Christian Winkelmann Death Record – 1886

Christian Julius Winkelmann was my 4x great-grandfather.  I am in the process of filling in a great deal of details about his extended family thanks to a few very helpful  and generous collaborators.  Until then, I thought I’d post this document, which records his death in Carolina, Posen, Prussia.  Christian was, apparently, a hired hand on the farm of Michael Zadow in whose home he died.  Christian’s wife Charlotte Börke had died just the year before.

The next summer an audit of district documents apparently turned up the fact that his place of birth and the names of his parents had not been recorded.  A handwritten note about the information from subsequent hearings was added at that time.  Unfortunately Michael Zadow did not know Christian’s parents.  I believe they were Martin Winkelmann (a master tailor) and Eva Pontow, but that has not yet been confirmed.

Translation below:

Christian Winkelmann Death Record, 1886

Christian Winkelmann Death Record, 1886

No. 68, Steiglitz the 15th December 1886

The Kolonist [farmer] Michael Zadow resident of Carolina reports, that the Leibgedinger [laborer] Christian Winkelmann, 78 years old, of evangelical religion, resident of Carolina, born in an unknown location, laborer for the reporting person, died on 14 Dec 1886, at 1 p.m., in the domicile of the reporting person [Michael Zadow].

Signed, Michael Zadow.

[Handwritten part]:

According to the subsequent declaration of the Kolonist Michael Zadow from Carolina concerning the hearing from July 7th and 22nd 1888, the deceased laborer Christian Winkelmann was born in Bergthal, Kreis Friedeberg, and was married to the deceased Charlotte née Börke. The names of the laborer Christian Winkelmann’s parents’, their rank, status and where they lived, is unknown. Correctively noted according to the the directive of the Royal district court in Schneidemühl, from August 1st, 1888, Steiglitz the 15th August 1888.
The registrar undersigned…

There is no “Bergthal” in Kreis Friedeberg, but there is a Bergdorf, which is very close to Modderpfuhl and Weissfenn, where we know these families were living.  I think this is where he was born.

Modderpfuhl, Weissfenn, Bergdorf, Kreis Friedeberg

Modderpfuhl, Weissfenn, Bergdorf, Kreis Friedeberg

Document courtesy of Marlena Krzemińska.

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