Updated Marriage Record – Princeton Zierke Family

As I documented here, I had located a marriage record for Gottlieb August Zierke (1833-1879) and his wife Wilhelmine Sommerfeldt (1835 – 1912).  They were from Posen, Prussia and settled in Princeton, Marquette County, Wisconsin, arriving in June of 1858.

I had found a record at The Poznan Project for their marriage in 1858, but there were no details there.  Fortunately, I have a good relationship with the founder of that project and he sent me the original record from the parish records of Margonin, Posen, Prussia (click to enlarge):

Zierke Sommerfeldt Marriage1858

Zierke Sommerfeldt Marriage1858

My German friend and collaborator Jörg Schrick was kind enough to translate for me:

Number: 4
Year and day of marriage:  26 Jan 1858
Pastor:  Radke

First and family name of the married couple, residence, social 
rank and trade, also whether the marriage took place in church 
or at home: 
Gottlieb August Zirk (sic), Jungeselle (bachelor), 
Wirthssohn (son of an innkeeper) in 
Siebenschlößchen, with "Jungfer" (unmarried young woman) 
Wilhelmine Sommerfeld, daselbst (in said place), 
married in local church. 

Whether they were married before, under guardianship or under 
supervision of parents: 
Both had been unmarried and supervised by mothers, bride was 
declared of full age by the court.Nov 1833

Ages:  24y 2m (b Nov 1833): 22y 3m (b Oct 1835)
Religion:  Evangelic
Parental consent of marriage:  Consent of the groom's mother 
in written form, mother-of-bride in verbal form.
Banns:  10, 17, 24 January.

Siebenschlößchen means “Seven Small Castles”, and is located near Dziewoklucz Poland – about 5 miles south of Margonin, the town where the marriage was recorded.  There are still buildings at that site, visible on Google Maps, but the town doesn’t have a name shown there.

The distance between Podstolitz (where my 3x great grandmother Wilhelmine Schulz and her brother Martin were born) and Siebenschlößchen is only about 5 miles.  This map shows the relative locations of Podstolitz and Siebenschlößchen.  Podstolitz is just north of Budsin.  Siebenschlößchen is just east of Budsin.

Kreis Kolmar, Posen, Prussia

Kreis Kolmar, Posen, Prussia



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