Photos of Berryhill Farm and Duff Family Graves

I was contacted by a woman named Diana who had taken a trip to Perthshire, Scotland to find her ancestors.  It turns out her grandfather was a shepherd at Berryhill Farm, the farm owned/leased by my 4x great-grandfather William Duff Sr. (1766 – 1836) and his father James Duff (b 1740).  My 3x great-grandfather Rev. William Duff was also born there.  I have written about Berryhill and its residents previously here:

Meet the Duff Family of Perthshire, Scotland

When Diana was in Scotland she took photos of Berryhill Farm and the graves of my Duff family. Many thanks to Diana for sending these photos!

First are three photos of the main house at Berryhill from different views:




She also sent a historic photo of Berryhill taken about 1913:

Berryhill Farm about 1913

Berryhill Farm about 1913

These are the photos from the Kirkstyle Graveyard.  The site is located between Berryhill and the town of Bankfoot.

Charles Duff & Charlotte Nicoll Duff

Charles Duff & Charlotte Nicoll Duff

William Duff, Charlotte Nicoll, & James Duff

William Duff, Charlotte Nicoll, & James Duff

William Duff & Charlotte Nicoll (detail)

William Duff & Charlotte Nicoll (detail)

She wrote:

The main gravestone for the Duff family in Kirkstyle Cemetery, which is located between Berryhill Farm and the town of Bankfoot:

In Memory of William Duff, Berryhill, who died 11th April 1836 aged 63 years.

His wife Charlotte Nicoll died 15th May 1846 aged 79 years.

Their son James died 9th May 1818 aged 18 years.

On the opposite side of the same gravestone is:

In Memory of Charles Duff, Berryhill who died 5th August 1868 aged 68 years.

Charlotte Nicoll died 21st Janaury 1849 aged 3 years

His wife Elizabeth Robertson died 25th Janaury 1889 aged 55 years.

On top of the gravestone is an urn with a mortcloth draped over it.  See the attached photos.  The length of the hanging end of the mortcloth shows the age of the person buried.  The longer the length of cloth the older the person is.  The cloth represents their lifespan.

I also found two gravestones close to the main Duff headstone which are obviously linked.  Unfortunately they are a little hard to read – I do have a book at home that may help though and when I get back in a couple of weeks will have a look.


The stone to this side of this:

Sacred to the memory of Robert Duff, Farmer Bellston who died on the 30th March 1856

in the 78th year of his age also of his wife Margaret Nicoll who died on 4th April 1850

And of their sons

John who died on the 18 July 1853

Aged 32 years

Charles who died ?? June 1827

in the 3rd year of his age.

Charlotte who died 24th May aged 48 years

William Duff

late Parish Schoolmaster

of Auchtergavenborn 17th August 1810 died 14th Janaury 1872

Jane Duff who died 15 March 1886 aged 75 years.


The 3rd Gravestone

On the one side:

Charles Ritchie d 7.11.1871 (aged 4 months)

On the other side:

Erected by James Ritchie in memory of his father

William Ritchie who died 19th May 1831 aged 49 years

and mother May Duff who died 4th January 1869 aged 76 years

and sisters:

May died 17th November 1821 aged 1 1/2 years

Jane died 20th May 1825 aged 10 months

Charlotte died 22 September 1828 aged 10 years

Jane died 29th March 1829 aged 3 years and

Charlotte Nicoll who died 18th March 1862 aged 52 years.


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