion: evang. / evang.

Record number: 267
Date of birth: 23 November 1841
Hour of birth: 5:00
Male child #114 [in the registry]
Location: Rattay [Rattai, Kolmar, Posen, Prussia]
Date of christening: 5 December [1841]
Name: August Ferdinand
Person performing religious ritual: Schultz
Father: August Ferdinand Winkelmann
Mother: Anna Louise Sennpfeil
Religion of mother & father: evang. / evang.
Trade of father: <??>
Godparents: Joh. Weidemann, bachelor, Joh. Rädel, bachelor, Au. Flörke, maiden

Record: 12
Date: 12th of January 1844
Person performing ceremony: Schultz
Details: The einwohner (resident) Johann Andres Winkelmann of Rattay [Rattai, Kolmar, Posen, Prussia] son of the resident Michael Winkelmann, bachelor, with the maiden Anna Elizabeth Hübner of Rattay, daughter of the deceased carpenter? Andreas Hübner.

Record number: 267
Date: 4th Oct 1844
Time: 11am
Index: 112th female
Place: Rattay
Baptism Date: 10 October
Name: Wilhelmine Winkelmann
Official: Grützmacher
Father: Johann Andreas Winkelmann
Mother: Anna Louise Hübner
Religion: evang./evang.
Trade of father: Einwohner (resident)
Sponsors: Ludw. Rädel, einwohner; Gottlieb Hübner, ??; ?? Papke ??

Record number: 21
Date of birth: 15 January 1845
Hour of birth: 5:00
Male child #8 [in the registry]
Location: Chodzieren [Chodziez, Kolmar, Posen, Prussia]
Date of christening: 20 January [1845]
Name: Adolph Otto Ferdinand
Official: Schultz
Father: Julius Winkelmann
Mother: Charlotte Mielne
Religion of mother & father: evang. / evang.
Trade of father: <??>
Godparents: Wilh. Müller, Aug. Ginsch, Ferd. Krüger

Record number: 40
Date of death: 14 February 1849
Location: Oblesnitz [Ober Lesnitz, Kolmar, Posen, Prussia]
Name of deceased: Eva Winkelmann
Age: 35 years [born 1814]
Trade or profession: Unmarried woman
Profession of father: Einwohner (resident)
Name of father: Michael Winkelmann
Name of mother: Anna Marie Kipek
Registry number: 22nd [female]
Disease or cause of death: <??>
Name of person performing religious rites: <??>

Record number: 178
Date of birth: 19 July 1849
Time of birth: 5:00 am
Index: 69th female
Place of birth: Chodzisen [Chodziez]
Date of christening: 24 July
Name: Louise Charlotte Winkelmann
Official: Schultz
Father: Julius Ferdinand Winkelmann
Mother: Charlotte Wilhelmeine Mielke
Religion: evang. / evang.
Father’s occupation: ??
Godparents: Ferd. Schwantes, ??; Carol Giefer, ??; Wilh. Müller ??

Record number: 221
Date of birth: 23 August 1849
Time of birth: 1:00 pm
Index: 127th male
Place of birth: Schloss Varwork ??
Date of christening: 9 September 1849
Name: Johann Gottlieb
Official: Schultz
Father: Johann Andreas Winkelmann
Mother: Anna Elizabeth Hübner
Religion: evang. / evang.
Father’s occupation: einwohner [resident]
Godparents: M? Hübner, resident; Wilhelm Radtke, resident

No. 22
Date: April 1850
Official: Schultz
The resident Johann Michale Winkelmann of Krumke with Anna Rosina Schmidt of Strehlitz, daugher of Johann Schmidt.
Age of groom: 30 yrs
Age of bride: 21 yrs 2 mos
Religion: evang. / evang.

Record 76
Date: 8 May 1851
Place: Rattay
Name: Michael Winkelmann
Age: 80
Trade: Einwohner (resident)
Trade of father: Einwohner (resident)
Name of father: Winkelmann
Name of mother: Unknown
Index: 40th male
Cause of death: ??
Reporting pastor: Wilhelm Nicolai

5 Dec 1883 in Steiglitz marriage of the kolonist Michael Friedrich Winkelmann , evangelical religion, born 7 April 1843 in Klein Drensen, resident of Straduhn, son of Johann Winkelmann, evangelical religion, born in Klein Drensen, and Anna Christine née Dams residing in Straduhn. With Pauline Auguste Breitkreutz, evangelical religion, born 7 December 1844 in Steiglitz, residing in Steiglitz, daughter of the colonist Martin Breitkreutz and Wilhelmine née Krüger in Steiglitz. Witnesses: The colonist Gustav Steinke, thirty years old residing at Steiglitz. The colonist August Loeffelbein, thirty-one years old, residing in Straduhn.


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