Thomas, Forrest, Burrell Family Gatherings

My father’s family [the Thomases] was close to the other parts of his mother’s side of the family, and there were many occasions where all the cousins would get together for Summer picnics, or holiday meals together. Here are a few of the photos I have that mark those occasions. They are all quite similar, and my dad remembers them as being “obligatory” and not eagerly anticipated by the kids.

First a word about who all these people are.  The Thomas boys (Fred, Dave, Dick) are the children of Mildred Jean Forrest and her husband Fred Thomas Jr., my paternal grandparents.  The Forrest boys (Jack, Ray, & Craig) are the children of John Prescott Forrest Jr.  The Burrell and Marshall kids (John, Pam, Michael, Dottie) are the children of Elizbeth “Betty” Forrest and her husbands.  Mildred Jean, Betty, and John Prescott Forrest were all the children of Lulu Cairns Forrest, who appears in one of these photos.

All set?  Ok.  Here we go!

Forrest, Thomas, Burrell Families, abt 1954.

Forrest, Thomas, Burrell Families, abt 1954.

(l to r) Dave Thomas, John Burrell (with jacket), John Forrest (striped shirt), Craig Forrest (picking teeth), Dick Thomas (white t-shirt), Fred Thomas (back row t-shirt), Ray Forrest (striped shirt), Michael Marshall, Dottie Marshall, Pam Burrell (plaid) Courtesy of Tom Forrest.

Forrest, Burrell, Thomas families, about 1954

Forrest, Burrell, Thomas families, about 1955

John Burrell in the back. Dave Thomas, Michael Marshall & Fred Thomas III in a row in front of him (l to r). Pamela Burrell is next to Fred behind the younger kids.  Dick Thomas between Michael and Pam.  Craig Forrest is front left in the suspenders and polka-dot shirt. Dottie Marshall is the girl in the front next to him. Jack Forrest is in the front in suspenders and light shirt.  His brother Ray Forrest is next to him.

Family gathering, abt 1956.

Family gathering, abt 1956.

Dottie Marshall, Michael Marshall, Jack Forrest, John Burrell, Pam Burrell (with hands on Craig Forrest), Fred Thomas, Dick Thomas, Dave Thomas, Ray Forrest (l to r) Courtesy of Diana Burrell.

Same day, full family.

Same day, full family.

Taken the same day as the previous photo.  Back row, left to right: Mildred Jean Forrest, Jennie Matthew [wife of John Forrest], Bob Marshall [husband of Betty Forrest], John Forrest, Fred Thomas Jr., Betty Forrest.  2nd row, left to right: Dave Thomas (with bb gun), Fred Thomas III, John Burrell, Lulu Cairns, Andrew Coutermarsh [Lulu’s fourth husband].  Front row, left to right: Michael Marshall, Jack Forrest, Dick Thomas, Ray Forrest, Dottie Marshall, Pam Burrell (touching Craig Forrest). Courtesy of Diana Burrell.

Family Gathering, 1959

Family Gathering, 1959

Standing: Pamela Burrell, Dick Thomas, Dave Thomas, John Burrell, Fred Thomas III, Jack Forrest. Ray Forrest and Craig Forrest in the front row. Dottie Marshall in the chair, Michael Marshall seated next to her.  Courtesy of John Burrell.


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