Taegesville School Photos

More photos from the collection of Jim and Marlene Strehlow.  These show the Taegesville School (Town of Maine, Marathon County, Wisconsin) about 1910.  There are many family members in it and others who would marry into the family eventually.  The first one is marked “c1910” and the second “c1913-14?”, however they look like sequential years to me judging by the children’s ages.

You can click on the photos to enlarge or download them.

Taegesville School c1910

1st Row: Hertha Beilke, Margaret Kilian, Ella Saeger, Tedd Hackbarth, Arwin Strehlow, ? Nass, Walter Saeger, ? Beilke, Hubert Christian, Selma Tesch, ? Radtke, Viola Laabs

2nd Row: Herman Hackbarth, William Strehlow, Mathilda Radtke, George Kuffahl, ? Nass, Edwin Tesh, Edward Nass, Lenora Laabs

3rd Row: Mr. Dretzke (teacher), Lydia Strehlow, Lillian Kufahl, Frieda Strehlow, Gilbert Kufahl, Hilbert Tesch, Leslie Schwartz, Ewald Kilian, Wilbert Kufahl, William Krueger

Taegesville School “1913-14?”

There are two columns of children seated in pairs, one toward the back of the room going along the wall, then another row more toward the center of the room closer to the viewer.  First column by row starting at the front:

Hubert Christian and Arwin Strehlow  [Hubert later married Arwin’s sister Frieda, who is sitting in the last row]
Selma Tesch and Ruth Nass
Walter Saeger and ? Zastrow (or Ervin Beilke)
Ellen Saeger and Margaret Kilson
Unknown, Herman Hackbart
Bill Strehlow, Leslie Schwarz
Frieda Strehlow, Lillian Kufahl

Teacher: Martha Kasten

Second column by row starting at the front:

Adelheid Wagner
Earl Newmann, Roland Neitzke
Emilie Tesch, Lydia Saeger
Helen Putzbach, Esther Hackbarth
Harold Wagner, Ted Hackbarth
Lawrence Neitzke, Frank Radtke
Ray Christian, ? Zastrow
Mathilda Radke, Margaret Putzbach

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