Prussia Maps for Schmidt and Winkelmann Families

I thought I’d post a couple of maps showing some of the cities that have been mentioned in the recent posts for the Schmidt and Winkelmann families:

Pommern Map

Kreis Netzekreis

On this map of “Netzekreis County” you can see Schönlanke [Trzcianka, Poland today], where Carl Friedrich Schmidt married Wilhelmine Winkelmann.  You can see Stieglitz [Siedlisko, Poland today], where Christian Winkelmann registered the death of his wife, Charlotte Börke.  You can see Karolina [Rychlik, Poland today], where the Winkelmann family lived, and where Charlotte Börke Winkelmann died.  You can see Runau [Runowo, Poland today], where Friedrich Schmidt registered the birth of his daughter Auguste Bertha Schmidt in 1880.  You can see Gornitz [Górnica, Poland today], where the Schmidt family lived from 1880-1892, where Auguste Bertha Schmidt was born, and from whence they immigrated to the US.  You can also see Ascherbude [Biernatowo, Poland today], the city from whence Emil Prielipp immigrated to the US using a ticket purchased by Wilhelm Schmidt.

Kreis Friedeberg

Kreis Friedeberg

On this map of “Friedeberg County” you can see Pehlitz [Pielice, Poland], where Charlotte Börke Winkelmann was born, and the town of Modderpfuhl (which means “Mud Puddle” in the Northern German dialect) [Modropole, Poland today], where Johann Ludwig Schmidt was born.  You can also see the town of Bergdorf [just below Modderpfuhl] where Wilhelmine Winkelmann’s brother Franz Winkelmann was born.   Not shown, unfortunately, is the town of Weißfenn where Carl Ernst Wilhelm Schmidt was born.  It is called Chojna, Poland today, and is about 1.2 miles northeast of Modderpfuhl.

Interestingly, you can see a small road that leads from Pehlitz through the Steinspring Forest right to Modderpfuhl.  I’m wondering if it was common to traverse the forest to get to the Netzbruch region you can see at the bottom of the map.  That would possibly explain how the Schmidt and Winkelmann families met.  In any case, they both started out here in Kreis Friedeberg and ended up in Kreis Netzkries, in the map above.

Here is a different map that does show Weißfenn in relation to Modderpfuhl and Bergdorf:

Friedeberg showing Weissfenn.

Friedeberg showing Weissfenn.

And still more detail.  You can see that Weissfenn was nothing more than one or two buildings in the middle of the forrest:

Modderpfuhl & Weissefenn c1893

Modderpfuhl & Weissefenn c1893

Here is a modern map showing where these two clusters of towns are.  Kreis Friedeberg is to the west and Kreis Netzkreis is to the east:

Prussian towns on a modern map

Prussian towns on a modern map

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