McKenney / Thomas Wedding – Who Are All These People?

I have been in touch with some descendants of my great-grand-aunt Nellie Maude Thomas (16 Jul 1883 – 13 Dec 1936), so I was drawn back to look at a description of her marriage that was found in the archives of my grandparents Fred & Jean Thomas.  I’ll post the clipping first, which describes the marriage that took place on 20 September 1910:

Description of the McKenney / Thomas Marriage

Description of the McKenney / Thomas Marriage

On re-reading it, one thing that jumped out was how many of my relatives are mentioned in the article.  So I thought I’d just say a little something about who they all were… because it’s fun!

“Mr. & Mrs. Horace L. Thomas Sr.” – My great-great grandparents, Horace Luther Thomas (1846 – 1929) and his wife Anna Clifford (1851 – 1929).

“Nellie M. Thomas” – The afore-mentioned Nellie Maude Thomas, daughter of the above couple.

“Guy C. McKenney” – Guy Cleveland McKenney (1884-1957) was a bookkeeper.  He was the son of Joseph McKenney and Anna Stanhope.  After Nellie died he remarried to Mary Eveline Gaylord.

“Mrs. William E. McBride” – Anna Elizabeth Thomas (1876-1971), sister of the bride.

“Robert E. Thomas” – Robert Erwin “Uncle Erwin” Thomas (1887 – 1965), brother of the bride, was very close with my grandfather Fred Thomas Jr.  He was married to Claire Muncy and was a paint and [later] meat salesman.

“Miss Agnes MacBride” – Agnes Helene McBride (1896 – 1994), daughter of Anna and William McBride.

“Frederick C. Thomas” – Frederick Clifford Thomas Sr. (1889 – 1976), my great-grandfather and brother of the bride.  He was only 21 at the time.

“Mrs. H. I. Stanhope” – Mary Lyon Nott (1877 – 1924), who was the first wife of the bride’s Uncle Herbert Isaiah Stanhope (1872-1947).

“Mrs. Floyd Lasalle” – Floyd Albert LaSalle (1878-1952) married Julie Dell “Jessie” Clifford (1879-1967).  Jessie was the first cousin of the bride since her father George Clifford was the brother of the bride’s mother Anna Clifford.

“Mr. and Mrs. I. N. Stanhope” – Isaiah N Stanhope (1842-1921) and Elvira M Aiken (1842 – 1920) were the groom’s maternal grandparents.

“Mr and Mrs. T. L. Peavey” – Thomas Leonard Peavey (1853 – 1932) was the second husband of the groom’s mother Anna Stanhope (1864-1920), so this was the groom’s mother and stepfather.  Anna Stanhope married the groom’s father Joseph J. McKenney (1857-1911) about 1883, then divorced him around 1892.  She then married Mr. Peavey in 1906.  Joseph McKenney had two other wives after Anna: Minnie J. Currier and Abbie C. Williams.

[NOTE: The Rev. George B. Johnson is not, to my knowledge, directly related to me.]


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