Folsom Family Images

For some reason the floodgates have opened on my Folsom family recently, so I apologize for so many blogs about them in a row.  I’m sure I’ll get back to other things soon enough… however!

Today the Town Archivist for New London, New Hampshire, Jim Perkins, sent me two photos very much related to my family.  The first is a photo of a home built by my 3x great grand uncle, Charles Edward Folsom (1833-1919).  It appears to be a very lovely home that was connected to a very lovely barn by way of a heated, covered living area with upstairs living quarters and large plate-glass windows.  It was referred to locally, apparently, as “Folsom’s Folly”, and was built in 1871 in Elkins, New Hampshire:

Scytheville, Charles E. Folsom House, Built 1871, “Folsom’s Folly”

He writes further, regarding Charles E. Folsom:

Charles E. Folsom started working at the scythe company in 1868. Serving as foreman of manufacturing, he soon became a partner by purchasing an $8,000 share of the business in 1869.  He built the house, quite ambitious for the neighborhood, in 1871. It apparently required the excavation of some massive glacial boulders and earned the nickname “Folsom’s Follie.” The scythe company went bankrupt in 1887 and its real assets were sold at public auction in June 1888. The town history says that Charles E. Folsom went on to “similar work in Winsted, Connecticut.” The town history (published in 1899) also says that he resided in Scytheville from 1869 to 1889. It mentions that his wife, who died in 1895, is buried in the village cemetery. It looks like he died at age 85 in Hudson, Maine, in 1919.

Checking the town reports, we find that Charles E. Folsom was on the “prudential committee” for School District No. 5, whose schoolhouse was located nearby. It’s not clear whether he was the entire committee or the chairman, but his reports appear in the town records for 1877 and 1878 along with some transfers of school tax money.

I was able to determine today that when Charles’s first wife, Mary Elizabeth Shackley, died in 1895, he married her niece, Laura E Shackley in 1899. The two of them are living with Laura’s brother, James Shackley, in the 1910 census for Hudson, Maine. James was both Charles’s brother-in-law and the nephew of his first wife!

The second photo is of Charles E. Folsom’s son, Edward N. Folsom (1864-1902).  It seems to have been taken as a student photo during his days at the “Colby Academy”.  I love the first time I get to put a face with a name from the family tree.  It ranges from thrilling to overwhelmingly emotional, depending on the person in question:

“Edward N. Folsom of Scytheville / Elkins. Colby Academy ’83. d. December 1902”


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