Tangled Trees

I’m currently working on a lot of the lines of my father’s family that go back to the Pilgrims, and it’s just a twisted knot to untangle.  So many of those original Pilgrim lines married and intermarried that many of my grandparents are my grandparents multiple ways.  It makes sense if you consider how few families were living in the Massachusetts colony between 1620 and 1660.

Here’s just a small example of the kind of thing I’m finding:

Capt Jonathan Sparrow (1633-1706), is my 10x great-grandfather.
His parents were Richard Sparrow (1601-1660) and Pandora Bangs (1605-1661).
Pandora had a brother, Edward Bangs, who married Rebecca Hobart.

Capt Jonathan Sparrow married Rebecca Bangs (1636-1677).
Rebecca was the daughter of Edward Bangs and Rebecca Hobart.

So Capt. Sparrow married his first cousin.  Not only that, but his 2nd wife was Hannah Prence, who was also my 10x great grandmother from her 1st marriage to Nathaniel Mayo.

Further complicating things is the fact that Richard Sparrow, the son of Jonathan Sparrow and his second wife Hannah Prence, is also my 9x great-grandfather.

Additionally, another daughter of Edward Bangs and Rebecca Hobart, Apphia Bangs is also my 10x great-grandmother.

I had started a “Multiple Grandparents” blog previously, but at this point it would be so long as to be tedious both to read and to maintain.


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Seeking to bring my ancestors out of the shadows of history and into the light. I have always been interested in history, and at a few different times I tried to do a family tree, but wasn't able to do it with the technology that was available then. On a business trip I visited the World War I Museum in Kansas City, MO and it was a very impressive establishment. While I was there I remember thinking, "Didn't my great-grandfather father fight in World War I? And wasn't his brother killed alongside him in some famous battle? I wonder if I can find out where he died." That's what started it all. View all posts by cthomas1967

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