Artwork of Olga Hanson Schmidt – Part II

This is the second installment dedicated to the artwork of my great-grandmother Olga Hanson Schmidt.  Part one is here.  These are all pieces currently in the possession of Olga’s grand-daughter Gloria Johnson.   She had this to say about her collection:

“I don’t remember what years any of these pieces were completed.   I do remember well grandma sitting in her living room working on her patches,  every stitch was done by hand.   She could never understand how the “new generation” was sewing their patches together by machine.    On some of her quilts, like the Double Wedding Ring, we all could find pieces we recognized from our home sewn clothing.    Then, when grandma had her patches all together in the pattern for the top of the quilt, she’d have a quilting Bee.  Her quilting girlfriends would come over to help “quilt” the top layer to the bottom fabric – of course there would be batting between the 2 layers.  The quilt frame would be set up over her dining room table.    We children would be in and out of the house, knowing grandma was having help completing her quilt.   Of course, we didn’t have much appreciation for that art at the time.   Now days, many quilters take their finished machine sewn quilt top in to a quilt shop where they hire someone to quilt their quilt for them.    That quilting is done by machine now too.
I remember grandma doing her oil painting in her dining room.   She had an easel set up in the SW or SE corner of the room where the light was good.    I wonder what happened to that easel?   I remember many many tubes of oil paint in many colors.”

Fall River Scene

“This oil painting is hanging over my mother’s antique table and lamp in our Woodruff home.  It could very well be of the Eau Claire River which flows East of Wausau and eventually into the Wisconsin River.” – Gloria Johnson

Wisconsin River Bay

“This lovely picture hangs in our foyer of our Woodruff home.   It is a sunset scene, probably of a small bay of the Wisconsin River.” – Gloria Johnson

Unknown Quilt Pattern

“This quilt was on my mother and dad’s  bed for many years.  I don’t know the name of the pattern.    It is now displayed on my quilt rack in my guest bedroom.” – Gloria Johnson

Double Wedding Ring

“Double Wedding Ring.   I’ve had this quilt since I was married.  It is a full size and was on my bed for many years.   Now it’s displayed on my quilt rack.  A quilting friend told me it’s one of the hardest quilt patterns to do.” – Gloria Johnson

Double Wedding Ring (detail)

Drunkard’s Path

“Drunkards Path.   I love this quilt!    The red is stunning!   It belongs to my son, Brian and for now it is on my quilt rack in the guest bedroom.   It is a twin size.” – Gloria Johnson

Tumbling Blocks

“Tumbling Blocks.   This quilt belongs to daughter, Carrie.   It is a twin size.  It is displayed on my quilt rack for now.”

Olga Hanson Schmidt with some of her quilts. 1975.

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