Folsom Family Found

I had spent months trying to find the parents of my 4x great-grandfather Charles T. Folsom (1808 – 1886) about whom I have written previously.

Grave of Charles T. Folsom and Elizabeth Judkins.

Charles was a scythe manufacturer, and was born in Leeds, Maine.  He and his family (along with other families related to me) moved around following this “skilled-metal manufacturing” trade.  But I just could not find Charles’s parents!  Very frustrating.

In my usual pattern of pursuing all avenues, apparently, at some point, I had sent an email to the reference section of the Maine State Library looking for any information about Charles.  Today they wrote me back with some pretty amazing news:

According to Elizabeth Knowles Folsom in “Genealogy of the Folsom Family”, Charles Taylor Folsom was born in Leeds on the first of August, 1808. His parents were Gordon and Mary (Taylor) Folsom [actually Nancy Taylor, not Mary], and his siblings were Mary, Seneca and James.

So, yes, there is an entire book written about my ancestors from this family [“Genealogy of the Folsom Family: A Revised and Extended Edition, Including English Records, 1638-1938”, by Elizabeth Knowles Folsom (1938).].  It’s pretty incredible, and goes all the way up to my great-aunt Helen “Duffy” Forrest.  Once I found the book and was able to get over the hump of finding Charles’s parents, I was able to trace this line entirely back to the original immigrant, John Foulsham, who was born about 1613 in Hingham, England and settled in Exeter, New Hampshire, where he died 27 Dec 1681.  There’s a plaque there in his honor:

Plaque in Exeter, New Hampshire honoring John Foulsham and his wife Mary Gilman.

Here is the lineage that links me to him:

John Foulsham Folsom (1613 – 1681)
Nathaniel Folsom (1644 – 1714) Son of John
Nathaniel Folsom Jr. (1698 – 1747) Son of Nathaniel
Capt. Benjamin Folsom (1730 – 1815) Son of Nathaniel
Tristram S Folsom (1761 – 1811) Son of Capt. Benjamin
Gordon Folsom (1788 – 1813) Son of Tristram S
Charles Taylor Folsom (1808 – 1886) Son of Gordon
Lucy Gilman Folsom (1835 – 1916) Daughter of Charles Taylor
Helen Maria Nason (1863 – 1912) Daughter of Lucy Gilman
Lulu Maria Cairns (1888 – 1975) Daughter of Helen Maria
Mildred Jean Forrest (1915 – 2006) Daughter of Lulu Maria
Frederick Clifford Thomas III (1941 – ) Son of Mildred Jean

So, yes.  Another line of Pilgrims, replete with heroes of the Revolutionary War, etc.  My father’s New England roots grow ever deeper.


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